Corner Garden Rooms- what are the main benefits of ownership?



Well-insulated, composite corner garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular throughout Great Britain.

The main reason is that many homeowners have compact and relatively small gardens here in Britain. For example, they might live in an urban built-up area, and the garden might only extend a few metres in either direction.

Therefore, space is at an absolute premium, and every centimetre needs to be carefully designed to get maximum use. You don’t want a gigantic garden room dominating the space.

Corner garden rooms, therefore, are purchased because they can make good use of the room you have available in your garden, and you can use the space innovatively.

Another reason is that these buildings have a small internal area, which can be encapsulated with quality insulation. What this basically means is that it is quick to heat the room and also energy-efficient in order to maintain that heat as well.

Why are corner garden rooms in such strong demand right now throughout the United Kingdom?

One commonly cited reason is that electricity costs have soared in recent years. If you’re, therefore, going to have a large garden building installed, it’s entirely possible that if it’s poorly built or not the correct insulation is used, it will simply leak heat, and this heat will escape from the garden room quickly.

However, a corner garden building that is small and compact, with quality walls, roof, and floor installation added to it, accompanied by double glazing, is much more energy-efficient.

Why is it essential that the corner garden room is well insulated?

So, various companies often state that a layer of insulation will be incorporated into the design and building of their garden rooms. However, this can sometimes be a thin layer of insulating foil, which is often not sufficient. Any insulation will help to retain some heat to a certain extent, but what you want high-performance insulation.

Therefore, when you’re constructing a property extension, there are manufacturers in the United Kingdom and in Ireland that manufacture insulation foam. This foam is thick and has foil backing on both sides, and it is widely used in the construction of new homes.

We think it’s a really high-quality product, which is why we add panel insulation it to our corner garden offices and rooms.


Strong and sturdy base

So you might be shopping around online, and you see various companies selling flatpack kits of garden offices and rooms.

However what you do have to consider that if you build this yourself and apply the wooden structure directly into the corner of your garden on top of soil, often what happens is the base of the building will rot fairly quickly.

The base of the building will be sodden with water, which will cause water to ingress into the bottom of the garden room, causing Wood to rot in a short amount of time. If the actual supporting base becomes rotten, the building might become unsafe.

We, therefore, need the garden room company to either install a concrete base which is more expensive in the corner of your garden or sometimes, more often than not, you can use giant screws known as ground screws to support the base.


Your corner garden room could also have solar panels added to on the roof.

So, when you’re living in a busy, built-up city, space is often at a premium, and often, everything has to be cleverly thought out, from how to design your kitchen units to fit everything you want in terms of appliances. You also have to be innovative in terms of storage solutions, for example, in the bedroom where you hang your clothes for example.

Therefore, when a corner garden room is built, sometimes it might be, let’s say, south-facing garden , and the roof might attract a lot of sunlight throughout the day.

So rather than just being a roof, it can also be an area that generates green electricity; this could be fed into an electrical inverter, and some customers, if it is installed correctly, can get a deduction from their energy bill, when they start to feed energy back into the National Grid.

Get more use and functionality out of your garden.

Throughout Britain, our gardens often have, let’s say, practically no use by the homeowners during the winter. It’s too cold, its damp, its wet, and often, it’s an area that we don’t want to spend a great deal of time in, say, the months of November, December, and January.

However, when spring and summer months do finally arrive, our gardens often see abundant use by their home owners during weekends and national holidays.

Therefore, you might be looking for an innovative way to incorporate the garden building into a an area of your garden, without the building taking up too much space.

Another reason our vans are crisscrossing the country daily, building quality garden buildings, is simply because people don’t want flatpack construction corner garden room, as often the owner has a lot to do in terms of purchasing the right insulation within the building, thinking about how they get electricity to it, and whether the building will last if constructed to that standard.

People hire us in cities across the United Kingdom to build our corner garden rooms because they know we will take care of everything for them.

Our electricians will install the wiring, the room will be fully insulated, and the room will be built to a good standard.

Composite if you require a low-maintenance building

The vast majority of corner garden rooms are constructed out of softwood, normally because this is the cheaper option. However, we would highly recommend that composite cladding, composite fascia, and aluminium doors are actually incorporated into the building.

This will allow for a low-maintenance building and also be very easy to keep clean.

In regards to wood, actually have to seal the wood potentially every year by varnishing or applying oil to it. If you don’t, then it can quickly decay, discolour, and might actually start to turn black unless it is because of mildew and also because of spores starting to rot the wood.

Less building materials

Many people are rightly worried about their impact on the environment, and when you construct a large garden room, you actually use a lot of building materials to construct it.

Yet a corner garden room is often a fraction of the size of some of these larger wooden buildings. Therefore less than building materials are used, and therefore, this was better for the environment. When you couple this by using composite products such as cladding and fascia boards. These products actually incorporate recycled materials such as plastic waste into their construction.

A corner garden room that is actually environmentally friendly in that it doesn’t take much in terms of building materials to construct it. Some of the building materials can be made from recycled plastics as well.

We can also construct garden room pods and garden office pods.

Some customers do not want a corner garden room, as a triangular design, as this can eat into the internal room within the building.

Some may want a square shape building and still for the dimensions of the building to be compact. We refer to small garden offices, as garden office pods.

The great thing about these is that they can be built at a low cost, with a starting price of just £18,000 within the reach of most homeowners.

We travel up and down the country daily to build these garden office pods because they allow us to obtain many homwowners to obtain an extra room, to play musical instruments, sit, and read a book, and they can be very affordable.


Easier to keep warm

Many people will have seen an increase in their energy prices, that is for the monthly cost of their electricity and gas prices.

Therefore, the thought of purchasing a freestanding building in a garden that also needs extra heating let’s say nine to 5, each day of the week, a lot of people will be rightly concerned about the running costs of such a garden building.

There’s no two ways about it: getting a freestanding garden building in your garden will increase your energy prices. This is why it is imperative that whatever garden room company constructs the building, that they use quality insulation throughout the building.

A corner garden office / room

Would you like a luxurious corner garden room built?

We are now taking orders from customers throughout the United Kingdom to construct corner garden offices and rooms.

We offer very competitive prices, and we have a full-time friendly sales team, who can answer any questions that you might have.



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