Garden room with a bathroom


We build garden buildings that can have a complete bathroom/toilet

Bespoke Garden Room with a Toilet

Our construction company can build a bespoke garden room that can come complete with a bathroom/toilet

Garden rooms with a toilet

A lot of people when they purchase a new garden office or a room, will often start to spend a considerable amount of time in the building.

The building might become their main place to work throughout the week, it could be used as a guest bedroom, alternatively you could just be used as a place to read book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Whenever you are going to use the garden building for, it will often make it much more convenient for you, if there is a complete bathroom suite/ toilet added to the building.


We now build our buildings throughout the U.K

We build garden rooms complete with toilets across United Kingdom

Some customers may be rather surprised by the amount of construction work that is actually needed to install the toilet, the long running soil pipe and all of the plumbing which goes into installing a working bathroom into a garden room.
However, we have this process down to a fine art, as we have already built many garden rooms that have a bathroom and kitchen area.


The groundworks

A customer may have a particularly long garden, therefore often a micro or a mini digger will be needed to lay the trench and to lay the soil pipe, and all the plumbing that is needed to facilitate you having a bathroom suite installed within your garden room.


We build garden offices and rooms that can have a complete bathroom installed


Some businesses sell what are described as “flat pack panel garden rooms”. These are basically either delivered to your garden, whereby the team walks the insulated panels around the back or they could instead be lifted into your garden via a hi-ab lorry.

Then often within a few days and installation team will arrive and install the building normally within a 48-hour timespan.
Bespoke, tailor made, built the way you like

Our buildings are different, we don’t build flatpack garden rooms, instead they are built 100% bespoke buildings. These do tend to be more expensive, yet, with that said, they are built the way you like, to the dimensions, and the internal layout you like. For example you might want 25% of the building to be a bathroom area, 25% a kitchen and the rest your work area.


We can take care of the plumbing and groundworks

We have all of the tradesmen needed to build your garden room in-house, this includes groundworkers because they can lay the soil pipe, install a water supply, install the electrics install plumbing cover the ground pipes and then recover all of these with a layer of soil.


Garden Room with a Toilet?


Will it cost extra to get a garden room built that has a toilet?

Often yes it will significantly increase the cost of the build of the garden room, if for example, your garden room a is some distance away from your house.

That’s simply because a lot of digging of trenches, laying of the soil pipe, installing a water supply installing all of the electrics, this can be a lot of work, especially if the services, such as the drains are located some quite a distance from the house, this will involve a lot of extra work.


Well worth the extra expense

However you do have to think of the added convenience of having a kitchen or bathroom installed within the garden building.

For example, lets say if you’re going to be using your garden office let’s say 50 hours a week, you’re going to want to pay more to have a kitchen and bathroom installed because it simply makes the room more comfortable.

Thankfully we have now built so many restore garden offices and rooms, we have extensive experience of installing kitchens and bathrooms within the building.

Muddy shoes, nobody wants to keep cleaning the carpet every time you run across it with muddy shoes

If you’ve just come off a particularly long work call, that took much longer than expected, and now, well you really need to toilet, you don’t want to go running through the garden during the winter, with muddy shoes, and then walking all of this mud through the house.

So the simple convenience of having a complete bathroom added to your garden room, is well worth the extra expense.


Compact bathrooms

If your having a small garden room built, you might think that you won’t be able to install a bathroom. Yet, often, we can install a toilet, and a wash hand basin.

There are actually some really cleverly designed toilets, that actually have the wash hand basin installed directly into the lid, therefore, helping to save even more space.


Will you be able to install all of the electrics, such as the towel rail and the electric ventilation?

We most certainly can, whether it’s in their kitchen area or whether it’s in the bathroom, we can install the necessary ventilation needed and all of the electrics needed plus all of the plumbing that you require.


Will the bathroom area be too cold to use during the winter months?

What we can actually install is electric oil filled radiators in every room for you, and these can actually be controlled from your smartphone from wherever you are.

So whether your wanting to work do yoga within the room in the morning, you can simply log into the app on your smartphone, switch the heating on, then the room will be nice and warm in a short period of time.

Alternatively if you don’t want the heating to be controlled from your smartphone, you could simply have heating that can be switched on with the flip of a switch.


Why choose us to build your garden room complete with a toilet?

Well there are many construction companies in Bristol that offer a broad range of building services.
Sometimes this can range from offering to complete garage conversions, loft conversions, building extensions onto homes and building garden rooms.

One of the reason is why we are often chosen, is we are a specialist garden room company, we also specialise in building energy-efficient garden buildings right across Bristol, and all of the South-West of England.


How much does a garden building complete with toilet and bathroom cost?

This very much depends on how much ground work is needed, for example how much plumbing and how much time the electricians will need to complete their work. We can come out and visit your garden anywhere within the city of Bristol, perhaps even as late as 7pm so you have time to have your dinner after work, and we will aim to write back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Why not call us today to arrange for a free quotation?

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