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A lot of people when they’re having a garden office constructed, may plan to use the room for a large proportion of the week. For example, a self-employed person might easily spend 50+ hours a week, busy working away in their garden office.

Therefore, it can be a slight irritation let’s say, if you have to keep running across the lawn to use the toilet within your house. This is why it’s much more convenient, to get a bathroom installed within your garden office. You might even want to have a shower cubicle installed as well, so that you can have a nice refreshing shower within your garden office after work.

We are now going to answer some commonly asked questions regarding garden offices with a toilet.

How much does a garden office cost that also has a toilet installed?

When you’re building a garden office, or any type of garden building for that matter, and it has a toilet and a wash hand basin inside, you must consider that often there is a lot of groundworks that needs to be completed. We often use a mini JCB excavator to lay utilities such as water pipes, and the soil pipe to the garden building.

This will allow you to flush the waste away from your toilet because it will be connected to main drains. However, sometimes especially when somebody owns a large property, the main drains might be some distance away from the garden building. Therefore, a mini JCB excavator might be working for some time digging the trenches and laying all the pipes, so this does have to be kept in mind.

Average cost

If we were to ask to provide an average cost for us to build a garden office complete with a toilet, it would be around £35,000, that’s for an average size garden office, complete with a small side room to have a toilet installed and wash hand basin. Costs do vary, it does depend on the size of the garden building and how far the building is from the main drains.

How will I keep warm during the winter within my garden office?

Now this is a great question, owners of garden offices must consider how they will heat the room. It can be tempting to purchase a flatpack summerhouse for a relatively small amount of money. However what a lot of homeowners quickly find, is that in the winter it’s freezing inside these buildings, because there is no insulation inside.

So in the summer months it might be baking hot inside a garden room that has no insulation, and you might feel as though you might pass out because it is simply too hot within the building.

Therefore the two extremes are normally exist when you buy really cheap wooden summerhouses, in that they are nothing more than a glorified wooden shed. They are therefore hard to keep warm in the winter, and hard to cool in the summer.

Will you be able to install ventilation into the bathroom as well?

So, a lot of people when they are having a garden office or room built, often use the room for multiple different purposes, often it’s a place to work, but also often it’s a place to work out after work- as you might have a lot of gym equipment within the building.

Therefore when a shower cubicle needs to be installed, and you take a hot and long shower, this produces a lot of steam.

You don’t want this steam to circulate around in your garden room because it could cause damp issues, and possibly black spores can start forming on the plasterboard if there no ventilation installed.

So our highly skilled electricians can install one or perhaps multiple electric ventilation fans, the same type you would have installed in your bathroom, you just simply pull the cord and the fan switches on to extract the steam from your bathroom.

Can we pick our own bathroom suite?

Most definitely, what we can do is offer your quote for a garden room, where we supply the bathroom suite, or sometimes the customer will want to purchase it before the building is constructed.

Therefore, the customer can purchase the bathroom suite themselves. Some of the garden buildings that we construct in South West England are truly massive, so sometimes our customers will have copper crawl legged baths installed, also with a large wash hand basin, and also a large toilet as well.

At the same time, some customers might have a small garden in Bristol’s city centre, and therefore require a compact toilet and corner wash hand basin. Our Bristol plumbers can install of this for you.


We are sold on the idea of getting a garden office built, how long will it take the build?

This does depend on how much groundwork is needed, and the size of the building that is being constructed.

What we would say is that the vast majority of garden offices that we build, are built from start to finish in less than three weeks.

Now this might amaze you how quickly our builders can build these buildings, yet one of the reasons why these buildings are constructed so fast, is that we you something called plastic ground screws.

Now, what this does is it allows us to build a garden office in a short period, because we haven’t got to build concrete foundations.

As you might know, concrete is rather expensive, therefore organising a concrete pour to lay a large concrete slab, can cost a lot of money. Therefore, using ground screws, which are drilled into the ground using a massive drill, we can build a garden office / room quicker and cheaper than what some other companies can build it for if they used concrete foundations.

We now build garden offices throughout Bristol

Regardless of where you live in Bristol, whether you live in the dizzying heights of the Clifton area in Bristol, or perhaps you live in Aztec West we can come out and offer you a free quote.

An FAQ for garden offices with toilets

We answer commonly asked questions regarding garden offices with a toilet

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