Why a garden office hasn’t just to be a place of work


When you first think of a garden office, you may imagine somewhere where someone is hard at work writing emails, working on Excel spreadsheets, or simply writing a business plan.

However, a garden office can be used for so much more. A garden building allows you to build a fully detached wooden structure, often away from your home. This means that some customers may want to use the room as a music room to play their favourite records. Alternatively, you may want to use part of the room as your place of solace to unwind while reading a good book.
So, why not split your garden office into two parts: a place to unwind and listen to music, perhaps, and a place to work?


Two rooms in one

Many people like to have two rooms within a garden office, one that’s solely used as their place of work, another which is used to unwind, perhaps to play retro arcade games or watch a film.

For a minimal expense, we can build an internal wall, plus a door, so you gain two rooms within your garden office.


Outdoor space

What’s great about hiring Kingsley to build your garden office is that we can completely transform your garden if you would like to hire us for this landscaping work. Often, therefore, customers hire us to build raised decking. The decking boards are either made from composite or softwood. This creates a perfect outdoor seating area—somewhere to enjoy a nice bottle of chilled wine after work, perhaps?

Therefore, we can build the decking and a new pathway leading up to the garden room, enhancing your whole garden.


Keeping fit

Even the most committed gym-goers have days where they say, you know what, I am not going this evening; I fancy a bit of television and chocolate.

The thought of having to drive to a local gym in Bristol on a cold winter’s night can lead many people to say, “I will go tomorrow instead.”

But what about if you have some excellent gym equipment that you like to use, all within your garden office? Therefore, one side of the room could be a dedicated area to improving your fitness. The area could be air-conditioned, so even on a hot summer’s day in glorious Bristol city, you could improve your strength or get fitter on your exercise bike.

Therefore, we can build a garden office, where the internal rooms are constructed to have one side used as an office and the other as a garden gym.


Can be used 365 days of the year

Here in Great Britain, our weather can sometimes change in the blink of an eye. One minute, a nice, warm summer breeze can flow through the garden; the next, a heavy downpour accompanied by gusts of wind.

Our summers can be boiling hot, and our winters are the complete opposite. Now, this is worth bearing in mind when buying a garden room from any company. The reason for that is simple: You want a garden office you can use at any time of year.

You don’t want a garden room that cant be used in the winter months because it too cold. So, when you hire us, we have builders who will hand cut panel insulation, and place this between the timbers in the roof, in the floor, in the side walls.

This type of insulation is very high quality, it helps keep warm air in, cold air out, through having a reflective foil coating and a thick layer of insulating warm.


Good lighting

When you’re working at your desk, some people might work in their garden office for more than 8 hours daily. Somebody is about to start a new business venture in Bristol; they could be working much longer hours.

So, you have to think about how you can reduce eye strain.

One way to do this is to have good lighting and large bi-folding doors, complete with blinds inside the doors. Or you could have a good-quality Velux roof light installed within the roof, allowing light to come down and light up the room.


Are you able to build an eco-friendly garden room?

When you see all the building materials laid out to build a single garden room, you may well be surprised as to how much wood, glass and rubber is used to make the roofs.

This is why its so important that as a construction company, we purchase FSC timber, and that we buy high quality building materials, that last longer, therefore needing to be replaced less.

This is why when many homeowners are on Google looking for “eco-friendly” garden rooms we are often the company that, gets hired.


Here are just some of the ways we can make your garden room more eco-friendly:

– Green living room (great for insects and wildlife)
– Solar panels
– Rain water harvesting
– Composite cladding and decking that’s made from recycled materials


Focal point?

Perhaps your home in the West Country looks out over meadows, trees, or a lovely slow-moving river. What is great about choosing our local garden room company is that our buildings are not flat-pack, so the customer can specify how large the windows are and where they should be placed. You can also have floor-to-ceiling windows that let in a lot of light.


What size garden offices can you build?

We can build huge garden offices that are so compact they fit into the corner of your garden and do not take up much space at all. Our garden offices range in price, with a starting price of 18k. It’s clear why so many people e-mail and call Kingsley daily to get a well-built, brilliant garden room built by our business.


Call our garden room company today

Theres a good reason why so many Bristol residents have already hired us to build their luxury garden rooms. That’s because we work hard to build quality buildings, made to last.

With a starting price of 18k our summerhouses are affordable as well.

Call us today, we can sometimes offer you a quote over the phone.


What makes your company’s summerhouses superior to some other wooden buildings?


Summerhouses in Bristol



Many gardens in Britain don’t get used much during the winter. During the summer, the homeowner might just have a garden bench or, let’s say, a patio and chairs to sit on.

However, what many people now want is a comfortable room, perhaps with a 3-piece sofa, television, and coffee table so that they can spend time in their garden, yet they have the comfort they have while they are sitting in their house. This is why so many residents in Bristol call us to build a bespoke summerhouse so that the homeowner can enjoy spending time in their garden right throughout the different seasons.


Why should we hire you to supply and build our new summerhouse?

We have already built many garden buildings. We are chosen because our buildings are bespoke. We come out and have a conversation with the customer about what they would like to use the building for.

If the room is going to be used as a garden bar, we can build a bar area for the customer. If it is going to be used as a place of work, the customer might want air conditioning, more power sockets, and large bi-folding doors to let more light into the room.


Could you provide some information about your experience in installing foundations for summerhouses?

We offer two main types of foundations for your garden room; these include ground screws, which are the cheaper option. We can also build a solid concrete base, but this will be more expensive simply because concrete is more expensive. For the vast majority of garden bars, garden offices, and garden gyms we build, usually, the customer will opt to have the foundations made from ground screws.

The price difference between having ground screws and having a concrete base is vast; this is why the customer often opts for ground screws. They provide a solid base when installed correctly. Therefore, the customer receives a strong foundation for the garden room to be built, yet this can be obtained for a fraction of the price of concrete.

Are you able to install all of the electrics for us?

Yes, we can install the electrics for you, from LED lights in the decking to dimmer switches and power sockets in the garden room.
Can you build a low-maintenance summerhouse?

Yes, we can; we understand that the customer might be a busy professional; therefore, during the summer, they won’t have the time to apply varnish or oil to the outside of the building. Thus, when our sales representative comes and meets with you, we can offer recommendations for different types of low-maintenance cladding. We can provide steel cladding, or we would highly recommend getting composite cladding. This type of cladding comes in a massive range of colours and can even look similar to wood, but the best part is it doesn’t need painting.


How large can the building be?

We can build the garden building to any size the customer would like, including any width and any length.

We can also build the garden room in any shape you like. For example, you might want a square, rectangular, or perhaps even circular garden building.

What’s the starting price for a new summerhouse?

The starting price for our garden rooms is just 18k. At this moment, we do not offer finance on our summerhouses.

Can we add a green roof?

Yes, we can. We can offer a quote to build a green roof on top of your garden room. This can look amazing in the summer. You could grow different plants, which is great for wildlife and insects.


Can we use solar panels?

Many customers are concerned about the running costs of getting a new garden room built. Mostly, the concerns are about the increase in electricity that the building will use. Therefore, to offset some of this use, we could install solar panels and an inverter. We have qualified electricians who can do this work for you.

What type of doors can we have fitted to our summerhouse?

We can fit bi-folding aluminium doors, which are the most popular type. These are premium options, and we think they are the best. If the customer wants to spend less, we can offer UPVC doors and windows.

Can you build a patio/decking in front of the building?

Yes, we can. We can build a patio made from a range of different stones or decking made from softwood or composite.


Why not call our sales team today?

If you are thinking of getting a wooden summerhouse built in either of the cities of Bath or perhaps in Bristol, then do give us a call today. We can come out and meet you and offer you a free quotation. We build garden bars, offices, and gyms; if you would like a quote, call us today.

Did you know that we exclusively build garden buildings in Bath, England?



Our company, based in Bristol, is renowned for crafting quality insulated garden buildings. What many may not realise is that we also serve Bath, constructing a variety of garden rooms each year. We believe it’s important to share why so many Bath residents choose us for their garden structures, whether it’s a gin bar or an insulated corner garden office.


Why is your company so popular when it comes to building garden rooms?

The main reason for our popularity is our long-standing presence. We haven’t just appeared overnight and started advertising on social media that we can build a garden room in your area.

Our buildings are not just structures, they are investments in quality and durability. Unlike mass-produced summerhouses, which are stapled together and then flat-packed and sent to the customer for them to assemble themselves, our buildings are meticulously crafted, insulated, and built to last. And for your peace of mind, we offer a long-guaranteed period on our buildings.


So, what type of garden buildings can you build?

Our garden rooms are used for a massive range of different purposes, from a place where a company director can sit and complete some work for their business to a room that’s a dedicated vodka bar.

Whether our garden buildings are going to be used as a place of work or somewhere to unwind after a super busy day, every building that we construct is very well built. We employ experienced carpenters, electricians, and joiners. This means that your garden room hasn’t just got to be an empty room with freshly plastered walls.

Instead, our construction company can install a bathroom or a kitchen, install the flooring, and bring in painters and decorators to decorate the room for you.


What is the starting price of a garden office/room to be built in Bath, West England?

Our construction company’s starting price for building an insulated garden office or room is 18k. We can then offer many extras if you want those installed in your garden room. For example, we offer air-conditioning, solar panels, or composite decking to be built out the front of your garden room.


We want a garden room built, but can it be used in the winter when it’s really cold?

Some people have a common misconception when purchasing a summerhouse: it can only be used during warmer weather. This is true for some buildings if they are not correctly insulated.

Some garden buildings are wooden sheds with OSB boarding and no insulation. This is no good, as here in Britain, as we all know, our winters can get mighty cold. So, you will need insulation, not just on the side walls but also on the roof and the flooring. So, when you hire Kingsley, you will hire a construction company that will ensure that we add insulation throughout your garden building.

This means that whether you want to use the building on a nice warm sunny day in July or you want to use the building in December, our buildings can be used even if it is cold outside. Plus, because we employ electricians, our electricians can install the electric radiators for you. What’s great about this is that our customers in North Somerset really like that we supply a brand of electric radiator that can be switched on remotely from your smartphone.

So, let’s say you’re meeting with friends in Bath city centre and ask your partner if you’d like a drink in the garden room when you return.

Then, remotely from your smartphone, whether it’s Android or Apple, you can simply switch the heating on. By the time you get back home, the garden room will be nice and warm, ready for you to enjoy that bottle of wine back at the house.


Has your summerhouse/garden room company built many wooden buildings in North Somerset?

We most definitely have; we have built many garden rooms right across North Somerset. Most of the buildings we construct monthly are used as a place of work. More people than ever are now working from home; therefore, these customers want a well-insulated, well-built room that they can use throughout the year. Because our buildings come crammed with so much insulation, such as panel insulation, this insulation helps to keep the building cooler in the summer and keep the warm air in during the winter.


How do we arrange to obtain a quote?

We have estimators working six days a week offering quotes across North Somerset. So, we can come out and offer you a quote, and a time that best suits you.

Call us today, and we can arrange a time to come and offer you a free quote.


Garden Room Bar | We build garden bars / Gin bars across South West


Bespoke Garden Room Bars

Would you like a garden room bar/gin garden bar built this summer, 2024?



Perhaps you would like a garden building created that looks like an authentic English pub when you walk inside. Your garden bar, therefore, has a dart board, English ales on draft and also comfy Chesterfield sofas.

Instead, you might enjoy drinking luxurious British made gin’s or vodka and want to dedicate the whole room to these quality spirits?

Therefore, you might have a luxury bar built by Kingsley Build so that you have hundreds of bottles of gin.

Therefore, these buildings make great places to socialise and have your family and friends over to throw a party.

We can install a quality sound system, which can be integrated into the ceiling so that you can play your favourite music late into a summers evening.

Our builders can build an outdoor seating area with glass balustrades raised from the garden level could also be created, offering a place to enjoy a refreshing drink.


Can we use this garden bar / garden room right throughout the year? Will it be fully insulated?

It can sometimes seem that our summers are all over, and done and dusted in the blink of an eye and that we are back to wet and cold British weather.

Therefore, homeowners want the reassurance that when they purchase a garden bar from Kingsley, it can be used during the autumn and the winter months as well, so that you are not just purchasing a building that can only be used for a few months a year.

Our garden buildings can be used all year around



So if it’s cold and drizzling outside in the middle of winter, you only have to walk into a Kingsley-built garden room and it will be nice and warm inside once the heating has been switche don. Because we use quality insulation (we can use panel insulation, fibreglass or sheep’s wool insulation), you can therefore pop on the heating inside, and in a short period, your garden bar will start to warm up and be nice and cosy inside.


What are the main benefits of purchasing a garden bar?

Most rooms within people’s houses serve a practical purpose, such as being a kitchen, a bedroom or a living room. However, purchasing a garden bar can become your place to unwind; you can fill it with the things you enjoy, perhaps a jukebox with Elvis Presley songs on? Perhaps someone to enjoy drinking whiskey, perhaps somewhere to paint an oil painting? So you keep your canvasses in there?


Do you enjoy playing snooker?

You may want to have a full-size snooker table fitted within your garden room? We can build a garden room large enough for you to play snooker in.



Perhaps you like to watch films, then we can build a cinema garden room for you.

Pool table/garden room

Many people have garden rooms so that they can have a full-size pool table installed within the building.

Then you can listen to your favourite music while playing pool with your friends.



Can you build an area outside the garden bar that can be used as a seating area?

We have built a huge amount of composite decking, infront of garden rooms.

So we can build large area infront of your garden bar that can be used as seating area, great for enjoying wine with friends during the summer.

The decking could have glass balustrades surround the composite decking, and it could have composite steps leading up to the decking.


Are the garden bars you build bespoke?

When a customer, let’s say in Bath, England, wants to have a garden bar built, it might be very different from the design the next customer wants built. Every week, our builders are therefore building, very different garden rooms. Some are huge buildings, with multiple rooms inside, however some garden buildings we build, are used as places to work in, and sometimes are small buildings.


We can build any size of garden room

One customer might want a small room built the corner of the garden; this might be used as a place to go down and have a pint of English ale and perhaps catch up with a friend on the decking.

Another customer might want to push the boat out and have a huge garden bar, a huge area decked with composite decking, we can also build large garden rooms.

Are you able to install the electrics into our garden bar for us?

Sometimes, some customers require a considerable amount of electrics and wiring to be installed in a garden bar; for example, there might be underfloor heating, LED spotlights, speakers, surround sound systems, lighting in a decking, there might be solar panels added to the roof and much more.

Therefore, hiring a separate electrical contractor to do all this work can be quite expensive. However, we can take care of all this work for you, and this work can be included in our quote.

So, for example, when you tell our estimator that you want LED spotlights fitted, surround-sound speakers, and lighting in the decking, they will listen to this and include that in our quotation that we will email to you.


Do you only build garden bars in set sizes? Or can you build a bespoke garden room?

Some garden room companies pre-make the buildings within a factory, for example on an industrial estate in Bristol. Then, they might tell the customer they have four different-sized garden bars to choose from.

So, as a customer, you might be limited to what size garden rooms some companies can offer.

However, our business is completely different. We build bespoke garden bars, meaning that you can specify the exact width and length of the garden room you want built. Our builders also can build any shape garden bar, whether its rectangular, we could even build a circular garden room.

The building is, therefore, 100% bespoke.


Can you take care of all the groundworks for us, such as digging the trenches and building the foundations?

Yes, we can, whether it’s installing the water pipe or waste pipe or perhaps levelling the ground with a mini excavator we can offer to do all of the groundworks. We can undertake all of this work in Bristol for you, and we will include it in our quote.


Our garden room company can therefore, offer to do the following groundworks in Bristol when building a summerhouse:
– Build the foundations
– Dig the trenches for the waste pipe / water supply
– Level the ground and remove any excess soil


Will we need to seek planning permission from Bristol City Council before the garden room is built?

For most of the garden bars we are building around and in Bristol, quite often, the garden buildings will not require planning permission to be sought from Bristol City Council. However, before that assumption is made, you do need to speak to one of our team or a qualified architect to see whether planning permission is needed or not.

We or your chosen architect will advise you whether, in your particular circumstances, planning permission is required or not.

It is sometimes the case that some garden buildings will require planning permission to be granted, and no construction work should start until planning is granted.

If planning permission is needed from say Bath City Council, or Bristol City Council, it can take several months sometimes for this to be obtained so this does need to kept in mind, as if planning is needed, it can mean that your construction company has to wait for planning approval, before they build your new garden bar.



What sort of access is needed to build a garden bar?
Ideally, we would need rear or side access to your garden; normally a side garden gate is usually sufficient for us to bring the building materials into your garden.

In some circumstances, an Victorian property on a terraced street, sometimes there might not be any rear or side access at all.

We would, therefore, need to visit the property to come up with a plan for how we could bring building materials through the house to build your new garden bar. Often, the vast majority of the building can be brought in bits and taken through the building. However this will normally increase the labour costs quite significantly and, therefore, the cost of the bill.

Therefore, we will need to come out and see how we can bring the building materials such as timber, glass, and rubber roofing through the house.