Bespoke Garden Rooms


If you know the exact design that you want built, then we are the garden room company in Bristol that can build it for you. We can also create 3D-Drawings to show you what the building will look like, before its built.

Bristol Garden Buildings

Whether you want a timber summerhouse built, so that’s used as a place to go and relax in the summer here in Bristol, or you would like a large garden office built, we are the business that help.


As a company we never offer to supply and build “flat-pack” summerhouses. Instead, every single garden room we build is built to be bespoke, and therefore is constructed not in factory but your garden.

Luxury Garden Buildings

We build our garden buildings throughout the areas of the South West; you may have therefore seen our many company vehicles working in your area. We are a company with a strong reputation for building exceptionally high-quality wooden buildings, which are always bespoke.

This means that every week we are building garden rooms which are used for a wide-range of different uses, ranging from a place to play a musical instrument, such as the drums, through to a place where someone can work throughout the week.

We build a large amount of our garden buildings in the city of Bristol, yet, we also construct our summerhouses across the South West of England.

Many different options

When some companies supply summerhouses, they come in a flat-pack form, meaning they are partially assembled in a factory. This means that sometimes, there’s not many options to pick from, and extras are not offered.

Our company is very different, every single one of our garden rooms is bespoke, this means we can design it how you would like it built in Bristol. For example, you may know exactly how you want the outside to look, in terms of which wooden cladding you want, you know the LED lightening you want, and where to place them, you may also know which decking option you want, we can listen to this, produce 3D Drawings, and once approved, our builders can start to build your new luxury summerhouse for you.



  • Air-Conditioned

    As an optional extra, we can offer air-conditioning.

  • Hardwood flooring

    As an optional extra, you may want hardwood flooring

  • Roof lights

    We can as an optional extra add roof lights

  • Decking

    We can also offer to build composite or wooden decking outside your garden room

We build bespoke garden rooms in Bristol

Our company has worked right across Bristol, from the heights of Clifton, near the famous suspension bridge, through to Fishponds.

We have built many luxury wooden summerhouses, garden offices and rooms. These buildings are sometimes used as a place to enjoy watching a rugby game with friends, through to being used as a place to do yoga or even as home gym.

Ever since covid, more residents in Bristol have now started to work from their home, often, because two partners are working from the house, an extra garden room is needed, so that there’s enough space to work and take work calls. Therefore, we have built many garden offices throughout the different areas of Bristol.

Because we have such a talented workforce, this means we aim to build our garden buildings in a short space of time. We therefore have tradesmen, such as builders, roofers and carpenters, which all complete work to a very high-standard.

This is why if you’re looking for a Bristol garden room business, then why not talk to us, we have our own sales team here at Kingsley. Our staff can therefore gain from you a bit about how you would like the summerhouse built, in terms of dimensions, window and door options, which roof you would like, cladding options and also whether you want it painted and decorated or not, then our staff will be able to put together an estimate for free in a short amount of time.

If you would then like to proceed, what we can do is create a set of 3D Drawings for you, so you can visualise what the new garden room may look like, you may then at that stage give us the go ahead to start building the structure for you.

If you need landscaping work carried out, for example, you might need a mini-excavator used to level the ground, before we build the base, then we can also offer this at an additional charge.

Our company can therefore take care of the design, the landscaping works and the actual build of your new garden building.

3D Drawings

Here at Kingsley we only build bespoke garden rooms, meaning that you have complete control over which cladding you choose, which roof, which windows and doors, which decking and also the size of the garden building.

Because of this, the style of the garden rooms that we build vary massively, with some looking more traditional, with hardwood cladding to front, and some which look a lot more modern, with say a light grey exterior, due to the customer opting for what’s called “composite cladding”.

Here at Kingsley, we therefore offer 3D Drawings, this means that once you’ve met with one of our sales staff, they can then get an idea of the different options you want, then we can give this information to our design team.

Our designers can then come up with 3D Drawings, so that you get a good sense of what the Bristol garden room will look like before its built.

You may therefore opt for say a design that has, light blue composite cladding, matching decking, aluminium windows, and the same colour doors, then a matching colour facia board, and a rubber roof. We can then get this to our designers, who can start to produce 3D drawings for you.

Quality Garden Rooms

We fully appreciate that the term “quality” is rather vague, so let us explain what we mean by this term, when we are using it to describe our garden buildings.

We go to great lengths to make sure that we only use top-quality building materials, this means, we have carefully selected our suppliers of bi-folding doors, we have roofers which can built quality roofs, using modern rubber roofing.

We also only purchase our hardwoods and structural wood, from a few timber yards that we know consistently sell quality wood. So, whether it’s the wood on the front of the garden room, or the wood that’s used to construct the building, we only use a good quality timber.

The staff we also employ are highly experienced, we therefore have carpenters, labourers and also roofers, all of which have built many garden rooms in South West England.

Garden Offices and Rooms

The vast majority of garden buildings which we construct, are used as spaces to work within. Often the homeowner is working part-time or throughout the week from their house, they therefore give us a ring, when they want a quality garden office built.

We can take care of the whole process for you, from the design stages, such as creating 3D Drawings, to landscaping work that might be needed, such as bringing in a mini-excavator to level the ground, through to the actual build.

Project managers are appointed to each build, to ensure that each of the Bristol garden offices that we build, are managed.

We also are used to working in gardens that might have restricted access, for example, some homes might only have a small garden gate which allows access, this is no problem, as we have a large team of labourers in Bristol, which can carry our wood, windows, roofing items, and also all of the other items such as plasterboard and flooring, this may increase the cost, as more labour will be needed, yet with a team of staff, we are able to build garden rooms even if the house does have restricted access

Free Quotes

We have full-time sales staff, we can therefore arrange to meet with, we then aim to get estimates out to customers as soon as possible.

We offer free estimates in Bath, Somerset and Bristol, we also have built so many garden rooms, that we may have built a garden building near your home.

We also offer a service for a small fee where if you would like 3D Drawings built, then we can create these for you at a set price, once we have gained an understanding of the options that you would like.

If you live in Bristol, Bath or indeed in Somerset, and your thinking of having a quality garden room or office built, then why not contact our sales staff today?