What makes your company’s summerhouses superior to some other wooden buildings?


Summerhouses in Bristol



Many gardens in Britain don’t get used much during the winter. During the summer, the homeowner might just have a garden bench or, let’s say, a patio and chairs to sit on.

However, what many people now want is a comfortable room, perhaps with a 3-piece sofa, television, and coffee table so that they can spend time in their garden, yet they have the comfort they have while they are sitting in their house. This is why so many residents in Bristol call us to build a bespoke summerhouse so that the homeowner can enjoy spending time in their garden right throughout the different seasons.


Why should we hire you to supply and build our new summerhouse?

We have already built many garden buildings. We are chosen because our buildings are bespoke. We come out and have a conversation with the customer about what they would like to use the building for.

If the room is going to be used as a garden bar, we can build a bar area for the customer. If it is going to be used as a place of work, the customer might want air conditioning, more power sockets, and large bi-folding doors to let more light into the room.


Could you provide some information about your experience in installing foundations for summerhouses?

We offer two main types of foundations for your garden room; these include ground screws, which are the cheaper option. We can also build a solid concrete base, but this will be more expensive simply because concrete is more expensive. For the vast majority of garden bars, garden offices, and garden gyms we build, usually, the customer will opt to have the foundations made from ground screws.

The price difference between having ground screws and having a concrete base is vast; this is why the customer often opts for ground screws. They provide a solid base when installed correctly. Therefore, the customer receives a strong foundation for the garden room to be built, yet this can be obtained for a fraction of the price of concrete.

Are you able to install all of the electrics for us?

Yes, we can install the electrics for you, from LED lights in the decking to dimmer switches and power sockets in the garden room.
Can you build a low-maintenance summerhouse?

Yes, we can; we understand that the customer might be a busy professional; therefore, during the summer, they won’t have the time to apply varnish or oil to the outside of the building. Thus, when our sales representative comes and meets with you, we can offer recommendations for different types of low-maintenance cladding. We can provide steel cladding, or we would highly recommend getting composite cladding. This type of cladding comes in a massive range of colours and can even look similar to wood, but the best part is it doesn’t need painting.


How large can the building be?

We can build the garden building to any size the customer would like, including any width and any length.

We can also build the garden room in any shape you like. For example, you might want a square, rectangular, or perhaps even circular garden building.

What’s the starting price for a new summerhouse?

The starting price for our garden rooms is just 18k. At this moment, we do not offer finance on our summerhouses.

Can we add a green roof?

Yes, we can. We can offer a quote to build a green roof on top of your garden room. This can look amazing in the summer. You could grow different plants, which is great for wildlife and insects.


Can we use solar panels?

Many customers are concerned about the running costs of getting a new garden room built. Mostly, the concerns are about the increase in electricity that the building will use. Therefore, to offset some of this use, we could install solar panels and an inverter. We have qualified electricians who can do this work for you.

What type of doors can we have fitted to our summerhouse?

We can fit bi-folding aluminium doors, which are the most popular type. These are premium options, and we think they are the best. If the customer wants to spend less, we can offer UPVC doors and windows.

Can you build a patio/decking in front of the building?

Yes, we can. We can build a patio made from a range of different stones or decking made from softwood or composite.


Why not call our sales team today?

If you are thinking of getting a wooden summerhouse built in either of the cities of Bath or perhaps in Bristol, then do give us a call today. We can come out and meet you and offer you a free quotation. We build garden bars, offices, and gyms; if you would like a quote, call us today.

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