We would like a luxurious garden building constructed- what can you offer?



When you shop around online to purchase a log cabin or wooden summerhouse, or a garden building, you will quickly find that the price for these buildings can vary massively. Some companies in the South West might offer a flatpack version of the building for as little as £3000, yet for a building of the same dimensions, another local company might quote you over £40,000, so why the price difference?



Of course, if you pay a higher sum, there’s no guarantee that you will obtain quality building built by master craftsmen. So we can only speak in terms of what our garden room business can offer. However, what we can offer, which separates us from some of the other companies, is a building that is guaranteed to last.

So, for example, let’s give you an example of the doors. There are cheap suppliers of bi-folding doors out there that aim to be the cheapest supplier of UPVC and aluminium bi-folding doors. However, opting for the cheapest building materials can sometimes cause problems later on down the user later on down the line for the customer.

For example, the hinges might be difficult to open and close, they may seize or become loose from the frame. The glass might suffer from misted panels, causing the summerhouse to look damaged as water is suspended within the glass double-framed unit.


We only buy quality

So, we partner with tried-and-tested companies that we know will offer top-quality aluminium bi-folding doors and other building materials, such as quality composite cladding, or quality EPDM roofing.


We can offer you many garden room optional extras

When you visit a local car showroom in the South West, the car dealers can offer various optional extras on the car they are offering. These can make the car much more comfortable for the occupants.

Our garden buildings are the same; we can offer various options to make the garden room more comfortable. For example, in the winter, you could have underfloor heating, oil-filled radiators, and large floor-to-ceiling radiators fitted if you would like these?

In the summertime, it’s important to know that wooden buildings, that often with black rubber roofs, will attract a lot of heat, so you will need a way to cool the room to make it more comfortable. Therefore, this is why we would recommend having a small conditioning unit fitted to the side of the garden room. This can be secured and anchored to the floor. With a few clicks on the air conditioning remote, the air conditioning unit will start to cool the temperature of the room.

South-west England

When purchasing a top-quality garden building, you will want assurance that you have hired a company with a lot of experience building garden buildings over a long period of time. Thankfully, we have already built many of luxury garden buildings across the South-West of England; we are therefore highly experienced in creating everything from garden bars, used as vodka and gin rooms through to building luxurious garden buildings which are used to unwind and perhaps do a word search or read a good book during the week.


Bathroom and toilet

Whether you use the garden room is used to exercise within daily, for example, to do yoga in, or perhaps it can be used as a guest bedroom, you will undoubtedly want a bathroom installed as well. Some garden room companies don’t install bathrooms because completing all the groundwork, tiling, and plumbing can be time-consuming.

However, we can install the whole bathroom within the garden building for you, and also take care of the ground work as well. We have qualified electricians and plumbers who can install the toilet and bathroom suite into your garden building for you.


Built fast

As we all know, summers come and go very quickly here in Great Britain. It can seem like with the click of the fingers, the leaves start falling off the trees once again, and we are back into the cold weather with the log burner switched on.

So, what you’re not going to want over the summer period is your garden to be turned into a construction site for a prolonged period of time.

Many people will not want to hear cement mixers whirring around, nail guns banging, and hammers hammering nails for a prolonged period.

Therefore, this is why we are hired, we have large team of builders, that build our wooden summerhouses very quickly.

Because we build these buildings so quickly, this is why we are so busy across the South West England, Exeter, Devon right through to Bristol city centre, because we have a large team of builders. Thus, These builders allow us to put multiple staff at once building a luxury garden room, shortening the time it takes us to construct the building.


Guaranteed to last

When you buy a luxury item, whether its a garden-building, or a luxury sports car, you may want it to come with a guarantee to have the peace of mind you bought something that will last a specified period. Therefore, We can offer you a guarantee on the garden buildings we build, so that you know you are buying a high-quality product.


Environmentally friendly

If you’re having a small garden office built or perhaps your hiring us to build a gigantic garden room,; many of our customers will want to know they are purchasing a structure that is being built in an environmentally friendly way. We can offer you many different options which can help to protect the environment, from cladding made from recycled materials to installing solar panels onto the roof.


Summerhouses through to log cabins, we can build them all

When you think of a typical garden room, you often think of bi-folding doors and a flat roof; our buildings are built 100% bespoke, which means that we can build the whole building the way you like so you can have any design garden room; you want to have a flat roof, you could have a pitched roof, left solar panels on the roof.

You could even have a roof you can walk on the roof, with glass balustrades fitted around the garden room if you would like.


Now taking bookings for summer 2024

If you are looking for a business within Bristol that can build a garden office, garden rooms or a summerhouse, then why not call us today? We have friendly staff ready to take your call and answer any questions you might have.

We can pop out and offer a free quotation, we can also offer to create 3-D designs so you can see what your garden room will look like before it is constructed. If you would like to book a time with us, so we can come out meet you and offer you a free quote, why not give us a ring today?



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