Can you build a garden room for us that’s wholly clad using Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) cladding?

Our team, based in the vibrant city of Bristol, is akin to a colony of hard-working bees, diligently crafting garden rooms that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our expertise and dedication ensure that our garden rooms are a testament to quality and craftsmanship, setting us apart from other businesses in the industry.

There’s a rising trend among our customers in Bristol- they’re increasingly requesting garden rooms with Yakisugi cladding. This special, high-quality cladding, created through an ancient technique of wood burning, not only transforms the wood’s appearance but also enhances its durability. The demand for these unique garden rooms is on the up, and we’re here to meet it.

So, as more Bristol residents want a garden room built by a company that can complete them with Shou Sugi Ban, we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post explaining the benefits and why you may want this constructed in your garden.


What is Shou Sugi Ban wood?

Shou Sugi Ban timber has been used for centuries in Japan.

So, in Great Britain, many homeowners have Shou Sugi Ban garden fencing and garden rooms built using this timber. It produces a garden office or room that looks brilliant but is also very different from a garden room with varnished softwood cladding. The burning process paints the wood in a deep, mesmerizing charcoal hue; it’s this captivating appearance that enchants many homeowners. This is also combined with the fact that this is an ancient process used by the Japanese to protect the wood, so no nasty chemicals need to be applied to the wood; you are simply using quality wood and heat to produce this appearance.



How is Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) produced?

We often do not char the wood ourselves; we usually buy the timber that’s been through the Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi process from an expert. The reason is that the outside of the wood needs to be charred perfectly. Overburnt and the wood will be weakened. Not enough heat is applied, and the charring process will not be completed to a level to protect the wood, so we buy our Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi from a supplier. This ensures that we are using the highest quality Shou Sugi Ban wood in our Bristol garden rooms, giving you peace of mind about the durability and appearance of your garden room.


Dates back to the 18th century

So, even though Shou Sugi Ban timber is regularly featured in many interior design magazines, and many Bristol homeowners want to use it for their garden fencing or the outside of their summerhouse, it’s not new. It’s been around since the 18th century and has been used in Japan for a long time.


Does Yakisugi or Shou Sugi Ban strengthen or weaken the wood?

When you see someone applying a large flame to the wood and charring the outside of the wood, many people think the wood is becoming weaker just to achieve that appearance. However, if the process is done right, the wood actually becomes better protected and can, therefore, last longer. The reason is that the process helps to form a protective layer, helping to protect the wood.
However, this is only if the Shou Sugi Ban is done right. Some companies overburn the wood or do not burn it for long enough. This is why you must buy it from a supplier that guarantees the wood will last a specific period.



Another reason so many people, when they have a Bristol garden office or room built by our team, ask us to clad the outside with Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) is that it helps protect the wood from the elements, such as the rain. The wood can, therefore, be weatherproofed.
What we would say is Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) timber can vary greatly, depending on the wood that’s used, plus also how well the heat has been applied to the wood. Therefore, you do need to pick a supplier that guarantees the wood.


When you think of all the wood paint needed for garden fencing and decking, then the varnishes and the oils required to protect the cladding of some garden rooms, this can be a lot of chemicals needed.
Another reason garden room companies, landscape gardeners, and homeowners choose Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) cladding is that the wood is protected from heat. Therefore, layers of chemicals are not added; this is another reason this wood is used, as many homeowners want to move away from using chemicals in their gardens, where possible.

Garden Room Companies Bristol

Our team has built many garden rooms in South West England. These rooms can be used for various purposes, some as garden gyms and cinema rooms, and we have built many garden offices.

For any garden room you would like our builders to build, we can add Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) timber to the outside. Then we can talk to you about how we can make the garden room even more comfortable for you; perhaps you would like air conditioning added, maybe you would like underfloor heating, maybe you would like extra thick insulation to make keeping the room warm very simple.

We offer to build garden rooms with a meagre starting price of 18k. This is why our team is out working all year round, come summer, spring, winter, or autumn, building our garden rooms and garden offices in the city of Bristol. We have full-time sales staff available on the phone to answer any questions you may have.

Plus, we can also arrange a good time for our sales staff to come and meet you in your garden. We can answer any questions you may have, from explaining the hundreds of different cladding options we can offer—metal, wood, and composite—to the different brands of air-conditioning units we can also add to the building.
For a quote, why not contact our team today


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