Garden Room Bar



The summer is fast approaching here in Great Britain, which means that a lot of households across the UK will be having garden parties with their friends and family coming over to enjoy a nice refreshing drink.

And What could enhance your summer even more is having a garden bar where you could pour some refreshing drinks and enjoy the sunshine.

Perhaps to also use the garden room bar to have your friends over to watch the football?

Perhaps it will be used as a gin bar, with the room stuffed with gins from around the world?

Perhaps it will be used as a comfortable English style pub, where your friends can come over, sipping on quality ales made in the great South West of England.

Have you tried Bath Ales? Simply amazing, great way to spend a nice quite unwinding day in the garden over the weekend.

Can you build a garden room bar in Bristol?

We most certainly can. We are able to build a building of any size that you would like. It could also come in any shape that you like. For example, to make better use of the space you have available within your garden, why not consider getting a corner garden room or perhaps a rectangular-shaped building?

All our Bristol garden buildings, will always be fully insulated.

We can incorporate any features you would like, such as a bathroom or high-quality sound system, into the ceiling?

Bose make amazing quality speakers, why not have our highly skilled electricians fit these into the celiling of the garden bar? It would enhance the sound while watching the Bath rubgy team play on the television.

Or perhaps your favourite football team

Imagine watching England playing on a huge screen within your garden bar?


Why should we choose your company?

You might have seen one of our many vans driving around the city because our company is in strong demand come summer, spring or winter. Every week, we build a wide range of garden buildings which are used for a wide range of purposes, from garden bars, or perhaps a place where you can work 9 to 5 five days a week?

Are you able to build the wooden bar for us?

We most certainly can build the bar for you as well; we have carpenters in-house and can build bar at the length and height you would like.

We require a garden building complete with a toilet, can you build this?

We most certainly can take care of this for you.

We can bring a mini excavator into your garden and dig the trenches so that we can lay the soil pipe.

We can also connect the water supply and plumbing to your bathroom items, such as toilets, and wash-hand basins.

We require speakers to be put into the ceiling and LED lighting. Can you arrange this?

Yes, we can install quality speakers into the ceiling for you at an additional price. A lot of people like very high-quality sound systems installed into a garden bar. This is so can play their favourite music when their friends and family come over for a party.


What is your starting price for a garden room bar?

Prices start at £18,000 for a basic garden room, yet we can design a garden room any way you like, and the price increases accordingly.

For example, you might want a bathroom area installed, you might wish to add solar panels to the roof, and an elevated area made out of composite decking and glass railings? We can build all of this for you.

We, therefore, build what is called a “bespoke garden rooms”. We can have a chat with you and have a cup of tea, while we discuss how you would like garden office or garden room to be built.

We then go back to the office and start calculating the costs. Once we’ve calculated the price to build the garden bar, we aim to get back to you as soon as we can, so we can offer you a free quotation.

Often, we can offer a full quote only a few days after we meet you.

Sometimes, it might take a bit longer as we need to go to our suppliers and ensure that we have the most up-to-date costs written in, such as the cost for us to supply and fit solar panels, aluminium bi-folding doors, or perhaps a kitchen you want added to the building?


How long do these take to build?

Generally, our buildings take less than three weeks to build, depending on how intricate the building is. If it’s a pretty complicated build with solar panels on the roof, bi-folding doors, and complete bathroom, plus decking, building such a garden room in Bristol could take a bit longer.


Would you like a free and no-obligation quotation?

Wouldn’t this summer just be so much better if had a garden bar built in your garden.

Many residents within the great city of Bristol are calling us to get garden bars constructed.

We offer very fair prices and build our garden bars very quickly, so why not give us a ring?


Do you work from home?

Written by: Kingsley Hyden Jones
Date: 02/04/2024

Why our garden offices offer the perfect solution if you work from home in Bristol


More and more people have ditched the 9-5 working within a large office block in the city centre. Gone are the days when many of us had to catch the train or bus to work every day. For employers, having the workforce work from home can save costs. For the employee, there’s no being crammed into a hot bus; instead, they work from home.


However, having free room/ space is a problem.

Let’s take Clifton in Bristol just as an example. Look at how much the price increases for a three-bedroom house compared to a four-bedroom home. The price increase is often significant, and people understandably don’t want to remortgage with interest rates the way they are. Yet your garden might only be a small garden, but you might have enough space to build a garden office.


Even if you have a small garden, we can sometimes still build a garden office.

You might live in, let’s say, a Victorian house in Clifton, and the garden is not that large; you can’t even swing a cat. Yet often, our clever garden room designers can come out and see if we can build a compact garden room for you. It might mean clearing away a garden shed or demolishing an old greenhouse you no longer use.

Yet in its place, you can build a garden office, somewhere that you might want to work throughout the week. The building will be well-built and insulated. Solar panels can even be fitted to the roof if you wish to have these added.

Less commuting

Bristol is now a clean-air zone, meaning that the residents of Bristol may have seen fewer vehicles on their streets than before. Yet, even if there’s less traffic on the road, it might take 30 minutes to get to Aztec West or an office in Cabot Circus. So what you need to do is think about getting a garden office building that’s fully air-conditioned and heated, insulated, that you can use throughout the year.


We can build a bespoke garden office.

You might have an apparent idea of how you want your garden room to look. You may know the type of doors you want, and you might see the cladding you wish to, but you only know the shape and size of the building. You might wish to have a rectangular garden room with an ultra-strong roof that you can sit on. We can build any Bristol garden building; we have been building garden buildings for a very long time. We are an established garden room company.

Could have made your home more appealing to a buyer

Put yourself in a property buyer’s shoes. Let’s say a couple is looking to buy a house in Bristol. Let’s look at a street with three similar properties, all around the same price, the same length of garden, similar houses, and the same number of bedrooms.

Yet there’s one house that has a garden office out the back. It’s clear it’s been well-built. It has good-quality insulation, windows, and doors.

It’s an alarm. It has decking to sit out and soak up the sun in the summer months. Let’s say one of the couple works from home. They are going to think brilliantly, and I can work there. It’s a nice and quiet place to work.

So, out of all those properties for sale in Bristol, the couple looking to buy a house might want to buy the house with a built garden office. So, we would say that as long as the building is constructed to a good standard, a garden room could sometimes make your house more saleable.

An excellent place to work

A garden office can make a great place to work; you could have French wooden doors open while you work on your Apple laptop. You could also have substantial double-glazed windows, letting light flood the room. Our highly skilled roofers could also add a roof light to allow even more light into the room. Our garden offices are fantastic places to work.



Why so many residents in Bristol call us is because we build solid, insulated, high-quality garden rooms that are also eco-friendly. That’s because they are made using FSC-approved wood; we can use a rubber roof, which means the building lasts longer; we also highly recommend that the whole outside of the garden office is clad with British high-quality composite cladding, as composite cladding can be made from recycled wood and plastics sometimes.


Call us for a free quote for us to build a garden office.

We can build a garden office anywhere in the city of Bath, and we also make many garden buildings, ranging from gin bars to garden offices in Bristol. Starting prices start at 18k; our accommodating director, Kingsley Hyden Jones, is on hand to answer any questions. Call or e-mail our super-friendly sales team; you can help and explain all the doors, cladding, and roof options our garden room company can offer you.


Can you use a garden room as an office?


Date: 01/04/2024

Written by: Kingsley Hyden Jones


Bristol is an area with many entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and those who have ditched the 9-5 and the dreaded commute to work and opted for hybrid working. However, with that said, we all need a space to get work done.

So what is the solution?

Many people automatically think of calling a builder to get a loft conversion, yet when you hear the ballpark figures being discussed over the phone, you often need a sit-down, as the prices can be high.

This is where garden offices come into their own

Kinglsey Build is a well-known construction company in the South West of glorious England. We have built many a garden office, ranging from the “garden office pod” with a starting price of just 18k to your more luxurious options, which can have a bathroom and one of those fancy hand dryers made by Dyson.

Table of contents:

  • Can a garden building be used as a garden office?
  • What are the main benefits of hiring your construction company to build a garden office for us?
  • Are you looking for a business that builds garden offices in the city of Bristol? Look no further than Kingsley.


Bright, airy and warm inside, it is a great place to get your work done

Who’s worked in an office, and the working environment has been less than inspiring?


Well, most of us have all worked in stuffy high-rise offices, dimly lit under fluorescent lighting, the same you would use to illuminate an old 1970s concrete car park. It’s just a rubbish place to sit and get work done.

So, a garden office is your blank canvas, where you can design it around you. It has giant floor-to-ceiling doors, known as bi-folding doors.

You can have a thin rectangular window just above your desk, so you can work and look out over the garden, the flowers, and the birds swooping in to gobble down those digestive biscuits you have just crushed up for them.

So, a garden office is more than just a wooden building plonked in your garden; it’s your perfect opportunity to get creative and design it the way you want. Our highly skilled designers in Bristol can also create a set of 3D drawings so you can see what your garden office will look like before our team of builders builds it.


How much does a garden office pod cost to build?

Our garden office pods start from just 18k. This also includes a long-lasting rubber roof.

How much does a typical garden office cost to build?

Prices normally vary between 25k and 35k—more luxurious options, such as solar panels, cost more.


How much does a garden room complete with a toilet cost to build?

Prices start from 35k and increase depending on how you want the garden office built. These garden offices cost more because often there’s much more ground work that needs to be done.


How much does a garden office split in half with the other side a garden gym cost to build?

Large garden rooms cost between 30k and 50k to build. The price can also be higher if you want, for example, a bathroom added.


How much does it cost to add solar panels to the roof?

We would need to come and meet with you to discuss how large the roof area is going to be and how many solar panels the roof can accommodate, and then we can offer you a quote.

Can a garden room be used as an office?

It most certainly can be; most of our garden buildings are garden offices. We are often hired as the garden room company of choice because our buildings are robust, friendly, and warm in winter once the heating is on. Plus, we offer options such as solar panels on the roof.


Heating and insulation

So, companies will always offer log cabins, summerhouses, and garden rooms at rock-bottom prices. Yet sometimes, these buildings are used as much as a chocolate teapot in the wintertime; there’s likely to be some unhappy faces inside as the cold drafts of air blow in from every angle. That’s why you need to get on the phone with us instead; if you live in the brilliant city of Bristol and you want a garden office built, here’s why you should call us:

Warm and cosy

Our builders will hand-cut the insulation and place it on the floor, the roof, and the side walls. This way, the building will be nice and warm come winter. This is important because the vast majority of garden buildings in Bristol and also in the great, fantastic city of Bath, England, are built in the middle of, say, June, July, and August. Now, it’s nice and warm, birds are singing, and everyone’s enjoying Pimms on the lawn in a deckchair.

However, sadly, hundreds of thousands of people in the U.K. every year quickly learn in, say, December, when it’s mighty cold outside, that they have hired the wrong summerhouse company when they are cold inside the building. So, hire a company that builds ultra-warm, cosy, easy-to-heat-up garden offices; that’s our company.


Are you looking for a garden room office in Bristol?


Why not give us a call

We have an amiable and helpful sales team. They are waiting for your call, during which they can advise you on costs and answer any questions. If you wish, we can spend 30 minutes in your garden chatting and advising you, and often there, we can offer you a few cost options. That’s why we are from Fishponds, over the heights of Great Clifton, near the fantastic Clifton suspension bridge, so why not give us a call today?


Garden room companies that are in Bristol England

We are a garden room company that can build quality garden offices anywhere in the city of Bristol. Our garden offices start from just 18k.

Bespoke garden rooms complete with a toilet


Bespoke garden rooms complete with a toilet/bathroom


Are you able to build a garden room complete with a toilet?

We can most definitely can build a garden room, complete with a toilet or if you prefer a full bathroom suite.

Some companies lift the garden room into the garden with a giant crane, and sure, there is a bathroom sometimes already installed within the building. However, the bathroom is often not connected to the electricity supply, water, or drainage. Our company is different because we have ground workers, plumbers, and electricians to connect everything for you, so the toilet and shower can be used as soon as we finish building the garden room.


Are you able to build energy-efficient garden offices and rooms?

This is a question that we are now frequently asked all of time, and that’s because energy prices have gone through the roof.
We are all now all paying more for our electricity and gas than we were, say, just a few years ago.

Therefore, when somebody is purchasing a garden office they might spend some time considering if the whole building is energy-efficient or not.

What’s great about choosing Kingsley is that we build very energy-efficient buildings. Some of our customers have commented on how quickly the buildings heat up, how energy-efficient they are, and how pleased they are that they have chosen our garden room company to build the whole building for them.



We are now building our garden offices and rooms right across the UK. Our garden rooms are in strong demand because we can offer a starting price of just £18,000- so often we offer a cheaper starting price for our garden buildings than what some other companies offer. As word-of-mouth has spread right across Bristol, that we build quality buildings at low prices, plus we can install a toilet and bathroom at an additional cost, this is why our company is now so popular not just in S.W England but we now building our garden buildings nationwide.


Double-glazed, quality insulation, underfloor heating

We know you will want to use your garden office right throughout the year, whether its nice and warm outside, or whether everything is completely covered in frost.

That’s why many people hire us, to build their garden office, because we can fit double glazing, we can install quality underfloor heating, and we can install insulation for you. This makes our buildings very cosy, and it also makes them a pice of cake to heat.


Garden room complete with toilet

So let’s say that you have just gone off the call with a client, the call took much longer than you had wanted, and now you need the toilet urgently!

You will not want to run across the grass and through the house with muddy shoes, as this will all get over the carpet and cause a mess.

This is why having a toilet installed within your garden office is, well essential. However, some garden room companies charge a lot to install a bathroom- so much so, it might put off the customer from having a toilet installed. However, we offer very fair prices. Whether you want a toilet, wash hand basin, or a complete bathroom suite.

For example, if the garden building is going to be used as home gym, you might want a shower added, so you can have a refreshing shower after your workout?


How much does it cost to build a garden office with a toilet?

Our garden rooms are bespoke, meaning they are all different sizes and have many different designs.

For example, some customers might want hardwood cladding (oak for example), others wish for composite cladding as its very low maintenance, some other customers want softwood cladding such as nice pine cladding, or “thermowood”- this is low cost option.

Oak cladding is substantially more expensive than softwood such as pine, so depending on which exterior cladding option you choose, can substantially alter the price.

So first things first, one of our sales team will need to come out and ascertain exactly how you would like the garden building to look- would you like for example French doors, or bi-folding doors?. Then we can offer you a free quotation.


Is it worth having a toilet installed in a garden room?

Many customers think for quite a while whether they want to spend more on having a toilet installed within their garden office or not.

But we often ask customers how long do they plan of spending in the garden room each day? If it’s just a few hours on the weekends, then we would say it’s probably not worth installing a toilet as it can increase the cost of the build quite a lot.

However, if you can use the office as your principal place of work, 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, then we would say then most definitely worth installing a toilet.

However, to have a toilet installed, often a deep trench will often be dug within your garden. This can mean that the mini digger needs to dig up part of the garden to lay the soil pipe and water pipes.

What makes us here at Kingsley different from other garden room companies, is that we can do this work ourselves. Some other builders, ask the customer, to hire separate companies to do this work, such as ground workers, electricians, plumbers. But we have all of these tradesmen in-house so that we can do all this work for you.



Our builders are out every day of the week working to build garden offices right across the city of Bristol.

We have already built many garden offices and rooms with a toilet and bathroom inside. If you would like a free quote, then contact us.


Garden offices- what are the main benefits of owning one?



Garden Office Pods

So, we think the main benefit of owning a garden office is that you can save on commuting costs. As we all know, running a car or using the train isn’t cheap these days. Then, the bonus of owning a garden office is that you can look out over your garden while looking, whether your lawn or your plants; working in a garden office is a nice place to work.

Author: Ryan Walsh
Date: 12/03/2024

When you look at many job advertisements these days, they offer either the option of working from home entirely or hybrid working. Often, many employers in Cabot Circus Bristol have seen that they can reduce their operating expenses by not having to rent huge offices and instead having some of their staff work from home. This is why our phone is regularly receiving calls from more and more homeowners asking us to build quality and affordable garden buildings.

This is so the Bristol resident can work in complete comfort in one of our nice, insulated, well-built garden rooms.

We all feel much better after a walk in the countryside, right?

On the weekends many of us like to walk in the countryside, or woodland, perhaps with our dogs?

Often, we find this unwinding, and it makes us feel good. Therefore, many workers dislike working in high-rise concrete office blocks with stuffy air and poor lighting. This is another reason so many garden offices, literally hundreds, are built every week in the southwest of England: people want to work in their gardens. Looking over the scenery, whether it is a river, fields or woodland view, it can offer a nice place to work from 9 to 5 each week.

Fresh air

Just think: during the summer, you can either fully or partially fold back the bi-folding doors. Then, when you’re working in your garden office, and the lovely summer breeze is coming into the office, you can enjoy the fresh air and the smell of freshly cut grass. Therefore, a massive benefit of owning a garden office is that you have giant, huge windows allowing a lot of light to flood the room. Plus, you can have nice, fresh air as well.


Stroll around your garden.

We office workers all know it is good to take a break, walk, and stretch our legs, which is good for our health. Because if we work too long on a computer, our eyes can get strained, so it’s a good idea to get out in your garden and have a quick walk around your garden. This is another benefit of owning a garden office, as it makes it easy just to walk out, and start walking around your garden.

Have a nice kitchen installed as well

You might want to make a sandwich and a cup of tea while you work. But you don’t want to have to walk back to the house, so why not hire our joiners to also build a kitchen for you?

Save on diesel/petrol and train fairs

When you add up transport costs over the year, they can be pretty considerable. But not just that, we all know from living in the fantastic city of Bristol that we Bristolians can spend a lot of time in traffic in our cars. Sure, this is the same for most cities in the U.K.; however, if you work from your garden office, you might have to travel less, which is good for the environment and can help you save money.


Huge amount of experience building luxury garden rooms

We are busy bees every week, darting all over SW England, building luxurious, handmade garden rooms. Some will have a jacuzzi built on the side, some will be used as garden bars, and some will be places to play a game of smoking. We have built garden rooms all over Bristol and Bath. We have a reputation for building robust, long-lasting garden rooms, yet we offer some of the best prices around.
The company is managed by two brothers, Seb and Kingsley. If you would like a free quote, why not call?


Garden Music Studio

Would you like a garden music studio built?


Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 7/03/24

Garden Music Rooms



Whether you’re one of the best DJs in the whole world or you just like to play the violin occasionally, you may want a garden music room built so you can have a room to listen or practice playing a musical instrument. We have built many music garden rooms.


Soundproofed garden rooms

You might not want to practice playing a saxophone in the house simply because you might hear the neighbours knocking on the wall annoyed about the noise. After all, playing a musical instrument too loudly may cause a nuisance for them. This is why so many people now have detached music rooms built in a garden. We also offer some of the best prices on garden rooms, this is why so many people call us when they want to have a garden building constructed. The rooms can be completely insulated, as well, meaning you can use them even on the coldest of winter days.


Can you build soundproofed garden buildings?

Whether you like producing music, such as drum and bass, or you like to play a brass instrument, such as the trombone, you might want a garden building built so that you can enjoy your music without disturbing other family members or neighbours. Therefore, our builders are in high demand right across the country building our music rooms.

What makes our music rooms such good quality is:

– We can install triple glazing
– We can add sound proofing
– We can add insulation, air-conditioning, heaters so the room can be used all year around


How are your music rooms different from the typical garden room?

A typical garden room doesn’t normally have sound insulation added to the building. Also, we can install triple glazing in the windows and the doors to further contain the noise within the building. Therefore a soundproofed music room will cost more for us to construct, yet be more able to contain the noise generated from saying playing your drum kit. However, with that said, the benefits of having a detached building, where you can enjoy listening to your music or playing a musical instrument, most customers are willing to pay more for us to build a music room.


High-quality sound system

For some of us, listening to music is a great way to unwind after a long day at work. Whether classical or rock ‘n’ roll, you could have a high-quality surround sound system installed within your garden room. If you were to accompany this with a nice comfortable reclining chair, then your music room becomes a brilliant place to unwind.


Triple-glazed windows and doors

When building a music room, we recommend installing triple-glazed windows and bi-folding doors.
These doors and windows are more expensive to purchase. However, they help to keep the noise within the music room. We can also install soundproofing, not just on the walls, but also on the ceiling.


Heated and air-conditioned

Let’s say that you like creating music, and let’s say that you create house music. You will often want to work in the music room throughout the seasons and in all weathers. So whether it’s snowing outside or boiling, you can work comfortably within our garden buildings because all of our buildings are designed and built for all year-round use. The reason for this is we can install air-conditioning, and we can also install underfloor heating and radiators for you as well. So, whatever the weather is like outside, whether wet or hot and sunny outside, you can walk, and your garden room will be temperature controlled. We can even add a thermostat so that you can better regulate the temperature.


We can help you design your perfect music room.

What’s great about picking our garden room company to build your music room is that we can create a set of 3-D drawings for you, that’s before any construction work begins. These can show you what the building could look like. For example, perhaps you want black framed aluminium windows and doors? Maybe you want dark grey composite cladding? Alternatively, you may even want a terrace built onto the roof, with glass railings, so that you can sit out on the roof of your garden room and enjoy the sunshine during the summer. However you want your music room to be built, we can build it for you.

Help save the planet, why not get a garden room built with solar panels?

Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 6/03/2024

Can your company install solar panels on the roof of our garden office/garden room?


A lot of us are more conscious than ever about our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.
So when making a large purchase, such as a garden office or a garden room, many often carefully consider how such a purchase may impact our ecosystem. Thankfully, here at Kingsley, we know how to build eco-friendly garden offices, they can have solar panels built on the roof.

High-quality solar panels: when you talk to any good solar panel fitter, they will tell you there are solar panels, and then there are solar panels.

And what do we mean by that statement?

Well, there are really high-end, high-quality solar panels, which are energy efficient, and low-quality ones don’t last that long, can crack, and don’t generate as much electricity. We only fit high-quality solar panels.

What are the benefits of having solar panels fitted to our garden office?


We all know that energy prices have risen quite considerably in recent years. Therefore, if you were to have your building powered partially by solar panels, this could help you be less reliant on the national energy grid. Buy owning a Bristol garden building, that has solar panels on the roof, you will also be generating our electricity to become more self-efficient, and its green energy helps to protect the environment.

How our garden buildings are helping to protect the environment
When you consider that our buildings are made from FSC-approved timber, you will have double glazing, which again helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building as well. On top of that, we can be put insulation into every wall, which helps retain the heat. Then you can have solar panels on the roof, we can even add solar panels to help heat hot water well, if you want these fitted?


Electric, solar panels and inverters

We have highly experienced and fully qualified electricians who can install solar panels onto the roof of your garden building. Considering that some garden offices are vast, with huge rubber roofs, they take a large chunk of space within your garden, so it makes perfect sense to put solar panels on the roof, so you can gain green electric from that space.
When you also consider that some gardens receive a considerable amount of natural light throughout the day, during the spring and summer, putting solar panels onto the roof makes perfect sense. This is why we are such busy bees in Bristol building so many garden rooms right across the S.W England because many people now insist on adding solar panels to the roof.

Garden offices/rooms with solar panels


Therefore, our company can build very energy-efficient garden buildings anywhere in Bristol. Using top-quality panel installation, fibreglass, or even sheep’s wool, we can make the entire building very energy-efficient. We can then install double glazing and put solar panels on the roof. We use top-quality solar panels and inverters, so why not call our business today?


We also build golf simulator garden rooms.


Date: 19/02/2024

Those who love playing a game of golf will know that sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the game if the weather is terrible. Yet, with a garden room and a similar state-of-the-art golf course, you can practise in any weather, as you will be indoors, in a nice warm and dry room.


Practice whenever you want

What’s great about picking our company is the building can be built to any dimensions you like. So, if you want a truly massive building so you can practice golf, then we can build that for you. Plus, why not have a kitchen and a bathroom installed so you can go and fetch yourself a refreshing cuppa whenever you want to?


Large garden rooms

Most golf simulators require a large room so that we can build a massive building for you. Plus, we can construct the building to any shape you would like, so perhaps you would want the building to be as long as possible, rectangular, and built towards one side of your garden; then, we can make this for you.

Why not add a bar?


Insulated golf simulator

It’s essential that the building has a perfect heating system. You will want to use your golf similarly in all weather conditions, whether freezing or hot. So our team can build a golf simulator with heating and air conditioning. This means you can focus on your game of golf.


Built to last

Golf simulators, depending on the brand, can be rather expensive. So, to house your golf simulator, you will want a high-quality building that definitely comes with a long-lasting roof. We usually use EPDM roofs to help our buildings last longer.


Bespoke Garden Golf Simulator Rooms

We can come out and meet you; we can measure up the area in your garden where you want the building built. We can then write back to you within five days with a quote.


How much does a garden golf simulator room cost?

Costs vary depending on the size of the garden room, the cladding, and whether you want us to install the heating and air conditioning.
For even more comfort, some customers may want underfloor heating as well. Also, some may wish to build a side room that acts as a bar. The bar could, therefore, be a great place to meet your friends and have a drink after playing a game of golf in your golf simulator.


Do I need planning permission for a golf simulator garden room?

For most summerhouses we build, the customers often do not seek planning permission. However, this is not for all garden rooms. Sometimes, planning permission is needed if the building exceeds a certain height or you live in a conservation area. When we meet you and have a good idea of the design you want to build, we can often tell the customer whether planning permission will be needed.


Which golf simulators can be installed in my garden golf room?

How do we obtain a quote for your company to build a golf simulator?
Our company now builds golf simulators all across West England. We can offer you a free quote; we aim to write back to our customers within a working week with a full quote breakdown. Why not call us today/


Golf simulators Bristol

Our company now builds garden rooms, which can be used as a golf simulator garden room.

Will my garden room/office need to have foundations installed?


In short, the answer to this question is yes. A garden building needs to have its weight supported to prevent structural movement. If the building were to be built directly on top of the soil, it would likely move, potentially becoming unsafe.

Foundations also have other purposes; a damp-proof membrane often made from plastic stops the water coming through the concrete slab. Therefore, a well-built concrete base can improve the longevity of the building.


What types of foundations can your construction company build?

When our estimator comes out, they will have a quick walk around your garden. They will be looking at how the soil is: is it draining away, or is water being held by the ground because the soil is mostly clay?

Then we will need to have a discussion with you about the size of the garden room and what you like built inside. The structure will weigh a lot if it’s a large garden room, complete with a bathroom. This weight needs to be adequately supported; we, therefore, typically recommend a concrete slab.

However, as the article will go on to explain, there are other options, there are ground screws.

Let’s have a look at the different types of foundations we can offer you in Bristol:


We can build a concrete slab

This is typically the more expensive option for building a foundation. Yet, it’s a perfect option. Yet often, a mini-digger is needed to level the ground, so side or rear access to the property will be required.

We can bring a Kubota or a JCB excavator into your garden to level the ground. We can then arrange for the concrete to be delivered and poured.

Some customers will not want a concrete base, as it does have an environmental impact. Producing concrete causes CO2; when you consider that an excavator has to use a grading bucket to grade off the ground, it can disturb the soil and the ecosystem, such as roots, worms and plants.

A more environmentally friendly option is to opt for ground screws.

A ground screw is simply a giant screw, so there’s no need to bring an excavator into the garden. There is also no need to use a grading bucket often to grade off the soil.


Concrete plinths

We here at Kingsley Build don’t tend to use this type of foundation. However, some companies do. Instead of building a large concrete slab, individual plinths are made, like columns that hold up the building. We don’t tend to use this option.


Ground screws

Ground screws are very popular; we use them a lot at our garden room company. However, many other companies are also using this option as well.

The benefits are fast the ground screws are quick and easy to install. Using a powerful drill, the screws are driven deep into the ground.

The screws are significant and, therefore, able to take a lot of weight. Plus, they are often much cheaper to install than concrete.
Getting concrete into a garden can be labour-intensive, or using a pump truck can be expensive.

Ground screws, on the other hand, these much easier to install. The ground screws can be easily carried into your garden, as they are relatively lightweight?

Are you thinking of getting a garden office built in Bristol?

If you’re considering building a garden office, why not talk to us? We have already created many luxury garden rooms throughout the city of Bristol.


So, if you would like a free quote, why not give us a ring today?

Will my garden room/office require foundations?

We answer whether a garden room or office requires foundations. We explain the benefits of choosing ground screws.

Will we be required to obtain planning permission in order to build a new garden office?

If you are wondering whether or not you need to seek permission from the local council to build a garden office, then this is the blog post for you.


Is planning permission required when building a garden office?


Just like when you make alterations to your home, for example adding a dormer loft conversion or perhaps a new property extension onto the back of your house, you need to seek planning permission to do so from the local council before building work can even start.

However, garden buildings are slightly different because sometimes, occasionally, they don’t need to seek planning permission from the local council. So sometimes, our builders can start work straight away once the customer approves the quote.

That’s if the build comes under what is called permitted development.



We can offer a free 30-minute consultation

Often, we need to come out to measure how large the buildings will be, discuss, drainage, water supply, how we can bring a electrical supply to the building. We also offer our guidance on whether we think planning will be needed from Bristol City Council or not.

We also need to understand what you use the garden room for, for example, whether it’s an office or somebody will occasionally live in the building?

We can offer recommendations to you to whether planning permission is required. Once we have met you and visited the garden, we can recommend whether planning permission is needed or not.

Therefore, every build is different. Thus, we need to provide tailored advice to your circumstances.


Bristol City Council

Sometimes, planning permission will need to be sought from Bristol council; sometimes, this is because the garden room will be built in a conservation area, or its built near a listed property, or perhaps you are building very close to your neighbour’s property.

Sometimes, it’s because you want to put a roof terrace on the building, or perhaps you even want a multistorey building built. Therefore, planning permission is often needed in certain circumstances.

But again, we can come out and offer you a free quote and advice on whether you will need to seek planning permission from Bristol City Council.


So, will planning permission be needed or not to build a garden office?

The vast majority of the outbuildings/garden rooms we build every single month are built by what are called permitted development rights.

However, as you can imagine, because this blog post is likely to be read by thousands of people, we can’t offer you exact answer as to whether or not you would need to gain planning permission or not as we would need to visit your garden.

We can come out anywhere within the Bristol area, and aim to come out as promptly as possible to offer you some free advice.

We often can offer quotes in the evenings as well; for example, during the spring and summer periods, when we are really busy, we often have an estimator who can pop out between 6 and 8 PM and offer you a free quote within the Bristol area, if this works better for you?

Are you about to build a garden office in Bristol?

What’s great about hiring our company is if architectural plans need to be submitted to the local council, we have architects who work directly for us.

The architects can draw up drawings, making it easier for our clients, because they don’t have to find an architect in Bristol.

Before the architects send the plans for approval, we can even create a set of 3-D drawings also, showing you precisely what the building will look like.

Therefore, you can visualise what the garden building will look like before its built.

Once you improve the 3-D drawings we have created, they can be sent to the architect, who will put the exact measurements on them and then send these to Bristol City Council for approval.

Please note that we can sometimes start constructing the garden office the following week if we do not need to obtain planning.

Yet if we have to wait for Bristol County Council to approve the design of your garden office; it can often take many more months before we can start building the foundations.

What’s great about hiring our company is that we can help you to design your perfect garden room.


We can discuss all the options, ranging from underfloor heating to having spotlights fitted to the front of the building.

If you want us to offer you a free quote anywhere within Bristol, why not call us?