We build luxury garden bars right across South-West England.



From Exeter right through to Bristol, our builders are busy-bees throughout the year building luxurious garden bars for our customers. In this article, we will explain why so many homeowners call us each week, to ask our construction company build a garden bar for them.

Great place to socialise
When you have a party with friends or family over coming over, some people like to have the gathering in a garden, or within their garden room. Therefore, you can enjoy the sunshine with your friends and family and make the most of the good summer weather. Your garden bar can therefore be a great places to socialise and enjoy a drink or two with friends.



Our garden bars can be used right throughout the entire year

The description of the “Summerhouse” does infer that you can only use the building during warmer weather.
However, we are building so many insulated garden buildings throughout South-West England that can be used throughout the entire year.

Our construction company predominantly builds garden rooms in Bath, Exeter, and Bristol. We normally have a full order book throughout the year simply because our buildings are so well insulated and come with a long guarantee period.
Our garden buildings can be used 365-days a year

So whether it’s Christmas Day, and you may want a Christmas party in the room, or its the peak of summer in July, you can throw a party and use your garden bar as place to enjoy time with your friends.

Plus, if it gets chilly outside, you can turn on the heating system, and the room will be nice and warm in a short period of time.

Our garden rooms, which we build in South West England, are often used as multipurpose spaces. These garden rooms can be helpful for a wide range of purposes, from exercising to simply reading a book and enjoying a glass of wine.

What’s great about having a garden building constructed is that you will potentially have a large building constructed in your garden that can be used for many different purposes.

For example, it could span the entire width of your garden- so could be used as a bar, to play pool, or somewhere where you can workout during the entire year.



Pool/snooker room

Many people like to play pool or snooker; so if you have a large garden room built, it can become a place where you can go and enjoy playing a pool game, perhaps on a summer evening.


Can you offer us a brochure or a price list?

Our sales staff can send to you a PDF sales brochure, which explains more about the luxury garden buildings we construct in England.

Additionally, we have sales staff who can come out five days a week in person and meet you within your garden, to offer advice and often provide you with a quote on the spot if it’s a more simple construction.

If the customer wants a more complicated build, such as a garden room, that has a “living roof”, a roof on which we can grow plants or, the customer wants a large bathroom fitted, we might need to return to the office and calculate the cost.
We will always aim to get a quote back as soon as possible after we meet you, we often send out a detailed breakdown of our estimate within 48 hours.


Do you only build garden buildings within Bristol?

You might have seen our construction company a lot of work around Bristol. However, we don’t just build garden rooms in the city of Bristol. We have a large team of staff, ranging from qualified electricians to architects, which means our construction company is able to build any type of garden buildings throughout the entire Southwest of England. So we can see the garden rooms building as far as Exeter and right through Bristol.


Can you arrange for us to obtain planning permission for our garden bar?

The vast majority of garden bars that we construct—often these buildings—can be constructed straight away and are what is called permitted development.

Often, we do not, therefore, need to gain planning permission from the local council to build our garden rooms.
However, with that said, some of the garden buildings we construct do require planning permission.

When we come out and offer you a quote, we can then tell straight away whether we think planning permission is needed or not.

Now, it’s worth noting that if your garden bar requires planning permission, say from the local council, such as Bristol City Council, you could be waiting over a month for planning permission to be granted sometimes by the council.

You might have to wait even longer sometimes if the council is processing a lot of planning applications at that time.


We are planning on playing loud music in our garden bar. Are you able to soundproof the entire garden bar?

Because the building is a timber construction, soundproofing it completely is often not possible.

However, what is possible is that our builders put soundproofing; into the ceilings, the floor and walls for you.
The brand and quality of the soundproofing you choose will depend on how much sound is contained within the room.
When you combine this with triple glazing, this can further help to include the noise on the windows and the doors. Again, we would say this soundproofing can help to contain the sound within the room, but it doesn’t completely stop some sound from escaping from the garden room.



We want a company that employs qualified electricians to install the electrics. Are you able to do this?

Many of our customers like the fact that they don’t have to manage multiple tradesmen when they are having their garden room built. For example, suppose you hire a different UK garden room company, in that case, you might have to hire a separate painter and decorator, electrician, or groundworks company to install the trench, waste pipe, and water supply.

However, our customers like that we have all these tradespeople, from the plumbers, through to the painters and decorators working for us in-house. So, we can take care of all the work that is needed in-house.

Whether you want the room completely painted and decorated or electrics installed, or all the plumbing work taken care of, we can complete this work for you.

Perhaps you need ground works completed; whether its digging a trench; we can take care of all this work for you within our quote.



Why not obtain a free quotation from us today?

As our construction company expands, we are building more and more luxurious garden bars throughout the United Kingdom. The vast majority of our buildings are built in the Southwest of England. The reason why we are so popular in the Southwest is that we build luxurious buildings with a long guarantee period.


If you would like a quote, then why not call us?

Our company builds luxurious, well-made garden bars in the South-West, England that come with a long guarantee period.





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