Garden Offices Bristol

A home office

Whether you work for a business, or you might be a business owner yourself, often a quiet place is needed to get your work done. Whether it’s writing a simple e-mail, creating an excel spreadsheet, or simply taking a work call, often you want a dedicated room for work, a garden office can offer you this.


City of Bristol


We have built many garden offices in the city of Bristol, prices range between £17k and £70k+, for a no obligation quote, why not give us a ring?  

Competitive prices

We have already built many garden offices in the city of Bristol; we can also build two rooms if you wish to use the building for different uses. For example, you may want one half to be used as a home office and the other as a gym?

Garden Offices

Perhaps you work for a company that would now like you to work from home more often, alternatively you might be starting your own business venture within the city of Bristol, in either case, you will want a place where you can get your work done in a room that’s quiet.

If you’re a business owner in the city of Bristol, you may not want to rent office space say in Aztec West, and be held to a rental agreement.

You may also want to avoid being struck in traffic ques at peak time within Bristol, so you may have made the decision that you want to work from home, and in the comfort of a well made garden room.

There are quite literally hundreds of businesses that can make a garden office, however there’s one name that’s always building luxury summerhouses and garden rooms throughout Bristol, and to a very high standard, and that’s Kingsley.

Kingsley builds high quality garden rooms, whether they are used as a gin bar, somewhere to enjoy playing the piano, or simply as a quiet place where you can work.

If you’re therefore looking for “garden rooms companies in Bristol”- well, why look any further than us, we build quality garden buildings, we have many satisfied customers, we also charge very competitive prices.

If you would like a totally free and also no obligation quote, then why not call us today?

  • Bristol summerhouses and garden offices / rooms

    Whether you want a garden room built to use as a gym, place to play the drums, or as a place to run your company from, why not call Kingsley today

  • Quality garden builders

    We build our garden buildings to a very high standard, we use quality building materials, from the bi-folding doors that roll across with ease, to the hardwood flooring we can supply, right through to the robust, well-built roof, Kingsley builds quality garden rooms every single time

  • Competitively priced

    Our garden offices are offered at very competitive prices, yet, what makes us different from some other garden room companies, is that we are committed to quality, whether it’s the well made doors, the roof, the exterior walls, the insulation, the electrics, the bathrooms we supply, we want every part of the building to be focused on offering our customers in the city of Bristol quality

  • Want a garden room built in Bristol?

    We build garden offices, bars and gyms in Bristol, we also offer free quotes, so why not call us? We can meet you at a time that is best for you, and we can sometimes provide you a free quote there and then. If you want a quality Bristol garden room built, then why not call us?

Garden offices

We build insulated garden offices, which can be used no right throughout the entire year.

We can add air conditioning for you, so even on those rather hot summers days, you can simply work in comfort in your garden office in the city of Bristol.

For the winter time, even though everything might be covered in a thick blanket of snow, you can simply switch on your quality electric heaters, which will in a short amount of time start to warm the building for you.

Because we use such high quality bi-folding doors, made by well-known brands, this will mean the doors will be double glazed, helping you to keep that warm air in the building.

Our garden offices, that we build in the city of Bristol can be offered at a starting prices of 17k, so our garden rooms are priced less than you might expect

City of Bristol

Many people in Bristol now work from home, and need a room where they can work throughout the day that’s quiet.

If your garden is near a busy road in Bristol, then we can also offer to add sound proofing, which can reduce some of the noise entering the room. This can help to create a quiet room, where you can take your work calls.

We build our Bristol garden offices quickly, due to the size of our team, we have qualified electricians, carpenters as well as roofers, which all build our garden rooms to a really high standard.

With prices starting from just 17k, why not give us a ring, and we can offer you a free quote

We build our garden offices quickly in Bristol

We have a large team, from the builders that lay the foundations, or install the ground screws, through to our roofers that build the rubber roofs, through to our electricians helping to install the heaters, sockets and lights, we also have painters and decorators, plumbers, plasterers, and also have managers, who make sure we try our best to keep to timescales.

This means, due to the size of our team, we can build a Bristol garden office in a short period of time.

So if you need an extra room, to use as an office, why not call us. With prices starting from just 17k we can build a garden room at a competitive price for you.