What are the different stages of constructing an insulated summerhouse?



Summer is just around the corner here in Bristol, and the green shoots of growth are pushing through in the garden. This means many of us will wander into our gardens and plan how to improve the space for the following months.
That could be through decking, fencing a new summerhouse or all of these.

You might start to think about British garden parties and spending time with family and friends laughing in the garden.

Then we also think that the weather is very unpredictable here in Britain; one moment, its sunny and glorious, and the next, it could be wet and drizzly. It is causing people to run with a cake back into the house for shelter.

Insulated summerhouses

This is why many people are asking us to build a large, insulated summerhouse large enough to comfortable house their friends and family. Even if the weather turns stormy, windy, and wet outside, you can simply walk into your new garden building and continue the party in their insulated summerhouse.


Has your company already built many summerhouses in Bristol and in South West England?

Yes, we are a massively popular summerhouse company throughout the South West of England.
You might have seen us working on your street?
The reason why we are so popular boils down to 2 main factors: often, our quotes are massively competitive and, therefore, our summerhouse company offers more affordable than some of our direct competitors.

When you look at the breakdown of that quote, you will see that our buildings are also well-engineered, well-built, and built using high quality building materials.

Building Bristol summerhouses

Therefore, you may own a relatively small courtyard garden in Bristol Clifton? Alternatively, you could own a mansion in Chew Magna, and you may own acres of land and require a vast, impressive, well-constructed garden building built? This is where we can help.

Therefore, we can build an exquisite-quality garden room regardless of the type of property or garden.
Brilliant ideas

We can pop out and meet you with a nice cup of tea, perhaps over a cup of earl grey, which is our favourite; we could offer you some design tips, ideas, and food for thought on how you may want your summerhouse built?

Some of our customers are pleasantly surprised by our ideas, such as for example we can add solar panels to help mitigate the building’s electricity running costs.

Built superfast

When you approve our quote, you will be most likely eager and excited to work to start, so you can be in your garden room, reading a magazine or perhaps enjoying a bottle of wine in it, in just a few weeks time.

Therefore, we can build the whole building quickly because, unlike some summerhouse companies, which ask the customer to find the electrician or phone around with the plumber, we have all of the tradespeople in-house.

Highly experienced tradesmen

We have highly experienced tradespeople who are massively knowledgeable and experts at what they do.
Therefore, we have electricians. We also have several highly skilled and talented carpenters and roofers. The rate at which our builders who when constructing a summerhouse is phenomenal.

Therefore, as you come home from work each day with your shopping bags on the kitchen table, you will look out the window and be pleasantly surprised by our progress in each day of building your summerhouse. We work fast and extremely hard.

Insulated garden rooms starting from £18,000

With a starting price of just £18,000, this is why our Bristol garden rooms are so popular. You could use the space during the day to work, so the building could be used as a garden office, and on the weekends, an alternative purpose might be to store your exercise bike in it and use the room to workout.

What types of bases / foundations do you offer?

This is an excellent question because some summerhouses are flatpack, and the customer constructs them themselves in their garden.

The ground can then start to move under the weight of the building and its occupants walking around it. This could cause the summerhouse to break up and become damaged.

Therefore, you need solid foundations, we would recommend ground screws, or concrete is used.

We can chat when we meet and have a nice cup of tea with you. You can discuss whether we think ground screws or perhaps a concrete base would be the best option for the garden.

In either case, we have quality excavators, also commonly referred to as many diggers, which can be used to build the foundations of the building.


South-West England garden rooms

In South West England, there is splendid scenery, fantastic woodland, miles ofmeadows, and meandering streams that are around many homes in this area of Britain.
Therefore, you might want to sit in your summerhouse built by us and enjoy a nice pot of tea while also taking in the views surrounding your property in South West England.


South-West England and beyond
We, therefore, build quality garden buildings in South West England, and if you would like a garden bar, garden office or perhaps just a summerhouse where you can do the ironing, we can build this building for you.


How do you insulate summerhouses?

This is another brilliant question because a summerhouse can look fantastic from the outside.
However, it could be cold inside in the winter, so it is much use as a chocolate teapot.

Instead, we build insulated summerhouses; they are more expensive to buy because the insulation is quite expensive for us to purchase from builder’s merchants these days.

These are the different ways we can insulate your summerhouse so that you are snug as a bug on a rug.


Sheep’s wool

Sheeps wool can be used for a vast range of different purposes. It is a one hundred per cent natural product, so they could be used to make a nice jumper. Alternatively, companies in the United Kingdom make this product into an insulation as well, so that we can cram it into the walls of your summerhouse, making it lovely and warm, so you will feel as snug as above on a rug.

Panel installation (we use this method of summerhouse insulation the most)

We can also hand-cut the panel insulation, with a handsaw and install it into every nook and cranny of your garden building. This innovative product has a foil / reflective outer skin and a foam centre.

This is fantastic for insulation and can help keep you nice and cosy while working in the summerhouse during the winter months.



This is another insulation option, but we don’t tend to use it that often unless the customer specifies that they want fibreglass placed in the walls and ceiling.

It is a pretty cost-effective solution. However, we prefer to use panel installation where possible.


How long will it take you to build my summerhouse from start to finish?

Quite often, with some companies, you must wait some time before they can start the construction work.
As you can imagine, a lot of these buildings are mostly built in the summer and spring. So a lot of the workload comes all at once, and therefore, the summerhouse companies have to book you into their diary, and you might have to wait, let’s say, three months before they can even get to you.

Our business is different. We now have a large, hard-working staff in Bristol, and they can build your summerhouse. Sometimes, our estimator will pop out in our van on a Friday afternoon and they may well be able to get builders to you by the following Monday morning.

Once they have approved the quotation, they sometimes ask us to start work immediately.

So, therefore, we are sometimes able to start straightaway building the garden building.

Quality insulated garden buildings built in the South West

Bristol has hundreds of different garden-building companies for you to which to choose from. You have most likely seen our Volkwagen vans driving around, working in your street or perhaps just parked on a busy road in Bristol where we are working?

Our prices are very competitive. Indeed, the starting price of £18,000 which is much lower than many of our direct competitors within the city of Bristol.
This allows many homeowners to purchase a garden room from us, where they might have thought that such a purchase was simply out of their reach and unaffordable.

We can also offer hundreds of different options, allowing our customers to customise their building how they see fit. Some may want solar panels on the roof to help mitigate the running costs of the electricity?

Others might want a substantial decked area with glass railings so they can have a party and their friends can stand out on an elevated decking and admire the views that may surround their property.


Built to last

Whether it’s a garden room built for 18k or 70k or an inside lavatory, you will obtain a building that is built to last using very high-quality materials.

So why not book a quote with us today?


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