Do you work from home?

Written by: Kingsley Hyden Jones
Date: 02/04/2024

Why our garden offices offer the perfect solution if you work from home in Bristol


More and more people have ditched the 9-5 working within a large office block in the city centre. Gone are the days when many of us had to catch the train or bus to work every day. For employers, having the workforce work from home can save costs. For the employee, there’s no being crammed into a hot bus; instead, they work from home.


However, having free room/ space is a problem.

Let’s take Clifton in Bristol just as an example. Look at how much the price increases for a three-bedroom house compared to a four-bedroom home. The price increase is often significant, and people understandably don’t want to remortgage with interest rates the way they are. Yet your garden might only be a small garden, but you might have enough space to build a garden office.


Even if you have a small garden, we can sometimes still build a garden office.

You might live in, let’s say, a Victorian house in Clifton, and the garden is not that large; you can’t even swing a cat. Yet often, our clever garden room designers can come out and see if we can build a compact garden room for you. It might mean clearing away a garden shed or demolishing an old greenhouse you no longer use.

Yet in its place, you can build a garden office, somewhere that you might want to work throughout the week. The building will be well-built and insulated. Solar panels can even be fitted to the roof if you wish to have these added.

Less commuting

Bristol is now a clean-air zone, meaning that the residents of Bristol may have seen fewer vehicles on their streets than before. Yet, even if there’s less traffic on the road, it might take 30 minutes to get to Aztec West or an office in Cabot Circus. So what you need to do is think about getting a garden office building that’s fully air-conditioned and heated, insulated, that you can use throughout the year.


We can build a bespoke garden office.

You might have an apparent idea of how you want your garden room to look. You may know the type of doors you want, and you might see the cladding you wish to, but you only know the shape and size of the building. You might wish to have a rectangular garden room with an ultra-strong roof that you can sit on. We can build any Bristol garden building; we have been building garden buildings for a very long time. We are an established garden room company.

Could have made your home more appealing to a buyer

Put yourself in a property buyer’s shoes. Let’s say a couple is looking to buy a house in Bristol. Let’s look at a street with three similar properties, all around the same price, the same length of garden, similar houses, and the same number of bedrooms.

Yet there’s one house that has a garden office out the back. It’s clear it’s been well-built. It has good-quality insulation, windows, and doors.

It’s an alarm. It has decking to sit out and soak up the sun in the summer months. Let’s say one of the couple works from home. They are going to think brilliantly, and I can work there. It’s a nice and quiet place to work.

So, out of all those properties for sale in Bristol, the couple looking to buy a house might want to buy the house with a built garden office. So, we would say that as long as the building is constructed to a good standard, a garden room could sometimes make your house more saleable.

An excellent place to work

A garden office can make a great place to work; you could have French wooden doors open while you work on your Apple laptop. You could also have substantial double-glazed windows, letting light flood the room. Our highly skilled roofers could also add a roof light to allow even more light into the room. Our garden offices are fantastic places to work.



Why so many residents in Bristol call us is because we build solid, insulated, high-quality garden rooms that are also eco-friendly. That’s because they are made using FSC-approved wood; we can use a rubber roof, which means the building lasts longer; we also highly recommend that the whole outside of the garden office is clad with British high-quality composite cladding, as composite cladding can be made from recycled wood and plastics sometimes.


Call us for a free quote for us to build a garden office.

We can build a garden office anywhere in the city of Bath, and we also make many garden buildings, ranging from gin bars to garden offices in Bristol. Starting prices start at 18k; our accommodating director, Kingsley Hyden Jones, is on hand to answer any questions. Call or e-mail our super-friendly sales team; you can help and explain all the doors, cladding, and roof options our garden room company can offer you.


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