Why a garden office hasn’t just to be a place of work


When you first think of a garden office, you may imagine somewhere where someone is hard at work writing emails, working on Excel spreadsheets, or simply writing a business plan.

However, a garden office can be used for so much more. A garden building allows you to build a fully detached wooden structure, often away from your home. This means that some customers may want to use the room as a music room to play their favourite records. Alternatively, you may want to use part of the room as your place of solace to unwind while reading a good book.
So, why not split your garden office into two parts: a place to unwind and listen to music, perhaps, and a place to work?


Two rooms in one

Many people like to have two rooms within a garden office, one that’s solely used as their place of work, another which is used to unwind, perhaps to play retro arcade games or watch a film.

For a minimal expense, we can build an internal wall, plus a door, so you gain two rooms within your garden office.


Outdoor space

What’s great about hiring Kingsley to build your garden office is that we can completely transform your garden if you would like to hire us for this landscaping work. Often, therefore, customers hire us to build raised decking. The decking boards are either made from composite or softwood. This creates a perfect outdoor seating area—somewhere to enjoy a nice bottle of chilled wine after work, perhaps?

Therefore, we can build the decking and a new pathway leading up to the garden room, enhancing your whole garden.


Keeping fit

Even the most committed gym-goers have days where they say, you know what, I am not going this evening; I fancy a bit of television and chocolate.

The thought of having to drive to a local gym in Bristol on a cold winter’s night can lead many people to say, “I will go tomorrow instead.”

But what about if you have some excellent gym equipment that you like to use, all within your garden office? Therefore, one side of the room could be a dedicated area to improving your fitness. The area could be air-conditioned, so even on a hot summer’s day in glorious Bristol city, you could improve your strength or get fitter on your exercise bike.

Therefore, we can build a garden office, where the internal rooms are constructed to have one side used as an office and the other as a garden gym.


Can be used 365 days of the year

Here in Great Britain, our weather can sometimes change in the blink of an eye. One minute, a nice, warm summer breeze can flow through the garden; the next, a heavy downpour accompanied by gusts of wind.

Our summers can be boiling hot, and our winters are the complete opposite. Now, this is worth bearing in mind when buying a garden room from any company. The reason for that is simple: You want a garden office you can use at any time of year.

You don’t want a garden room that cant be used in the winter months because it too cold. So, when you hire us, we have builders who will hand cut panel insulation, and place this between the timbers in the roof, in the floor, in the side walls.

This type of insulation is very high quality, it helps keep warm air in, cold air out, through having a reflective foil coating and a thick layer of insulating warm.


Good lighting

When you’re working at your desk, some people might work in their garden office for more than 8 hours daily. Somebody is about to start a new business venture in Bristol; they could be working much longer hours.

So, you have to think about how you can reduce eye strain.

One way to do this is to have good lighting and large bi-folding doors, complete with blinds inside the doors. Or you could have a good-quality Velux roof light installed within the roof, allowing light to come down and light up the room.


Are you able to build an eco-friendly garden room?

When you see all the building materials laid out to build a single garden room, you may well be surprised as to how much wood, glass and rubber is used to make the roofs.

This is why its so important that as a construction company, we purchase FSC timber, and that we buy high quality building materials, that last longer, therefore needing to be replaced less.

This is why when many homeowners are on Google looking for “eco-friendly” garden rooms we are often the company that, gets hired.


Here are just some of the ways we can make your garden room more eco-friendly:

– Green living room (great for insects and wildlife)
– Solar panels
– Rain water harvesting
– Composite cladding and decking that’s made from recycled materials


Focal point?

Perhaps your home in the West Country looks out over meadows, trees, or a lovely slow-moving river. What is great about choosing our local garden room company is that our buildings are not flat-pack, so the customer can specify how large the windows are and where they should be placed. You can also have floor-to-ceiling windows that let in a lot of light.


What size garden offices can you build?

We can build huge garden offices that are so compact they fit into the corner of your garden and do not take up much space at all. Our garden offices range in price, with a starting price of 18k. It’s clear why so many people e-mail and call Kingsley daily to get a well-built, brilliant garden room built by our business.


Call our garden room company today

Theres a good reason why so many Bristol residents have already hired us to build their luxury garden rooms. That’s because we work hard to build quality buildings, made to last.

With a starting price of 18k our summerhouses are affordable as well.

Call us today, we can sometimes offer you a quote over the phone.


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