Why so many people are buying Bristol summerhouses from us



It’s that time of year when a lot of us are walking out into our gardens, and you might be thinking of various ways you could improve the garden. Perhaps it’s through a new fence or new decking, or maybe you want a summerhouse built.

With our years of experience and expertise, we are a brand that springs to mind when someone needs a Bristol summer house built, is Kingsley. We have now constructed so many of these wooden buildings that we may have built many of these buildings in Bristol. They start from just 18k, so they offer fantastic value for money.


Quality offered at affordable prices

Our buildings are super high quality; we only buy top-quality roofing, windows and doors, so when you choose Kingsley to build your summer house, you will buy a top-quality building.

It can be used all year round.

Another reason why so many homeowners call us every day for us to build a summer house is because some buildings are not insulated. There’s no insulation in some garden buildings’ walls, which means they can be super cold in the winter.

It is so cold that you can’t work it, or if you have to work in it, it would cost so much to heat the room because the heaters would have to be on constantly. However, our insulated, luxury summerhouses are different. They are well insulted, but they are nice and cosy to be in in the winter because they can be heated up so quickly using electric heaters, which we can install for you when you sit in your summerhouse built by us, it’s very comfortable because it’s insulated.

We can install the electrics.

We have electricians in Bristol ready to fit the lighting, plug sockets, and dimmer switches and install them for you. Therefore, you don’t have to find an electrician yourself, as we have electricians working for us.

Nice big windows

A lot of our customers want super large windows fitted into the summer house, and we can do that for you. We fit the floor to the ceiling and have large windows, so you look out over the lawn when working in your garden office. Plus, because the windows are so large, its lovely, light, and airy in the building.


We can install a super high-quality air conditioning system in the building, so you can make it nice and cool even on the warmest of summer days in Bristol.

So, in the winter months, when Jack Frost is making everything cold, you can switch on the heating.
When it’s super warm outside, and you’re enjoying a lovely ice cream, you can switch on the air conditioning, and the room will be nice and cool. Therefore, our summer houses can be used throughout the different seasons.


Built super fast

Our buildings can be built fast. When you come home from work after a long day at the office, you will look out the garden and be impressed by the progress being made. We have hardworking roofers, hardworking carpenters, and hardworking electricians who can all build the building super fast for you.

We cover the whole of Bristol

You may have seen us working on your street or one of our vans in the city of Bristol. That’s because we build so many luxury summer houses throughout the year. Some companies may only build these wooden buildings in the summer; however, our super hardworking team is out in all weathers, right throughout the different seasons, building our luxury summer houses.
We also build luxury summerhouses.

You might want a bathroom, solar panels on the roof, or us to install top-quality speakers. Whatever you want, we can build it for you.

We are well known for building luxury summer houses.

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