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Garden buildings with a toilet/bathroom




When people contact us to have us build a garden building constructed in South West England, often they want a quote that includes a bathroom or just a toilet and wash hand basin. This, therefore, allows for comparing a garden room built with or without a bathroom.

The fact that the matter is having a toilet and wash hand basin, or complete bathroom suite installed often substantially increases the cost of the build.

Often, this is not because installing the bathroom suite takes considerable time, because often does not- our plumbers can install a bathroom suite relatively quickly.

The actual work is often in the drainage, installing the water supply and completing all of the groundworks that is needed to connect to the garden building.


In this article, we will examine and explain why we recommend getting a garden room built that comes complete with a bathroom suite.


Table of contents:

  • How much does a garden room complete with a bathroom cost?
  • It is important to consider ventilation
  • Why its essential to consider drainage and water connections.


How much does a garden office / room complete with a toilet cost to build?

Prices vary based on the building’s proximity to the nearest utilities, such as the main drains, and its distance from the water supply and electric supply.

As you can imagine, if you have a substantial detached property, the set in its own grounds, and want a garden room built right at the end of a long garden, this is going to need a lot of groundworks.

For example, a trench often needs to be dug the length of the garden, for the soil pipe to be laid, that is, the waste pipe, and for a water supply to be connected, you also have to install an electric cable down to the garden room as well.

This might involve quite a considerable amount of digging, obviously not by hand, but by using an excavator, and this is where the cost of the garden room can increase.

However, if you have a relatively small garden, and the garden building is to be built close to the main drains, with water and electricity supplies close by, we can decrease the cost of the build for you.

Do you have much experience building garden offices/rooms with a toilet?


We have extensive experience building garden offices complete with a toilet; for example, a self-employed person might spend over 50 hours in the building working each week, therefore, there will need to be a kitchen area, a small kitchen area, a toilet, and a hand basin.

Therefore, we can recommend different cost-effective solutions for having a kitchen and a bathroom installed within the garden room.

When it comes to building garden buildings throughout the South West of England, most of the garden rooms we build are constructed in Bristol. We can offer a written quotation, we can set out within the quotation how much it will cost to install a bathroom and the cost without a bathroom.

Often, when the homeowner weighs up the convenience and cost of having a toilet and wash hand basin installed, they see that it’s very cost-effective and willing to pay that bit extra to have a complete bathroom or just to have toilet and wash hand basin installed.


Do you have tradesmen necessary to build a garden room complete with toilet?



Yes, we do; we have the tradesmen in-house, we have electricians, we have ground workers, we may have plumbers, and we also have tilers plasterers, so we have all the tradesmen we need to install a bathroom suite.



Why we recommend getting a toilet / bathroom installed in your garden office/room

If you are self-employed, an entrepreneur, or simply working for a company, you must think about how much time you spend within the building per week.

If it is just going to be a few hours per day, then it might not be worth getting a bathroom installed.

However, if the garden office will be your principal place of work; to take work calls and emails and work throughout the working week, then we recommend installing a toilet and wash hand basin, as it will make things much more convenient.

We should also consider having a small kitchen area installed, with compact kitchen units where you can make some food or a cup of tea.



Why its essential to consider ventilation

Its important to consider ventilation, especially if you have a shower installed within the garden room; when you think of the garden building, the vast majority of the buildings are made from wood and plasterboard. So you will need electric fan ventilation to suck that moisture out of the building, and our electricians can install this for you.


We can offer to install a complete bathroom or just a toilet and wash hand basin

There are many different toilet and bathroom options to choose from, and we can install different size shower cubicles.We can also offer different toilets, different toilets some that can have on top of them are wash hand basins integrated into the actual toilet system itself to save space.

We can install different-sized electric towel rails, different types of electric ventilation, and even underfloor heating.



Why it’s important to consider drainage connections and also water supplies when installing a bathroom within a garden room

It’s essential to consider drainage connections because you might own a substantial property, lets say a detached house in a rural location where you want the garden building built, might be far from the main house.

Therefore, we often need to measure how far the garden building is from the main drains from the electricity supply and the water supply.

Then, our architect will get back to you with a comprehensive quote in a short amount of time


Why you should have a garden room signed off by a qualified electrician


When you hire a garden room business, wherever that business is building the garden building in Bristol, a qualified electrician is needed to sign off the building.


Qualified plumbers and electricians should be used to install all of the plumbing and also the electrics.

Therefore, we only use qualified electricians and plumbers for our plumbing and also to install the electrics in our garden buildings


How do we arrange for a quotation?

If you are located in the city of Bristol, then we can pop out and offer you a quote during the week.

If you would like to arrange a quote for a new garden office or garden room to be built, why not call us?


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