We answer some frequently asked questions relating to our garden offices



When we get calls from our clients every week, the vast majority of our customers would like a garden office constructed.

In our opinion, this is the most common reason people would like a garden building constructed.

As we all know theres been a significant increase in the number of people working from home in recent years, so often many Bristol residents need quality garden buildings built so that they have somewhere to work comfortably whilst at home.

Would a garden office be comfortable to work in?

How can we regulate the temperature?

When you walk into a steel shipping container or, let’s say, a wooden garden shed on a hot summer day, it can feel boiling inside, right?

The heat can be considerable and perhaps even unbearable. Now, when you consider that a garden room will often have a black rubber roof, this can attract the sun’s rays, and the heat can become trapped within the building.

Therefore, the building can become unbearably hot unless you have a way to regulate the temperature.

This is what often separates cheap, low-quality, low-cost summerhouses from high-quality buildings which are built with ample insulation installed. We can install a small conditioning unit and add multiple electric heaters as well. Therefore our garden offices can be used all year around and in any weather.

How long does a garden office last for?

This depends on your options you select, yet our garden room company our ever installs premium-quality building items such as double-glazed aluminium bi-folding doors. Therefore each aspect of our buildings are guaranteed for different period of times.

When we come out and chat with you, we can tell you how long the windows are guaranteed for, how long the roof is guaranteed for, and other aspects of the building are guaranteed for.

Will a garden office add value to my home?

When a potential buyer of your home walks into a garden room built by us, they will see it’s a very well-constructed garden office, they may want to work the building themselves Monday through to Friday.

Will we need to seek planning permission to have a garden office constructed?

This will depend on many factors, such as the size of the building that’s being constructed, how close it is to your neighbours house, and other aspects of its design.

What we will need to do is come out and have a look and see whether or not you require planning permission.

However, with that said, we would say that the vast majority of the garden buildings that we construct, don’t need planning permission.

However, sometimes, planning does need to be sought, and if this is the case, you might have to wait several months before planning permission is granted from the council.

Do you have any experience building many garden offices?

We most certainly do; we have built many garden offices. Some of these can be built with a toilet so that you have the added convenience of having a lavatory within the building if you would like this installed into your garden office.

How secure are these buildings?

These buildings can be secure because they can have double-glazed bi-folding doors fitted, with a good-quality locking mechanism installed.

Quality locks can also be added to the windows as well. For an additional price, we could install a CCTV system as well.


How much does a garden office cost?

Prices do vary. We offer a starting price for a garden office pod of just £18,000. The average typical price of a garden office that we build is around £25,000. The higher-end garden rooms are much larger, can come complete with a bathroom and a toilet; these are around £40,000.

We have a full-time sales staff who can come and chat with you within the Bristol area and answer any questions you might have.

To arrange for a free estimate, please call us today.



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