We now build garden music studios.



Our garden room company now builds garden music studios nationwide. Whether you’re an artist or perhaps just like listening to music, why not call?

We have a team of builders who travel throughout the country building these bespoke buildings. Therefore, we do not construct flat-pack music studios using insulated panels. Instead, the whole structure is built to be tailor-made to the dimensions you want.

We understand, especially for DJs and artists, that vast amounts of time can be spent in these rooms recording new tracks, listening back, and editing tracks.

Therefore, we can add side kitchen areas within these buildings, which are perfect for making coffee and snacks. We can also add a complete bathroom if you would like this added. Our ground workers can, therefore, add all of the drainage.


Garden music studios

Starting prices start from just 18k, and that’s without soundproofing. However, our builders can add soundproofing for you at an additional cost when they assemble the construction.

Can you install the soundproofing? Which brands do you use?

Often, our customers specify which brand of soundproofing they want, and we can order and install that for them. If your garden music studio is close to neighbouring properties, it’s essential that the building is built correctly and uses top-quality soundproofing. Also, it needs to be sound tested after construction to measure how much noise escapes.

Can the garden music studios that you build be used all year round?

It’s true that some garden studios built by other companies can sometimes need to be better insulated. This means they will often be too hot or cold to work in.

Therefore, ample insulation must be added to the building, not just on the side walls but also the roof.

Then we recommend that an A/C unit be added and electric heaters be added as well.


How long does it take you to build a garden music studio?

Generally, these buildings are often completed in less than three weeks in Bristol. For example, if plumbing needs to be added for a kitchen or bathroom, more complicated buildings will increase the cost and the timeframe for us to complete the building. Generally, all buildings are built in less than four weeks. However, this does not include the time needed to obtain planning permission.


Which areas do you build these buildings in?

Our garden music studios are routinely being built in Bristol because so many artists in this area require such a building. We often get highly recommended from one musician to another; therefore, much of our work in the Bristol area now comes via recommendations.


Are the garden music studios insulated?

Yes, prices do differ. However, we can offer sheep’s wool, panel insulation boards, or fibreglass, the last option you may know as rock wool insulation.

We can offer all of these options; it’s essential that whichever garden room company you hire, vast amounts of insulation are used. If the insulation is too thin, the room will be costly to heat. Still, the temperature fluctuations are likely to be very large, as the heat will escape in seconds if a music room is not correctly insulated.


Have you built many of these buildings?

We have built many insulated garden bars, gyms, and music studios.

We have full-time designers who can work with you closely to ensure you get your perfect music studio built. With our electricians working for us in-house, we can install the main armoured cables and fully install all the sockets and lighting for you.

Therefore, we offer the complete solution for when you need a music room built. We build these buildings right across South West England. If it’s quite basic construction, we can often offer you a quote over the phone or via e-mail.

Call our sales line today:

We have a dedicated sales line open six days a week. Our friendly team can answer any question you might have.

Prices for a garden music room start from just 18k.


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