Garden Cinema Rooms Bristol

Does your company construct garden cinema rooms?


Here at Kingsley Build, we are increasingly being asked by our customers whether we can build a garden cinema room in Bristol. The answer to this question is most definitely yes. Our construction company is often selected to construct a cinema room simply because our rooms are super well insulated, and are always top quality, plus to keep the room nice and cool we can even fit leading brands air-conditioning systems and heating systems.

This means you can watch your favourite films in absolute comfort at anytime of the year, because the room can be air-conditioned and heated.


Which areas do build garden cinema rooms?

Most garden buildings we construct, whether used for yoga, work, or as cinema rooms, are built in Bristol. We most likely have already built a summerhouse very close to where you live in Bristol, simply because we have now built so many of these room.

Kingsley Garden Rooms therefore has a very strong reputation for building quality summerhouses, we are fast becoming one of the leading brands in the area for building well-built, luxurious, insulated garden buildings.


Why should we hire you to build our cinema room?


Built fast

The vast majority of our garden buildings are constructed during the summer, and we can build them very quickly for our customers. This is when most people in Bristol want to be out enjoying a cold refreshing beverage and enjoying hot weather in a garden, because as we all know, our British summers are rather short in Britain.

Therefore, our highly valued customers in Bristol,don’t want the construction work on their new summerhouse to drag on for a long period of time over the summer.

This is why we are hired. Here at Kingsley Build, we have a huge team of staff including builders, electricians through managers and we have many carpenters and also plumbers. We also have a large team of labourers ready to carry the wood into your garden, and also to help build the summerhouse.

Therefore, we can offer you a timescale for us to fully complete a bespoke garden cinema room from start to finish.

Therefore, if you will obtain a luxurious, well-built garden building in your garden, built in a short period of time then why not call us?


Are you able to install the wiring and electrics for us?

A cinema room often needs a lot of electrics installed. Top-quality, top-of-the-range surround sound speakers might be installed on the roof and the walls?

Then, specialist LED lighting is often used to illuminate the room and change colour to create a nice atmosphere when you are watching a film.

Then there’s the projector, which must be fitted to the ceiling and often needs multiple power sockets to power everything from the LED spot lights to the underfloor heating system is also electric. So our electricians when they are installing the electrics into a summerhouse, often have a lot of work to do.
Instead of calling around Bristol electricians, we can handle all of this work and include it in our quote that we send to you.


Can I install a toilet in our cinema room?

Yes, we know that you might be getting to the best part of the movie, for example you might be watching Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible, and you don’t want to rush back to the house to use the toilet as it will take you too long to get there, and you might miss part of the film.

Therefore, we can add a bathroom area within your cinema room.

We want to play the music quite loud, can you install soundproofing for us?

When you go to the local cinema, they often have really good, very high-quality sound systems, which help you to enjoy watching the movie.

Now, if your cinema room is going to be in close proximity to a neighbour’s house, we would recommend that the garden building be soundproofed.

Our builders can install soundproofing within the building so you can enjoy the movie without disturbing your neighbours with the noise from your cinema room.


Have you built many garden cinema rooms within the city of Bristol?

We most certainly have. A lot of people are looking for ways to get more use from their gardens.
They are looking for a place where they can go with the family and unwind and watch lets Jason Statham’s Transporter movie, a brilliant film, don’t you think?

A cinema room can actually offer that place where you can unwind, eat some snack and drink some fizzy pop, while watching your favourite films. Therefore is why so many homeowners are calling us to build a cinema garden room for them.


Are you able to install doors that have blinds fitted within the glass panels?

Perhaps you want to watch an action movie without the sunlight beaming inside the room, spoiling it because it might make it hard to watch the movie, if theres really bright light, coming into the garden room.

Therefore, we can install high-quality bi-folding doors integrated into the energy-efficient glass, will be blinds, made from aluminium slats, and the blinds that can be turned to any level of comfort you would like.


Will our cinema room be temperature-controlled?

We can offer you a range of different air conditioning systems, some of which are made by well-known brands you will have heard of, such as Samsung Electronics- absolutely fantastic quality air conditioning systems.

We can then also fit underfloor heating, as well oil-filled radiators and pack the whole room with top-quality branded installation.

What this means is that because of this work, by our plumbers, and our electricians, its simple to regulate the temperature in the room. If you cold, you can switch on the underfloor heating; if it’s too hot, you can simply get the air conditioning remote out and switch down the temperature on your conditioning system.

We therefore can build climate controlled garden rooms, any where in South West England.


Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we have a dedicated sales team, they very knowledable and very friendly they are on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding getting a summerhouse constructed.
Our sales team travels regularly across the South West of England; in any area within Bristol mostly, we can offer you a free quote 6 days a week.

If you live in the centre of Bristol, say in Clifton, we can often also pop out in the evening, say before 7pm to give you a quote if this is more convenient for you?


Luxury cinema rooms

Therefore, if you want our luxury cinema room built in your garden, we can often complete this work often in less than three weeks from start to finish.

You will have a space to go and watch action, romance, or perhaps a horror movie in your garden. A vast screen can be projected onto the wall; therefore, you can enjoy watching your favourite films with your friends and family any time of the year.

Just imagine Christmas time owning a cinema garden room.

Christmas is often a time, where you will have many friends and family over to visit, so imagine having a garden building constructed, so you can watch your favourite movies, such as Home Alone with your family. You can watch these surround sound in absolute comfort in your garden room built by us at Kingsley.


Can you offer us a free quote?

If you know the exact dimensions of the garden building you want constructed, we are sometimes able to offer you a quote over the phone there and then. We have built so many cinema rooms that we are sometimes able to offer you a quote over the phone.

Plus, also we offer to build Bristol luxury summerhouses, with a starting price of just 18k, these buildings are therefore very affordablee

However, if you would like a more bespoke garden room constructed, for example, with air conditioning system, underfloor heating installed, and a luxury bathroom, perhaps you would like decking built as well? In this case we would need to meet you, and offer a quotation.

Garden building in South-West of England

Therefore, whether you wish to have a garden building built to do yoga in every morning or use it occasionally to watch your favourite movie, like Pac Man, we can design a garden building for you quickly anywhere in Bristol.


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