What are the main advantages of owning a Bristol garden office?


Bristol garden offices


Garden buildings have been around for a very long time. However, ever since more people have started working from home more often, they often require an extra room and a room they can use throughout the entire year.

Now, the thought of working in a building made of breezeblocks and resembling a car garage is not very appealing because the building’s designed for you to spend much time within in working.

However, ever since modern insulation and large glazed bi-folding doors have been popular in construction, more and more people now want a garden room that incorporates these features.


A garden office can therefore offer:

– A light and airy room to work
– Well insulated so easy to keep warm
– Can be designed for comfort, so for example, its easy to add an air conditioning unit


Working from home

More employers are now asking their employees to work from home, and many British employers recognise that their employees want the freedom to work from home the hours they want.

Also, that employer hasn’t got to offer to rent an expensive office block, say in the centre of Bristol, because more of the employees will be working from home.


Less commuting, less time wasted, better for the environment

Therefore, employees can work the hours they want to from home.

They don’t have to go throughwasting time commuting to and from an office.

This means that garden offices have become extremely popular. On most streets throughout glorious Bristol, people work away like busy bees in their garden offices each day.

And with many of these Bristol garden offices will have been built by Kingsley.


We build quality garden buildings

This is why many people come to us- we build quality.

You don’t want the cheap wooden summerhouse, which is drafty and whiffs of mould as you walk into it.
Customers don’t want a plastic bucket in the centre of the room, with water slowly dripping into it because they have selected the wrong company to build their garden building!

Instead, they want a construction company that understands modern construction techniques, using quality timber, rubber roofs and quality glazing to build a long-lasting building- that’s why so many people hire us.

This is why our phone is constantly busy in Bristol, with people ringing asking us to build a garden room for them.

Fresh air

A lot of us like to retreat into the country, while on holiday to soak in the ambience of the birds singing and the lovely greenery that surrounds us.

Often, we come back feeling more vibrant, better, and more awake because we have rested and become at one with nature.

Now, this is why we think garden buildings are so massively popular in Bristol.

The thought of jusmping on sweaty bus and driving into the city centre to work in a stuffy office block is not for everyone.

The vast majority of us don’t like this. We prefer a lovely herbal tea while strolling down our garden and starting work in our garden office.

This is why so many people have hired us to build their Bristol garden offices: They know we can offer high-quality garden room in short amount of time, allowing them to work in their garden.


Built superfast

It’s like ordering something online; we don’t want to waste a long time getting our hands on it, we want it delivered quickly.
If you’ve ordered a new smartphone, you might want to obtain it the next day because your previous one might have accidentally been smashed or dropped down the toilet!

This is a bit like a garden office. You may might have decided to work in your garden this summer. You want to smell the smell of freshly cut lawns as you answer all of those work e-mails from your customers.

You will want to hire a building company that can build the entire building really quickly; that’s why so many people hire us.

We build most of our Bristol garden buildings, in less than 3 weeks from start to completion.


Could help to make your home more saleable

Picture this: say theres three properties on the same street of similar construction and the same number of bedrooms all listed on RightMove.

Yet your house, it has had the well-built garden building constructed by us, and then a prospective buyer might pop along into your garden and see the large garden office built by us.

They may say well, I work from home; that garden room would make a fabulous place for me to do my Excel spreadsheet, write my emails and take work calls.

So having a garden building built, sure it is a large expanse, no two ways about it, but when it comes to selling a property, and somebody wanders out and spots that you have invested in a quality garden building, they may want to work within that room that we have built.

Therefore, this could make the property you’re trying to sell more saleable in some circumstances.


Would you like a garden office built this summer 2024?

Our calendar is filling up quickly, within many people want garden bars so that they can go down to the end of the garden and enjoy a nice, refreshing pint with their friends.

Our calendar is filling up with people who want a garden office constructed in Bath and Bristol.

Our calendar is filling up with people who want to improve their fitness. You might find garden gyms constructed; they can improve their fitness.

If you would like a Bristol garden room built, do call us today.


Call us today:

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