A place to unwind

A cinema room

Do you enjoy watching movies? Whatever is your favourite, action, romance or comedies, you may enjoy them more if you owned a cinema room. Why not have a garden building built, that you can use as your own cinema?

Do you play a musical instrument

Perhaps you play the saxophone, drums or perhaps the guitar, and you enjoy playing your musical instrument very much, its just, the rest of the family may not want to hear you playing the drums as they sit down to watch television. So why not have a garden building built, that’s sound proofed and away from the house? So, you can play your musical instruments when you want.

A room to enjoy a bottle of wine?

What do you enjoy drinking? Whether its gin, an fine quality whiskey or perhaps its craft beer that really floats your boat, why not have a garden room built, that’s your very own pub.

A room to unwind in on after work or on weekends


A lot of us have busy jobs, so often we need a room to unwind within, whether its to have a look through our favourite magazines, to enjoy a bottle of wine, or simply to play a musical instrument.

A garden room can offer a place to unwind, a room where we can enjoy a hobby, whether that be completing a puzzle, painting an oil painting or putting together Lego, a garden building offers us a room to simply rest.

Perhaps your home in Bristol is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes? Whether that’s a fast flowing river, forests or perhaps fields as far as the eye can see. What better place, to put a comfortable sofa, to have a huge aluminium window fitted, so you can look out, and simply admire the view.


  • Enjoy a bottle of wine

    For some homeowners, after a busy day at work, we just want to come home and enjoy a nice bottle of wine. What better a place than your own garden room, where you can read a magazine, and also look out of window over your garden.

  • Read a good book

    What do you enjoy reading? A comedy, a autobiography or perhaps romantic novel? Whatever you enjoy reading, often a book is best enjoyed in a quiet space, with good natural light, why not have a Bristol garden building built, complete with skylight, so you can have natural light beaming through the skylight, and at night, simply admire the stars in the nights sky?

  • Dine

    Sometimes its nice to just eat in your garden room, to take your dinner into the garden room, and dine, it’s a bit like being in a restaurant.

Watch the football

Do you support a football team? Well, why not have a Bristol garden room built, with large televisions, surround sound, and use the room to watch the football. You could put football shirts on the wall, and have a bar, where you could pull a pint using beer pumps.

Then when your friends come around to watch the game, you can enjoy a cold beer, and watch the game.

You may even want to add a projector within your garden room, so you can watch the football, rugby or lets say the boxing when its projected onto a wall.


Perhaps you like to complete puzzles, collect fine wines, or simply play a musical instrument, a garden room can be a great place to enjoy your hobbies.

We can also offer to add sound proofing to the walls, to help to reduce some of the noise that comes out of the room.

So for example, you may enjoy playing the drums, while listening to rock and roll music, a garden room could therefore be used to play your musical instrument.

On the other hand you may enjoy a hobby where it takes some time to complete, such as an oil painting. You may wish to paint the cranes in Bristol docklands, and therefore need a room where you can complete your painting.

Do you enjoy reading a good book?

Whether it’s the daily newspapers, an autobiography or simply a magazine, you may want a place where you can go and read.

A garden room can be a quiet place where you can go and enjoy reading a book.

If you live near a busy road in Bristol, then our builders can add sound proofing into the walls, to help reduce some of the noise from outside, so you have a quieter place to read your book.