Luxury garden rooms Bath

We simply build luxury garden rooms in Bath, South West England. We use high quality timber and also very highly experienced carpenters. We build luxury garden rooms in Bath England.

Garden offices Bath

Many residents within Bath work from home and therefore they purchase a top quality garden office that is built by Kingsley. We are able to build any sized garden office in the South-West of England.

Timber buildings

We can build timber buildings anywhere within The South-West of England, this includes Bath and also Bristol. We mostly build wooden summerhouses, log cabins and also garden rooms.

We build luxurious garden rooms

Garden rooms can be used for multiple different purposes, for example perhaps you would like to create a space that you can work from? We also build garden rooms which have been used as home bars, that’s to say the homeowner has created the space to socialise and to even have a bar that has a draft beer!

Other common purposes are to create a space to relax and read a book, or to use as a home gym.

Yoga has become very popular, therefore often a homeowner wants to create a space where they can relax after a busy day at work and in a garden room that is built for this purpose is perfect.

Quality garden rooms in Bath England

We have built garden rooms right throughout The South-West, and so many homeowners in Bath hire us because we can offer you so many different options.

For example, you might have a really clear idea of how you would like your Bath garden room to look, for example you may know that you want hardwood cladding, you may know the colour of the aluminium bi-folding doors that you want.

You may also know the exact width and the exact length of the garden room that you want us to build. Our carpenters in this case can get work on building your perfect garden room in Bath England.

Alternatively, you may not know how you would like your garden room to be built, and you would like us to offer some different design options?

Our designer and estimator can offer you different options, for example you might opt for large aluminium bi-folding doors, or instead you might want to our carpenters to build French doors for you?

We can also offer you many different roofing options, we can also offer to install decking to the front of your garden room.

So, you can see when you hire us as the company to build your Bath summerhouse or your log cabin or your garden room, that we can offer you many different options.



  • Luxury summerhouses and garden rooms Bath

    We build luxury summerhouses and garden rooms

  • Bath England

    We can build summerhouses and also our garden rooms and garden offices in Bath England

  • Summerhouses

    We can build luxury summerhouses

  • Garden rooms

    We can build any sized garden room

We quite simply put build luxury

When a homeowner comes to us they want a top quality garden room built here in the South-West.

They do not therefore want a garden room that has already been made, instead they want a garden room that is tailor-made exactly to their requirements.

For example, they might have read an interior design magazine, seen the perfect garden room, and ask us to build it for them, to the exact width of their garden.

Alternatively, they may have a very clear idea of the different cladding they want, the different roof that they want, how large they want the garden room to be built, and also they may want a different shape garden room, for example they might want it in the shape of an L shape, so that a maximise the use of the space that they may have.

So therefore, our business is able to build luxury and high-quality garden rooms in Bath England.

Our estimator is able to offer you a quote in a short period of time.

Bath England garden offices and garden rooms

Therefore if you want a luxury garden office, for a garden room built, then why not call our business today?

Our estimator can talk you through all the various options, such as the different decking options, the different windows and doors, the different roofing options the different interior finishing and also the different types of timber that we can use.

Therefore, a lot of homeowners in Bath hire us to be their garden room company, simply because we can offer you so many different options.

Garden offices Bath England

More and more people are working from home. However, with that said sometimes it is not possible for the homeowner to have a separate room to be used as an office.

This is why so many homeowners in Bath asking us to build quality garden offices, which are built to a very high standard quality building materials.

Our carpenters can therefore set work on building a luxury garden room, in your garden that can be used as a home office.