Did you know that we exclusively build garden buildings in Bath, England?



Our company, based in Bristol, is renowned for crafting quality insulated garden buildings. What many may not realise is that we also serve Bath, constructing a variety of garden rooms each year. We believe it’s important to share why so many Bath residents choose us for their garden structures, whether it’s a gin bar or an insulated corner garden office.


Why is your company so popular when it comes to building garden rooms?

The main reason for our popularity is our long-standing presence. We haven’t just appeared overnight and started advertising on social media that we can build a garden room in your area.

Our buildings are not just structures, they are investments in quality and durability. Unlike mass-produced summerhouses, which are stapled together and then flat-packed and sent to the customer for them to assemble themselves, our buildings are meticulously crafted, insulated, and built to last. And for your peace of mind, we offer a long-guaranteed period on our buildings.


So, what type of garden buildings can you build?

Our garden rooms are used for a massive range of different purposes, from a place where a company director can sit and complete some work for their business to a room that’s a dedicated vodka bar.

Whether our garden buildings are going to be used as a place of work or somewhere to unwind after a super busy day, every building that we construct is very well built. We employ experienced carpenters, electricians, and joiners. This means that your garden room hasn’t just got to be an empty room with freshly plastered walls.

Instead, our construction company can install a bathroom or a kitchen, install the flooring, and bring in painters and decorators to decorate the room for you.


What is the starting price of a garden office/room to be built in Bath, West England?

Our construction company’s starting price for building an insulated garden office or room is 18k. We can then offer many extras if you want those installed in your garden room. For example, we offer air-conditioning, solar panels, or composite decking to be built out the front of your garden room.


We want a garden room built, but can it be used in the winter when it’s really cold?

Some people have a common misconception when purchasing a summerhouse: it can only be used during warmer weather. This is true for some buildings if they are not correctly insulated.

Some garden buildings are wooden sheds with OSB boarding and no insulation. This is no good, as here in Britain, as we all know, our winters can get mighty cold. So, you will need insulation, not just on the side walls but also on the roof and the flooring. So, when you hire Kingsley, you will hire a construction company that will ensure that we add insulation throughout your garden building.

This means that whether you want to use the building on a nice warm sunny day in July or you want to use the building in December, our buildings can be used even if it is cold outside. Plus, because we employ electricians, our electricians can install the electric radiators for you. What’s great about this is that our customers in North Somerset really like that we supply a brand of electric radiator that can be switched on remotely from your smartphone.

So, let’s say you’re meeting with friends in Bath city centre and ask your partner if you’d like a drink in the garden room when you return.

Then, remotely from your smartphone, whether it’s Android or Apple, you can simply switch the heating on. By the time you get back home, the garden room will be nice and warm, ready for you to enjoy that bottle of wine back at the house.


Has your summerhouse/garden room company built many wooden buildings in North Somerset?

We most definitely have; we have built many garden rooms right across North Somerset. Most of the buildings we construct monthly are used as a place of work. More people than ever are now working from home; therefore, these customers want a well-insulated, well-built room that they can use throughout the year. Because our buildings come crammed with so much insulation, such as panel insulation, this insulation helps to keep the building cooler in the summer and keep the warm air in during the winter.


How do we arrange to obtain a quote?

We have estimators working six days a week offering quotes across North Somerset. So, we can come out and offer you a quote, and a time that best suits you.

Call us today, and we can arrange a time to come and offer you a free quote.


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