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The summer is fast approaching here in Great Britain, which means that a lot of households across the UK will be having garden parties with their friends and family coming over to enjoy a nice refreshing drink.

And What could enhance your summer even more is having a garden bar where you could pour some refreshing drinks and enjoy the sunshine.

Perhaps to also use the garden room bar to have your friends over to watch the football?

Perhaps it will be used as a gin bar, with the room stuffed with gins from around the world?

Perhaps it will be used as a comfortable English style pub, where your friends can come over, sipping on quality ales made in the great South West of England.

Have you tried Bath Ales? Simply amazing, great way to spend a nice quite unwinding day in the garden over the weekend.

Can you build a garden room bar in Bristol?

We most certainly can. We are able to build a building of any size that you would like. It could also come in any shape that you like. For example, to make better use of the space you have available within your garden, why not consider getting a corner garden room or perhaps a rectangular-shaped building?

All our Bristol garden buildings, will always be fully insulated.

We can incorporate any features you would like, such as a bathroom or high-quality sound system, into the ceiling?

Bose make amazing quality speakers, why not have our highly skilled electricians fit these into the celiling of the garden bar? It would enhance the sound while watching the Bath rubgy team play on the television.

Or perhaps your favourite football team

Imagine watching England playing on a huge screen within your garden bar?


Why should we choose your company?

You might have seen one of our many vans driving around the city because our company is in strong demand come summer, spring or winter. Every week, we build a wide range of garden buildings which are used for a wide range of purposes, from garden bars, or perhaps a place where you can work 9 to 5 five days a week?

Are you able to build the wooden bar for us?

We most certainly can build the bar for you as well; we have carpenters in-house and can build bar at the length and height you would like.

We require a garden building complete with a toilet, can you build this?

We most certainly can take care of this for you.

We can bring a mini excavator into your garden and dig the trenches so that we can lay the soil pipe.

We can also connect the water supply and plumbing to your bathroom items, such as toilets, and wash-hand basins.

We require speakers to be put into the ceiling and LED lighting. Can you arrange this?

Yes, we can install quality speakers into the ceiling for you at an additional price. A lot of people like very high-quality sound systems installed into a garden bar. This is so can play their favourite music when their friends and family come over for a party.


What is your starting price for a garden room bar?

Prices start at £18,000 for a basic garden room, yet we can design a garden room any way you like, and the price increases accordingly.

For example, you might want a bathroom area installed, you might wish to add solar panels to the roof, and an elevated area made out of composite decking and glass railings? We can build all of this for you.

We, therefore, build what is called a “bespoke garden rooms”. We can have a chat with you and have a cup of tea, while we discuss how you would like garden office or garden room to be built.

We then go back to the office and start calculating the costs. Once we’ve calculated the price to build the garden bar, we aim to get back to you as soon as we can, so we can offer you a free quotation.

Often, we can offer a full quote only a few days after we meet you.

Sometimes, it might take a bit longer as we need to go to our suppliers and ensure that we have the most up-to-date costs written in, such as the cost for us to supply and fit solar panels, aluminium bi-folding doors, or perhaps a kitchen you want added to the building?


How long do these take to build?

Generally, our buildings take less than three weeks to build, depending on how intricate the building is. If it’s a pretty complicated build with solar panels on the roof, bi-folding doors, and complete bathroom, plus decking, building such a garden room in Bristol could take a bit longer.


Would you like a free and no-obligation quotation?

Wouldn’t this summer just be so much better if had a garden bar built in your garden.

Many residents within the great city of Bristol are calling us to get garden bars constructed.

We offer very fair prices and build our garden bars very quickly, so why not give us a ring?


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