Do you offer to build garden rooms at an affordable price?


Affordable garden rooms

There are no two ways many us residents of the United Kingdom are feeling the pinch of what is often dubbed “the cost-of-living crisis”.

Everything from a can of beans at the local supermarket through to the cost of heating your home has increased in cost


Affordably priced garden rooms

Therefore, many residents in the UK are considering what to buy and not what to buy right now.
Therefore, many homeowners might have put off those more luxurious items, such as gaining a garden room, for another year. Perhaps the homeowner wanted to convert their attic space, yet they are delaying this as the cost may seem too expensive.

However, we are pleased to say that across Bristol, our order book is filling up with customers wanting quality garden offices.

Here’s why so many are hiring Kingsley to build their garden offices and rooms:

– Low cost cladding options available bringing the build cost down
– Low cost window and door options available bringing the cost down
– Low cost, long life roof options available


Garden rooms from just £18k

Therefore, there are ways to reduce the cost of acquiring a garden office or building a garden room- that’s if you hire us. Some companies do not alter the construction method to bring the cost down.

We are different, we will explain to the customer that we can offer you construction methods, which will help to bring the cost down of building your new garden room. For example, adding UPVC doors and windows, rather than using aluminium framed windows and doors.

The construction methods we use will not sacrifice quality of your garden room, yet often items, such as the doors can be substituted for lower cost options, which help save the customer money.


What is the cheapest method that you can use to build a garden office/garden room?

Ground Screws


Using ground screws rather than the concrete base.

You might think that concrete is relatively cheap to purchase, yet good quality concrete is rather expensive building material if a lot of it is needed.

Not only can concrete be expensive, and a lot of CO2 is used when manufacturing concrete as well, so you do have to consider, are there more eco-friendly products available for when building a new garden room?
Thankfully the answer is yes, and lower cost option than using concrete, and an option that’s better for the environment is to use ground screws.

The reason is ground screws, on much cheaper than using a concrete base, is simply because our ground screw installers can install these in a matter of a few hours with a powerful drill.

This saves time, it also means not one dollop of concrete is ever needed, meaning that we never have to call a concrete delivery company and wheel barrow it into the garden, which can be labour intensive.


Low-cost cladding

Hardwood cladding and certain brands of composite cladding can be very expensive to buy. These look brilliant and are popular, but there’s no two ways about it—they are costly especially to buy certain hardwoods from local timbers merchants.

Therefore, as this article is all about building affordable, low-cost garden rooms, why not consider these two options: opting for steel sheets or softwood cladding?

Softwood cladding requires more maintenance because it is more susceptible to wood rot. Powder-coated steel sheets require much less maintenance. However, many people don’t like the appearance of metal sheets clamped to the outside of the building. Therefore, you might want to opt for Thermowood is made from natural wood.


Expert sales team

We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable sales team.

We can therefore come out and chat with you about how much you are willing to spend, then we can start to build and design your garden room within the budget you have available.


Does your company offer garden room finance?

Although we don’t directly offer finance for our garden rooms, some customers do arrange finance themselves from lenders.


Regardless of how much you pay for garden room the quote will always include the following:

  • Quality insulation
  • Well-built, durable construction
  • Guaranteed to last
  • Double glazed
  • We have a well-built roof
  • Built fast by an expert team of garden room builders


Talk to the garden room experts today

Some companies specialise in building garden gyms, garden offices and garden bars; however, what is great about picking our business is that we can build a garden room for you is we have experience of building all of these.

Therefore if you want a well-built garden room built at an affordable price then do call us.

Can you build a garden room for us that’s wholly clad using Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) cladding?

Our team, based in the vibrant city of Bristol, is akin to a colony of hard-working bees, diligently crafting garden rooms that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our expertise and dedication ensure that our garden rooms are a testament to quality and craftsmanship, setting us apart from other businesses in the industry.

There’s a rising trend among our customers in Bristol- they’re increasingly requesting garden rooms with Yakisugi cladding. This special, high-quality cladding, created through an ancient technique of wood burning, not only transforms the wood’s appearance but also enhances its durability. The demand for these unique garden rooms is on the up, and we’re here to meet it.

So, as more Bristol residents want a garden room built by a company that can complete them with Shou Sugi Ban, we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post explaining the benefits and why you may want this constructed in your garden.


What is Shou Sugi Ban wood?

Shou Sugi Ban timber has been used for centuries in Japan.

So, in Great Britain, many homeowners have Shou Sugi Ban garden fencing and garden rooms built using this timber. It produces a garden office or room that looks brilliant but is also very different from a garden room with varnished softwood cladding. The burning process paints the wood in a deep, mesmerizing charcoal hue; it’s this captivating appearance that enchants many homeowners. This is also combined with the fact that this is an ancient process used by the Japanese to protect the wood, so no nasty chemicals need to be applied to the wood; you are simply using quality wood and heat to produce this appearance.



How is Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) produced?

We often do not char the wood ourselves; we usually buy the timber that’s been through the Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi process from an expert. The reason is that the outside of the wood needs to be charred perfectly. Overburnt and the wood will be weakened. Not enough heat is applied, and the charring process will not be completed to a level to protect the wood, so we buy our Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi from a supplier. This ensures that we are using the highest quality Shou Sugi Ban wood in our Bristol garden rooms, giving you peace of mind about the durability and appearance of your garden room.


Dates back to the 18th century

So, even though Shou Sugi Ban timber is regularly featured in many interior design magazines, and many Bristol homeowners want to use it for their garden fencing or the outside of their summerhouse, it’s not new. It’s been around since the 18th century and has been used in Japan for a long time.


Does Yakisugi or Shou Sugi Ban strengthen or weaken the wood?

When you see someone applying a large flame to the wood and charring the outside of the wood, many people think the wood is becoming weaker just to achieve that appearance. However, if the process is done right, the wood actually becomes better protected and can, therefore, last longer. The reason is that the process helps to form a protective layer, helping to protect the wood.
However, this is only if the Shou Sugi Ban is done right. Some companies overburn the wood or do not burn it for long enough. This is why you must buy it from a supplier that guarantees the wood will last a specific period.



Another reason so many people, when they have a Bristol garden office or room built by our team, ask us to clad the outside with Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) is that it helps protect the wood from the elements, such as the rain. The wood can, therefore, be weatherproofed.
What we would say is Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) timber can vary greatly, depending on the wood that’s used, plus also how well the heat has been applied to the wood. Therefore, you do need to pick a supplier that guarantees the wood.


When you think of all the wood paint needed for garden fencing and decking, then the varnishes and the oils required to protect the cladding of some garden rooms, this can be a lot of chemicals needed.
Another reason garden room companies, landscape gardeners, and homeowners choose Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) cladding is that the wood is protected from heat. Therefore, layers of chemicals are not added; this is another reason this wood is used, as many homeowners want to move away from using chemicals in their gardens, where possible.

Garden Room Companies Bristol

Our team has built many garden rooms in South West England. These rooms can be used for various purposes, some as garden gyms and cinema rooms, and we have built many garden offices.

For any garden room you would like our builders to build, we can add Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) timber to the outside. Then we can talk to you about how we can make the garden room even more comfortable for you; perhaps you would like air conditioning added, maybe you would like underfloor heating, maybe you would like extra thick insulation to make keeping the room warm very simple.

We offer to build garden rooms with a meagre starting price of 18k. This is why our team is out working all year round, come summer, spring, winter, or autumn, building our garden rooms and garden offices in the city of Bristol. We have full-time sales staff available on the phone to answer any questions you may have.

Plus, we can also arrange a good time for our sales staff to come and meet you in your garden. We can answer any questions you may have, from explaining the hundreds of different cladding options we can offer—metal, wood, and composite—to the different brands of air-conditioning units we can also add to the building.
For a quote, why not contact our team today


We build luxury garden bars right across South-West England.



From Exeter right through to Bristol, our builders are busy-bees throughout the year building luxurious garden bars for our customers. In this article, we will explain why so many homeowners call us each week, to ask our construction company build a garden bar for them.

Great place to socialise
When you have a party with friends or family over coming over, some people like to have the gathering in a garden, or within their garden room. Therefore, you can enjoy the sunshine with your friends and family and make the most of the good summer weather. Your garden bar can therefore be a great places to socialise and enjoy a drink or two with friends.



Our garden bars can be used right throughout the entire year

The description of the “Summerhouse” does infer that you can only use the building during warmer weather.
However, we are building so many insulated garden buildings throughout South-West England that can be used throughout the entire year.

Our construction company predominantly builds garden rooms in Bath, Exeter, and Bristol. We normally have a full order book throughout the year simply because our buildings are so well insulated and come with a long guarantee period.
Our garden buildings can be used 365-days a year

So whether it’s Christmas Day, and you may want a Christmas party in the room, or its the peak of summer in July, you can throw a party and use your garden bar as place to enjoy time with your friends.

Plus, if it gets chilly outside, you can turn on the heating system, and the room will be nice and warm in a short period of time.

Our garden rooms, which we build in South West England, are often used as multipurpose spaces. These garden rooms can be helpful for a wide range of purposes, from exercising to simply reading a book and enjoying a glass of wine.

What’s great about having a garden building constructed is that you will potentially have a large building constructed in your garden that can be used for many different purposes.

For example, it could span the entire width of your garden- so could be used as a bar, to play pool, or somewhere where you can workout during the entire year.



Pool/snooker room

Many people like to play pool or snooker; so if you have a large garden room built, it can become a place where you can go and enjoy playing a pool game, perhaps on a summer evening.


Can you offer us a brochure or a price list?

Our sales staff can send to you a PDF sales brochure, which explains more about the luxury garden buildings we construct in England.

Additionally, we have sales staff who can come out five days a week in person and meet you within your garden, to offer advice and often provide you with a quote on the spot if it’s a more simple construction.

If the customer wants a more complicated build, such as a garden room, that has a “living roof”, a roof on which we can grow plants or, the customer wants a large bathroom fitted, we might need to return to the office and calculate the cost.
We will always aim to get a quote back as soon as possible after we meet you, we often send out a detailed breakdown of our estimate within 48 hours.


Do you only build garden buildings within Bristol?

You might have seen our construction company a lot of work around Bristol. However, we don’t just build garden rooms in the city of Bristol. We have a large team of staff, ranging from qualified electricians to architects, which means our construction company is able to build any type of garden buildings throughout the entire Southwest of England. So we can see the garden rooms building as far as Exeter and right through Bristol.


Can you arrange for us to obtain planning permission for our garden bar?

The vast majority of garden bars that we construct—often these buildings—can be constructed straight away and are what is called permitted development.

Often, we do not, therefore, need to gain planning permission from the local council to build our garden rooms.
However, with that said, some of the garden buildings we construct do require planning permission.

When we come out and offer you a quote, we can then tell straight away whether we think planning permission is needed or not.

Now, it’s worth noting that if your garden bar requires planning permission, say from the local council, such as Bristol City Council, you could be waiting over a month for planning permission to be granted sometimes by the council.

You might have to wait even longer sometimes if the council is processing a lot of planning applications at that time.


We are planning on playing loud music in our garden bar. Are you able to soundproof the entire garden bar?

Because the building is a timber construction, soundproofing it completely is often not possible.

However, what is possible is that our builders put soundproofing; into the ceilings, the floor and walls for you.
The brand and quality of the soundproofing you choose will depend on how much sound is contained within the room.
When you combine this with triple glazing, this can further help to include the noise on the windows and the doors. Again, we would say this soundproofing can help to contain the sound within the room, but it doesn’t completely stop some sound from escaping from the garden room.



We want a company that employs qualified electricians to install the electrics. Are you able to do this?

Many of our customers like the fact that they don’t have to manage multiple tradesmen when they are having their garden room built. For example, suppose you hire a different UK garden room company, in that case, you might have to hire a separate painter and decorator, electrician, or groundworks company to install the trench, waste pipe, and water supply.

However, our customers like that we have all these tradespeople, from the plumbers, through to the painters and decorators working for us in-house. So, we can take care of all the work that is needed in-house.

Whether you want the room completely painted and decorated or electrics installed, or all the plumbing work taken care of, we can complete this work for you.

Perhaps you need ground works completed; whether its digging a trench; we can take care of all this work for you within our quote.



Why not obtain a free quotation from us today?

As our construction company expands, we are building more and more luxurious garden bars throughout the United Kingdom. The vast majority of our buildings are built in the Southwest of England. The reason why we are so popular in the Southwest is that we build luxurious buildings with a long guarantee period.


If you would like a quote, then why not call us?

Our company builds luxurious, well-made garden bars in the South-West, England that come with a long guarantee period.





Does your business build garden cinema rooms in S.West England?


Garden Buildings | Garden Cinema Rooms


Many homeowners here in Great Britain are having garden buildings constructed by our construction company. These garden buildings are not just to being used as a place of work or to exercise but where they can enjoy watching a film. Whether that’s one of the latest Marvel movies, or perhaps you prefer a romantic comedy, many people have a garden building constructed by us to be used as a garden cinema room.


Garden Cinema Rooms

We can install within building soundproofing, this can be placed in the walls, ceilings, and floor soundproofing. This means that you can watch your favourite films are as loud as you would like.

Then, our electricians can wire in all of the surround sound speaker system, including the subwoofers, the projectors, and all of the power points you will need.

Often, the projecter is mounted onto the ceiling and then projected onto a plasterboard wall. We can install the projector for you.


How can we control how much sunlight comes through the bi-folding doors?

If you’re watching a film, the last thing you want is to be squinting while trying to watch the film because the sunlight is too bright.
You may well be struggling to watch the the movie because you can’t see it because the sun light is so bright. Therefore, We can install bi-folding doors within the actual glass panels that can be quality blinds which you can adjust, to control how much light enters the building. It can be controlled by a remote or by manually turning a stick to rotate the blinds. Therefore, you can control how much light enters the cinema room whilst your watching a movie.


Are you able to take care of installing all of the electrics within the garden building?

The electrics will need to be installed within the cinema room, and often, a deep trench must be dug in the garden, in order to lay the armoured cable. What’s important is that whichever British garden building company you hire to construct your cinema room, that they use a qualified electrician to do this work.

We always use qualified electricians

Our qualified electricians can take care of everything from installing LED spotlights to the strip lights made of LED that can change colour when you click a remote button.
Our electricians also install the electric underfloor heating, the electric radiators, the electric power sockets, and all of the speakers.


Are you able to organise for us that we gain the the planning permission needed to construct our garden room?

Whether we are building a cinema room in Bath, England, or the building is being constructed in somewhere in Bristol, there are different local councils where we will need to apply to gain planning permission.

Some of the rooms we build do not require any planning permission at all. However, when we chat with you, we understand the size of the garden building being built, we can, therefore, offer an opinion on whether planning permission is likely to be needed or not for your garden room.


If planning permission is needed, our architects can apply for planning permission for you

If planning permission is needed from the city of Bath County Council or Bristol Council, we have a full-time architect who can apply for planning permission for you- helping you to save a lot of time.

Our architects can therefore create all of the CAD drawings that are needed, and the notes needed to be sent to the local council. We can, therefore, take care of all the paperwork needed for you to obtain planning permission for your new cinema room.


We can build a cinema room as large as you would like

We have worked in some truly massive gardens within Bath and some massive gardens in Bristol also. This allows the homeowner to construct a garden building as large as they would like, thats as long as they can gain planning permission for the building.

Therefore, you can build a cinema room and design and build it the way you like.
For example, you could have a kitchen area built within the building, another side room could be added that could be used as a bathroom.

There could be a totally separate room with its own separate entrance that is used for an entirely different purpose, such as doing yoga in the mornings.

How secure are these buildings? Can they be locked up at night?

When you consider that within a garden cinema room, there will be top-quality speakers made by well-known brands such as Samsung, you will want to have good-quality locks installed on your garden room.

Therefore, we can install quality locks on the bi-folding doors and window.

Our electricians to also install CCTV right around the building if you would like this added to your garden room.

Depending on what brand of CCTV you would like, you can get mobile alerts on your phone if somebody approaches your garden building, say when you are on holiday.


Are your home cinemas warm enough to use in winter?

We want to use our cinema room 365 days a year.

How warm are these buildings during the winter months?


When you see our builders working in your garden, they will often be cutting the insulation with a handsaw. We use thick our insulation, that’s really thick panel installation when we are building our garden rooms.

The insulation we use, looks a bit like a giant sandwich; it has two reflective outer coatings and a dense foam centre. It’s superb at keeping the cold air out and the warm air in during and the winter.

Now, this insulation can be pretty expensive; depending on the thickness, so some garden room companies might use it sparingly.

However, our company is different, and we cram this insulation into the walls between structural timbers, we put it into the floor between the wooden joists and put it into the roof between the roof timbers. This means that all around the rooms we build are fully insulated, making it simple to keep warm.


Are you thinking of a garden building or a cinema room in Bath or Bristol?

Then do contact us, we’ve been building garden buildings, including garden bars and cinema rooms, for many years. We also produce 3-D drawings so you can know what your cinema room will look like in your garden before its constructed. With prices starting from as low as £18,000, we are the garden company to call in the South-West of England.



We answer some frequently asked questions relating to our garden offices



When we get calls from our clients every week, the vast majority of our customers would like a garden office constructed.

In our opinion, this is the most common reason people would like a garden building constructed.

As we all know theres been a significant increase in the number of people working from home in recent years, so often many Bristol residents need quality garden buildings built so that they have somewhere to work comfortably whilst at home.

Would a garden office be comfortable to work in?

How can we regulate the temperature?

When you walk into a steel shipping container or, let’s say, a wooden garden shed on a hot summer day, it can feel boiling inside, right?

The heat can be considerable and perhaps even unbearable. Now, when you consider that a garden room will often have a black rubber roof, this can attract the sun’s rays, and the heat can become trapped within the building.

Therefore, the building can become unbearably hot unless you have a way to regulate the temperature.

This is what often separates cheap, low-quality, low-cost summerhouses from high-quality buildings which are built with ample insulation installed. We can install a small conditioning unit and add multiple electric heaters as well. Therefore our garden offices can be used all year around and in any weather.

How long does a garden office last for?

This depends on your options you select, yet our garden room company our ever installs premium-quality building items such as double-glazed aluminium bi-folding doors. Therefore each aspect of our buildings are guaranteed for different period of times.

When we come out and chat with you, we can tell you how long the windows are guaranteed for, how long the roof is guaranteed for, and other aspects of the building are guaranteed for.

Will a garden office add value to my home?

When a potential buyer of your home walks into a garden room built by us, they will see it’s a very well-constructed garden office, they may want to work the building themselves Monday through to Friday.

Will we need to seek planning permission to have a garden office constructed?

This will depend on many factors, such as the size of the building that’s being constructed, how close it is to your neighbours house, and other aspects of its design.

What we will need to do is come out and have a look and see whether or not you require planning permission.

However, with that said, we would say that the vast majority of the garden buildings that we construct, don’t need planning permission.

However, sometimes, planning does need to be sought, and if this is the case, you might have to wait several months before planning permission is granted from the council.

Do you have any experience building many garden offices?

We most certainly do; we have built many garden offices. Some of these can be built with a toilet so that you have the added convenience of having a lavatory within the building if you would like this installed into your garden office.

How secure are these buildings?

These buildings can be secure because they can have double-glazed bi-folding doors fitted, with a good-quality locking mechanism installed.

Quality locks can also be added to the windows as well. For an additional price, we could install a CCTV system as well.


How much does a garden office cost?

Prices do vary. We offer a starting price for a garden office pod of just £18,000. The average typical price of a garden office that we build is around £25,000. The higher-end garden rooms are much larger, can come complete with a bathroom and a toilet; these are around £40,000.

We have a full-time sales staff who can come and chat with you within the Bristol area and answer any questions you might have.

To arrange for a free estimate, please call us today.



An FAQ for garden offices with a toilet



A lot of people when they’re having a garden office constructed, may plan to use the room for a large proportion of the week. For example, a self-employed person might easily spend 50+ hours a week, busy working away in their garden office.

Therefore, it can be a slight irritation let’s say, if you have to keep running across the lawn to use the toilet within your house. This is why it’s much more convenient, to get a bathroom installed within your garden office. You might even want to have a shower cubicle installed as well, so that you can have a nice refreshing shower within your garden office after work.

We are now going to answer some commonly asked questions regarding garden offices with a toilet.

How much does a garden office cost that also has a toilet installed?

When you’re building a garden office, or any type of garden building for that matter, and it has a toilet and a wash hand basin inside, you must consider that often there is a lot of groundworks that needs to be completed. We often use a mini JCB excavator to lay utilities such as water pipes, and the soil pipe to the garden building.

This will allow you to flush the waste away from your toilet because it will be connected to main drains. However, sometimes especially when somebody owns a large property, the main drains might be some distance away from the garden building. Therefore, a mini JCB excavator might be working for some time digging the trenches and laying all the pipes, so this does have to be kept in mind.

Average cost

If we were to ask to provide an average cost for us to build a garden office complete with a toilet, it would be around £35,000, that’s for an average size garden office, complete with a small side room to have a toilet installed and wash hand basin. Costs do vary, it does depend on the size of the garden building and how far the building is from the main drains.

How will I keep warm during the winter within my garden office?

Now this is a great question, owners of garden offices must consider how they will heat the room. It can be tempting to purchase a flatpack summerhouse for a relatively small amount of money. However what a lot of homeowners quickly find, is that in the winter it’s freezing inside these buildings, because there is no insulation inside.

So in the summer months it might be baking hot inside a garden room that has no insulation, and you might feel as though you might pass out because it is simply too hot within the building.

Therefore the two extremes are normally exist when you buy really cheap wooden summerhouses, in that they are nothing more than a glorified wooden shed. They are therefore hard to keep warm in the winter, and hard to cool in the summer.

Will you be able to install ventilation into the bathroom as well?

So, a lot of people when they are having a garden office or room built, often use the room for multiple different purposes, often it’s a place to work, but also often it’s a place to work out after work- as you might have a lot of gym equipment within the building.

Therefore when a shower cubicle needs to be installed, and you take a hot and long shower, this produces a lot of steam.

You don’t want this steam to circulate around in your garden room because it could cause damp issues, and possibly black spores can start forming on the plasterboard if there no ventilation installed.

So our highly skilled electricians can install one or perhaps multiple electric ventilation fans, the same type you would have installed in your bathroom, you just simply pull the cord and the fan switches on to extract the steam from your bathroom.

Can we pick our own bathroom suite?

Most definitely, what we can do is offer your quote for a garden room, where we supply the bathroom suite, or sometimes the customer will want to purchase it before the building is constructed.

Therefore, the customer can purchase the bathroom suite themselves. Some of the garden buildings that we construct in South West England are truly massive, so sometimes our customers will have copper crawl legged baths installed, also with a large wash hand basin, and also a large toilet as well.

At the same time, some customers might have a small garden in Bristol’s city centre, and therefore require a compact toilet and corner wash hand basin. Our Bristol plumbers can install of this for you.


We are sold on the idea of getting a garden office built, how long will it take the build?

This does depend on how much groundwork is needed, and the size of the building that is being constructed.

What we would say is that the vast majority of garden offices that we build, are built from start to finish in less than three weeks.

Now this might amaze you how quickly our builders can build these buildings, yet one of the reasons why these buildings are constructed so fast, is that we you something called plastic ground screws.

Now, what this does is it allows us to build a garden office in a short period, because we haven’t got to build concrete foundations.

As you might know, concrete is rather expensive, therefore organising a concrete pour to lay a large concrete slab, can cost a lot of money. Therefore, using ground screws, which are drilled into the ground using a massive drill, we can build a garden office / room quicker and cheaper than what some other companies can build it for if they used concrete foundations.

We now build garden offices throughout Bristol

Regardless of where you live in Bristol, whether you live in the dizzying heights of the Clifton area in Bristol, or perhaps you live in Aztec West we can come out and offer you a free quote.

An FAQ for garden offices with toilets

We answer commonly asked questions regarding garden offices with a toilet

We would like a luxurious garden building constructed- what can you offer?



When you shop around online to purchase a log cabin or wooden summerhouse, or a garden building, you will quickly find that the price for these buildings can vary massively. Some companies in the South West might offer a flatpack version of the building for as little as £3000, yet for a building of the same dimensions, another local company might quote you over £40,000, so why the price difference?



Of course, if you pay a higher sum, there’s no guarantee that you will obtain quality building built by master craftsmen. So we can only speak in terms of what our garden room business can offer. However, what we can offer, which separates us from some of the other companies, is a building that is guaranteed to last.

So, for example, let’s give you an example of the doors. There are cheap suppliers of bi-folding doors out there that aim to be the cheapest supplier of UPVC and aluminium bi-folding doors. However, opting for the cheapest building materials can sometimes cause problems later on down the user later on down the line for the customer.

For example, the hinges might be difficult to open and close, they may seize or become loose from the frame. The glass might suffer from misted panels, causing the summerhouse to look damaged as water is suspended within the glass double-framed unit.


We only buy quality

So, we partner with tried-and-tested companies that we know will offer top-quality aluminium bi-folding doors and other building materials, such as quality composite cladding, or quality EPDM roofing.


We can offer you many garden room optional extras

When you visit a local car showroom in the South West, the car dealers can offer various optional extras on the car they are offering. These can make the car much more comfortable for the occupants.

Our garden buildings are the same; we can offer various options to make the garden room more comfortable. For example, in the winter, you could have underfloor heating, oil-filled radiators, and large floor-to-ceiling radiators fitted if you would like these?

In the summertime, it’s important to know that wooden buildings, that often with black rubber roofs, will attract a lot of heat, so you will need a way to cool the room to make it more comfortable. Therefore, this is why we would recommend having a small conditioning unit fitted to the side of the garden room. This can be secured and anchored to the floor. With a few clicks on the air conditioning remote, the air conditioning unit will start to cool the temperature of the room.

South-west England

When purchasing a top-quality garden building, you will want assurance that you have hired a company with a lot of experience building garden buildings over a long period of time. Thankfully, we have already built many of luxury garden buildings across the South-West of England; we are therefore highly experienced in creating everything from garden bars, used as vodka and gin rooms through to building luxurious garden buildings which are used to unwind and perhaps do a word search or read a good book during the week.


Bathroom and toilet

Whether you use the garden room is used to exercise within daily, for example, to do yoga in, or perhaps it can be used as a guest bedroom, you will undoubtedly want a bathroom installed as well. Some garden room companies don’t install bathrooms because completing all the groundwork, tiling, and plumbing can be time-consuming.

However, we can install the whole bathroom within the garden building for you, and also take care of the ground work as well. We have qualified electricians and plumbers who can install the toilet and bathroom suite into your garden building for you.


Built fast

As we all know, summers come and go very quickly here in Great Britain. It can seem like with the click of the fingers, the leaves start falling off the trees once again, and we are back into the cold weather with the log burner switched on.

So, what you’re not going to want over the summer period is your garden to be turned into a construction site for a prolonged period of time.

Many people will not want to hear cement mixers whirring around, nail guns banging, and hammers hammering nails for a prolonged period.

Therefore, this is why we are hired, we have large team of builders, that build our wooden summerhouses very quickly.

Because we build these buildings so quickly, this is why we are so busy across the South West England, Exeter, Devon right through to Bristol city centre, because we have a large team of builders. Thus, These builders allow us to put multiple staff at once building a luxury garden room, shortening the time it takes us to construct the building.


Guaranteed to last

When you buy a luxury item, whether its a garden-building, or a luxury sports car, you may want it to come with a guarantee to have the peace of mind you bought something that will last a specified period. Therefore, We can offer you a guarantee on the garden buildings we build, so that you know you are buying a high-quality product.


Environmentally friendly

If you’re having a small garden office built or perhaps your hiring us to build a gigantic garden room,; many of our customers will want to know they are purchasing a structure that is being built in an environmentally friendly way. We can offer you many different options which can help to protect the environment, from cladding made from recycled materials to installing solar panels onto the roof.


Summerhouses through to log cabins, we can build them all

When you think of a typical garden room, you often think of bi-folding doors and a flat roof; our buildings are built 100% bespoke, which means that we can build the whole building the way you like so you can have any design garden room; you want to have a flat roof, you could have a pitched roof, left solar panels on the roof.

You could even have a roof you can walk on the roof, with glass balustrades fitted around the garden room if you would like.


Now taking bookings for summer 2024

If you are looking for a business within Bristol that can build a garden office, garden rooms or a summerhouse, then why not call us today? We have friendly staff ready to take your call and answer any questions you might have.

We can pop out and offer a free quotation, we can also offer to create 3-D designs so you can see what your garden room will look like before it is constructed. If you would like to book a time with us, so we can come out meet you and offer you a free quote, why not give us a ring today?



Garden rooms complete with toilet and a shower

Garden buildings with a toilet/bathroom




When people contact us to have us build a garden building constructed in South West England, often they want a quote that includes a bathroom or just a toilet and wash hand basin. This, therefore, allows for comparing a garden room built with or without a bathroom.

The fact that the matter is having a toilet and wash hand basin, or complete bathroom suite installed often substantially increases the cost of the build.

Often, this is not because installing the bathroom suite takes considerable time, because often does not- our plumbers can install a bathroom suite relatively quickly.

The actual work is often in the drainage, installing the water supply and completing all of the groundworks that is needed to connect to the garden building.


In this article, we will examine and explain why we recommend getting a garden room built that comes complete with a bathroom suite.


Table of contents:

  • How much does a garden room complete with a bathroom cost?
  • It is important to consider ventilation
  • Why its essential to consider drainage and water connections.


How much does a garden office / room complete with a toilet cost to build?

Prices vary based on the building’s proximity to the nearest utilities, such as the main drains, and its distance from the water supply and electric supply.

As you can imagine, if you have a substantial detached property, the set in its own grounds, and want a garden room built right at the end of a long garden, this is going to need a lot of groundworks.

For example, a trench often needs to be dug the length of the garden, for the soil pipe to be laid, that is, the waste pipe, and for a water supply to be connected, you also have to install an electric cable down to the garden room as well.

This might involve quite a considerable amount of digging, obviously not by hand, but by using an excavator, and this is where the cost of the garden room can increase.

However, if you have a relatively small garden, and the garden building is to be built close to the main drains, with water and electricity supplies close by, we can decrease the cost of the build for you.

Do you have much experience building garden offices/rooms with a toilet?


We have extensive experience building garden offices complete with a toilet; for example, a self-employed person might spend over 50 hours in the building working each week, therefore, there will need to be a kitchen area, a small kitchen area, a toilet, and a hand basin.

Therefore, we can recommend different cost-effective solutions for having a kitchen and a bathroom installed within the garden room.

When it comes to building garden buildings throughout the South West of England, most of the garden rooms we build are constructed in Bristol. We can offer a written quotation, we can set out within the quotation how much it will cost to install a bathroom and the cost without a bathroom.

Often, when the homeowner weighs up the convenience and cost of having a toilet and wash hand basin installed, they see that it’s very cost-effective and willing to pay that bit extra to have a complete bathroom or just to have toilet and wash hand basin installed.


Do you have tradesmen necessary to build a garden room complete with toilet?



Yes, we do; we have the tradesmen in-house, we have electricians, we have ground workers, we may have plumbers, and we also have tilers plasterers, so we have all the tradesmen we need to install a bathroom suite.



Why we recommend getting a toilet / bathroom installed in your garden office/room

If you are self-employed, an entrepreneur, or simply working for a company, you must think about how much time you spend within the building per week.

If it is just going to be a few hours per day, then it might not be worth getting a bathroom installed.

However, if the garden office will be your principal place of work; to take work calls and emails and work throughout the working week, then we recommend installing a toilet and wash hand basin, as it will make things much more convenient.

We should also consider having a small kitchen area installed, with compact kitchen units where you can make some food or a cup of tea.



Why its essential to consider ventilation

Its important to consider ventilation, especially if you have a shower installed within the garden room; when you think of the garden building, the vast majority of the buildings are made from wood and plasterboard. So you will need electric fan ventilation to suck that moisture out of the building, and our electricians can install this for you.


We can offer to install a complete bathroom or just a toilet and wash hand basin

There are many different toilet and bathroom options to choose from, and we can install different size shower cubicles.We can also offer different toilets, different toilets some that can have on top of them are wash hand basins integrated into the actual toilet system itself to save space.

We can install different-sized electric towel rails, different types of electric ventilation, and even underfloor heating.



Why it’s important to consider drainage connections and also water supplies when installing a bathroom within a garden room

It’s essential to consider drainage connections because you might own a substantial property, lets say a detached house in a rural location where you want the garden building built, might be far from the main house.

Therefore, we often need to measure how far the garden building is from the main drains from the electricity supply and the water supply.

Then, our architect will get back to you with a comprehensive quote in a short amount of time


Why you should have a garden room signed off by a qualified electrician


When you hire a garden room business, wherever that business is building the garden building in Bristol, a qualified electrician is needed to sign off the building.


Qualified plumbers and electricians should be used to install all of the plumbing and also the electrics.

Therefore, we only use qualified electricians and plumbers for our plumbing and also to install the electrics in our garden buildings


How do we arrange for a quotation?

If you are located in the city of Bristol, then we can pop out and offer you a quote during the week.

If you would like to arrange a quote for a new garden office or garden room to be built, why not call us?


Garden Cinema Rooms Bristol

Does your company construct garden cinema rooms?


Here at Kingsley Build, we are increasingly being asked by our customers whether we can build a garden cinema room in Bristol. The answer to this question is most definitely yes. Our construction company is often selected to construct a cinema room simply because our rooms are super well insulated, and are always top quality, plus to keep the room nice and cool we can even fit leading brands air-conditioning systems and heating systems.

This means you can watch your favourite films in absolute comfort at anytime of the year, because the room can be air-conditioned and heated.


Which areas do build garden cinema rooms?

Most garden buildings we construct, whether used for yoga, work, or as cinema rooms, are built in Bristol. We most likely have already built a summerhouse very close to where you live in Bristol, simply because we have now built so many of these room.

Kingsley Garden Rooms therefore has a very strong reputation for building quality summerhouses, we are fast becoming one of the leading brands in the area for building well-built, luxurious, insulated garden buildings.


Why should we hire you to build our cinema room?


Built fast

The vast majority of our garden buildings are constructed during the summer, and we can build them very quickly for our customers. This is when most people in Bristol want to be out enjoying a cold refreshing beverage and enjoying hot weather in a garden, because as we all know, our British summers are rather short in Britain.

Therefore, our highly valued customers in Bristol,don’t want the construction work on their new summerhouse to drag on for a long period of time over the summer.

This is why we are hired. Here at Kingsley Build, we have a huge team of staff including builders, electricians through managers and we have many carpenters and also plumbers. We also have a large team of labourers ready to carry the wood into your garden, and also to help build the summerhouse.

Therefore, we can offer you a timescale for us to fully complete a bespoke garden cinema room from start to finish.

Therefore, if you will obtain a luxurious, well-built garden building in your garden, built in a short period of time then why not call us?


Are you able to install the wiring and electrics for us?

A cinema room often needs a lot of electrics installed. Top-quality, top-of-the-range surround sound speakers might be installed on the roof and the walls?

Then, specialist LED lighting is often used to illuminate the room and change colour to create a nice atmosphere when you are watching a film.

Then there’s the projector, which must be fitted to the ceiling and often needs multiple power sockets to power everything from the LED spot lights to the underfloor heating system is also electric. So our electricians when they are installing the electrics into a summerhouse, often have a lot of work to do.
Instead of calling around Bristol electricians, we can handle all of this work and include it in our quote that we send to you.


Can I install a toilet in our cinema room?

Yes, we know that you might be getting to the best part of the movie, for example you might be watching Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible, and you don’t want to rush back to the house to use the toilet as it will take you too long to get there, and you might miss part of the film.

Therefore, we can add a bathroom area within your cinema room.

We want to play the music quite loud, can you install soundproofing for us?

When you go to the local cinema, they often have really good, very high-quality sound systems, which help you to enjoy watching the movie.

Now, if your cinema room is going to be in close proximity to a neighbour’s house, we would recommend that the garden building be soundproofed.

Our builders can install soundproofing within the building so you can enjoy the movie without disturbing your neighbours with the noise from your cinema room.


Have you built many garden cinema rooms within the city of Bristol?

We most certainly have. A lot of people are looking for ways to get more use from their gardens.
They are looking for a place where they can go with the family and unwind and watch lets Jason Statham’s Transporter movie, a brilliant film, don’t you think?

A cinema room can actually offer that place where you can unwind, eat some snack and drink some fizzy pop, while watching your favourite films. Therefore is why so many homeowners are calling us to build a cinema garden room for them.


Are you able to install doors that have blinds fitted within the glass panels?

Perhaps you want to watch an action movie without the sunlight beaming inside the room, spoiling it because it might make it hard to watch the movie, if theres really bright light, coming into the garden room.

Therefore, we can install high-quality bi-folding doors integrated into the energy-efficient glass, will be blinds, made from aluminium slats, and the blinds that can be turned to any level of comfort you would like.


Will our cinema room be temperature-controlled?

We can offer you a range of different air conditioning systems, some of which are made by well-known brands you will have heard of, such as Samsung Electronics- absolutely fantastic quality air conditioning systems.

We can then also fit underfloor heating, as well oil-filled radiators and pack the whole room with top-quality branded installation.

What this means is that because of this work, by our plumbers, and our electricians, its simple to regulate the temperature in the room. If you cold, you can switch on the underfloor heating; if it’s too hot, you can simply get the air conditioning remote out and switch down the temperature on your conditioning system.

We therefore can build climate controlled garden rooms, any where in South West England.


Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we have a dedicated sales team, they very knowledable and very friendly they are on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding getting a summerhouse constructed.
Our sales team travels regularly across the South West of England; in any area within Bristol mostly, we can offer you a free quote 6 days a week.

If you live in the centre of Bristol, say in Clifton, we can often also pop out in the evening, say before 7pm to give you a quote if this is more convenient for you?


Luxury cinema rooms

Therefore, if you want our luxury cinema room built in your garden, we can often complete this work often in less than three weeks from start to finish.

You will have a space to go and watch action, romance, or perhaps a horror movie in your garden. A vast screen can be projected onto the wall; therefore, you can enjoy watching your favourite films with your friends and family any time of the year.

Just imagine Christmas time owning a cinema garden room.

Christmas is often a time, where you will have many friends and family over to visit, so imagine having a garden building constructed, so you can watch your favourite movies, such as Home Alone with your family. You can watch these surround sound in absolute comfort in your garden room built by us at Kingsley.


Can you offer us a free quote?

If you know the exact dimensions of the garden building you want constructed, we are sometimes able to offer you a quote over the phone there and then. We have built so many cinema rooms that we are sometimes able to offer you a quote over the phone.

Plus, also we offer to build Bristol luxury summerhouses, with a starting price of just 18k, these buildings are therefore very affordablee

However, if you would like a more bespoke garden room constructed, for example, with air conditioning system, underfloor heating installed, and a luxury bathroom, perhaps you would like decking built as well? In this case we would need to meet you, and offer a quotation.

Garden building in South-West of England

Therefore, whether you wish to have a garden building built to do yoga in every morning or use it occasionally to watch your favourite movie, like Pac Man, we can design a garden building for you quickly anywhere in Bristol.