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Many homeowners here in Great Britain are having garden buildings constructed by our construction company. These garden buildings are not just to being used as a place of work or to exercise but where they can enjoy watching a film. Whether that’s one of the latest Marvel movies, or perhaps you prefer a romantic comedy, many people have a garden building constructed by us to be used as a garden cinema room.


Garden Cinema Rooms

We can install within building soundproofing, this can be placed in the walls, ceilings, and floor soundproofing. This means that you can watch your favourite films are as loud as you would like.

Then, our electricians can wire in all of the surround sound speaker system, including the subwoofers, the projectors, and all of the power points you will need.

Often, the projecter is mounted onto the ceiling and then projected onto a plasterboard wall. We can install the projector for you.


How can we control how much sunlight comes through the bi-folding doors?

If you’re watching a film, the last thing you want is to be squinting while trying to watch the film because the sunlight is too bright.
You may well be struggling to watch the the movie because you can’t see it because the sun light is so bright. Therefore, We can install bi-folding doors within the actual glass panels that can be quality blinds which you can adjust, to control how much light enters the building. It can be controlled by a remote or by manually turning a stick to rotate the blinds. Therefore, you can control how much light enters the cinema room whilst your watching a movie.


Are you able to take care of installing all of the electrics within the garden building?

The electrics will need to be installed within the cinema room, and often, a deep trench must be dug in the garden, in order to lay the armoured cable. What’s important is that whichever British garden building company you hire to construct your cinema room, that they use a qualified electrician to do this work.

We always use qualified electricians

Our qualified electricians can take care of everything from installing LED spotlights to the strip lights made of LED that can change colour when you click a remote button.
Our electricians also install the electric underfloor heating, the electric radiators, the electric power sockets, and all of the speakers.


Are you able to organise for us that we gain the the planning permission needed to construct our garden room?

Whether we are building a cinema room in Bath, England, or the building is being constructed in somewhere in Bristol, there are different local councils where we will need to apply to gain planning permission.

Some of the rooms we build do not require any planning permission at all. However, when we chat with you, we understand the size of the garden building being built, we can, therefore, offer an opinion on whether planning permission is likely to be needed or not for your garden room.


If planning permission is needed, our architects can apply for planning permission for you

If planning permission is needed from the city of Bath County Council or Bristol Council, we have a full-time architect who can apply for planning permission for you- helping you to save a lot of time.

Our architects can therefore create all of the CAD drawings that are needed, and the notes needed to be sent to the local council. We can, therefore, take care of all the paperwork needed for you to obtain planning permission for your new cinema room.


We can build a cinema room as large as you would like

We have worked in some truly massive gardens within Bath and some massive gardens in Bristol also. This allows the homeowner to construct a garden building as large as they would like, thats as long as they can gain planning permission for the building.

Therefore, you can build a cinema room and design and build it the way you like.
For example, you could have a kitchen area built within the building, another side room could be added that could be used as a bathroom.

There could be a totally separate room with its own separate entrance that is used for an entirely different purpose, such as doing yoga in the mornings.

How secure are these buildings? Can they be locked up at night?

When you consider that within a garden cinema room, there will be top-quality speakers made by well-known brands such as Samsung, you will want to have good-quality locks installed on your garden room.

Therefore, we can install quality locks on the bi-folding doors and window.

Our electricians to also install CCTV right around the building if you would like this added to your garden room.

Depending on what brand of CCTV you would like, you can get mobile alerts on your phone if somebody approaches your garden building, say when you are on holiday.


Are your home cinemas warm enough to use in winter?

We want to use our cinema room 365 days a year.

How warm are these buildings during the winter months?


When you see our builders working in your garden, they will often be cutting the insulation with a handsaw. We use thick our insulation, that’s really thick panel installation when we are building our garden rooms.

The insulation we use, looks a bit like a giant sandwich; it has two reflective outer coatings and a dense foam centre. It’s superb at keeping the cold air out and the warm air in during and the winter.

Now, this insulation can be pretty expensive; depending on the thickness, so some garden room companies might use it sparingly.

However, our company is different, and we cram this insulation into the walls between structural timbers, we put it into the floor between the wooden joists and put it into the roof between the roof timbers. This means that all around the rooms we build are fully insulated, making it simple to keep warm.


Are you thinking of a garden building or a cinema room in Bath or Bristol?

Then do contact us, we’ve been building garden buildings, including garden bars and cinema rooms, for many years. We also produce 3-D drawings so you can know what your cinema room will look like in your garden before its constructed. With prices starting from as low as £18,000, we are the garden company to call in the South-West of England.



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