Garden room/games room ideas


When when you walk into some high-quality coffee shops, bars and bistro restaurants, these venues often offer play board games or read a book, which becomes a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of Bristol’s busy city and fast-paced city life.

This is also the case for some restaurants and some pubs; there are many games that you can play to enjoy spending time with your friends.
In many pubs, many bars now have arcade machines, so you can play Pac-Man while enjoying a pint.


Games room

Therefore, many people are asking us to build a garden room to become a place to socialise, read books, and unwind.


Our garden buildings be used in all weathers


One of the most commonly asked questions that customers ask us on the phone when they initially want a garden bar, garden room, or garden office built could be used all year round or not?

The simple answer is yes; some summerhouses can’t be used all year round, which are supplied by some other companies. However, ours can.

This is because some buildings, supplied by some other companies are just made from thin OSB board with very thin cladding on the outside.

This basically means that there is no wall insulation, in some summerhouses so it can be absolutely freezing inside the building.

The downside to no insulation, is not just that it’s absolutely freezing in the building during the winter months.

This is why so many people call us here at Kingsley Build, to have a garden office or building constructed by our company because we can add a large amount of wall insulation.



Built to the exact measurements that you specify

There are numerous businesses sell flatpack or do-it-yourself summerhouses.

One disadvantage of purchasing a flatpack summerhouse is that you often can’t specify the size of the building. That’s because often the building is premade and only comes in a set size.


Bespoke garden buildings Bristol

Our buildings are very different, that’s because they are tailor made, we can measure your garden, precisely the length and width of the building you want built.

Then we can build the garden room to the exact size you would like.

Games room

Many people like that they will have a garden room built, so they can use it on a regular basis, yet before that might have been a space in their garden that they might not use that much at all.

Currently, in that space might just be a couple of old mountain bikes and perhaps a rickety wooden wooden shed might be in that garden area.

We can throw all of this in the skip for you, and in its place, build a large garden room.

What is your games room often used for?

Cinema room

Increasingly, more and more people want insulated, heated, and air-conditioned buildings constructed in the garden so that they can use the room as a cinema rooms. They want somewhere to enjoy watching a film, perhaps to watch Mission

Impossible featuring a Tom Cruise and a brilliant movie. I’m unsure if you will agree.

Therefore, many people in South West England call us every week, wanting a cinema room built.

A cinema room used to be for the rich and famous who owned mansions, but now you can install a cinema room within your garden at an affordable price.

Xbox and PlayStation room

Many people want a room built to play their PlayStation or Xbox within, so they might wish to have a massivetelevision installed in the room.

They may want a comfortable sofa with a reclining feature so they can play computer games comfortably in the games room.


Bar area

As most people know, the price of various gins, real ales and craft lagers has shot through the roof.
You might even pay, let’s say, 6 pounds or more per pint at your local pub. This has got a lot of people asking us in the South West of England to build a garden pub. We can construct a large building

Sky Sports

Many people within Bristol like watching live sporting events, such as the boxing on pay-per-view or rugby or football matches.

Therefore, you will want a huge garden room, fitted with a large television screen; maybe you’d like a nice, good-quality refrigerator full of cans of beer to have your friends over and watch a live sporting event within your garden bar.


Snooker table / pool table

Many people like to unwind with a nice, refreshing pint, chatting to their mates while playing snooker.
We can therefore build you a huge, air-conditioned garden bar, and we can help you install the snooker table within the building prior to installing the bi-folding doors.

Bristol summerhouses

If you want a summerhouse built, why not give us a ring today?

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