Do you offer to build garden rooms at an affordable price?


Affordable garden rooms

There are no two ways many us residents of the United Kingdom are feeling the pinch of what is often dubbed “the cost-of-living crisis”.

Everything from a can of beans at the local supermarket through to the cost of heating your home has increased in cost


Affordably priced garden rooms

Therefore, many residents in the UK are considering what to buy and not what to buy right now.
Therefore, many homeowners might have put off those more luxurious items, such as gaining a garden room, for another year. Perhaps the homeowner wanted to convert their attic space, yet they are delaying this as the cost may seem too expensive.

However, we are pleased to say that across Bristol, our order book is filling up with customers wanting quality garden offices.

Here’s why so many are hiring Kingsley to build their garden offices and rooms:

– Low cost cladding options available bringing the build cost down
– Low cost window and door options available bringing the cost down
– Low cost, long life roof options available


Garden rooms from just £18k

Therefore, there are ways to reduce the cost of acquiring a garden office or building a garden room- that’s if you hire us. Some companies do not alter the construction method to bring the cost down.

We are different, we will explain to the customer that we can offer you construction methods, which will help to bring the cost down of building your new garden room. For example, adding UPVC doors and windows, rather than using aluminium framed windows and doors.

The construction methods we use will not sacrifice quality of your garden room, yet often items, such as the doors can be substituted for lower cost options, which help save the customer money.


What is the cheapest method that you can use to build a garden office/garden room?

Ground Screws


Using ground screws rather than the concrete base.

You might think that concrete is relatively cheap to purchase, yet good quality concrete is rather expensive building material if a lot of it is needed.

Not only can concrete be expensive, and a lot of CO2 is used when manufacturing concrete as well, so you do have to consider, are there more eco-friendly products available for when building a new garden room?
Thankfully the answer is yes, and lower cost option than using concrete, and an option that’s better for the environment is to use ground screws.

The reason is ground screws, on much cheaper than using a concrete base, is simply because our ground screw installers can install these in a matter of a few hours with a powerful drill.

This saves time, it also means not one dollop of concrete is ever needed, meaning that we never have to call a concrete delivery company and wheel barrow it into the garden, which can be labour intensive.


Low-cost cladding

Hardwood cladding and certain brands of composite cladding can be very expensive to buy. These look brilliant and are popular, but there’s no two ways about it—they are costly especially to buy certain hardwoods from local timbers merchants.

Therefore, as this article is all about building affordable, low-cost garden rooms, why not consider these two options: opting for steel sheets or softwood cladding?

Softwood cladding requires more maintenance because it is more susceptible to wood rot. Powder-coated steel sheets require much less maintenance. However, many people don’t like the appearance of metal sheets clamped to the outside of the building. Therefore, you might want to opt for Thermowood is made from natural wood.


Expert sales team

We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable sales team.

We can therefore come out and chat with you about how much you are willing to spend, then we can start to build and design your garden room within the budget you have available.


Does your company offer garden room finance?

Although we don’t directly offer finance for our garden rooms, some customers do arrange finance themselves from lenders.


Regardless of how much you pay for garden room the quote will always include the following:

  • Quality insulation
  • Well-built, durable construction
  • Guaranteed to last
  • Double glazed
  • We have a well-built roof
  • Built fast by an expert team of garden room builders


Talk to the garden room experts today

Some companies specialise in building garden gyms, garden offices and garden bars; however, what is great about picking our business is that we can build a garden room for you is we have experience of building all of these.

Therefore if you want a well-built garden room built at an affordable price then do call us.

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