Cinema room

Cinema room

Perhaps you like watching Marvel films, such as Superman? Alternatively you might like action movies, such as the Jason Bourne films- they are excellent in our opinion. So, why not have a cinema room built, so that you can watch your favourite films in comfort within your garden?

Music room

Are you a massive fan of Elvis Presley? Perhaps you like instead more modern music, such as house music? Then why not have a garden building constructed, so that you can listen to your favourite tracks as loud as you would like within your garden room.

Cinema Room/ Bar

If you go to some luxurious cinemas these days, they don’t just provide you with extra comfortable seating, they can also offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, such as enjoying a nice bottle of Budweiser. So why not have a bar fitted within your cinema room? So you can crack open a bottle of your favourite beer, or perhaps you might want to push the boat out, and have a bar built by us, so that you can have a pint of draught beer?

We build luxury cinema rooms

Our garden buildings are used for such a wide range of different purposes, our customers could use them to practice yoga, right through to using the room as a garden office. So one week we could be building a garden office, for a solicitor that is about to set up their own business in the south-west of England.

The following week we could be building a large garden building, which has authentic cinema seats, a popcorn machine and perhaps a large bar.

The following week, we could be building a garden building on the outskirts of Bristol, and the owner might be using it as their place to meditate and enjoy doing yoga. Therefore our garden buildings are used for a wide range of different uses.

Yet, regardless of what you’re going to use the building for, whether it’s to watch the Godfather films or perhaps you’re going to use the garden building to simply sit down and enjoy completing 1000 piece puzzle? All of our garden rooms are well made, guaranteed to last and also completely insulated.

During the week, our phone is inundated with calls from people living in Bristol, that want us to build a garden room for them. A lot of people wanted to build a cinema room for them, because we might have already built one for their family or friends. The reason our company has grown into a large UK garden room company it’s because of word-of-mouth, so many people now know we build robust, solid, long-lasting garden that are offered at absolutely amazing prices. Our prices are often lower than a lot of our direct competitors.

For example, you could be putting your feet up in your very own cinema room, built by us, and you could be sat enjoying a film and listening to it in surround sound, and this could be yours for a starting price of just £18,000.

Cinema Rooms Bristol

For a lot of us, when we’ve finished a long and busy day at work, often a lot of us like to unwind, perhaps watch a sporting events , such as the football, match, perhaps Arsenal were playing against Manchester United on sky sports TV? Well your cinema room, could make a great place to watch live sporting events, such as the rugby, the football or perhaps a boxing match?

So, although a cinema room, can be used to watch films, you can also watch live television and you could also watch live sporting events with your friends or family.

You could have a quality projector, for example a projector made by Panasonic, made by Samsung or perhaps made by Sony, each of these companies make fantastic quality projectors.

Therefore, you can watch a film within your garden building, and the picture quality could be crystal clear because the projector is made by Samsung for example. And this could be accompanied with quality sound system, for example a sound system made by Bose? Our garden room company can recommend different sound systems and also different projectors which would be absolutely perfect for your cinema room.

Then you could have some really comfortable reclining chairs fitted as well, complete with a place on the armrest where you can place your drink, for example a nice chilled bottle of Coca-Cola.

So why not push the boat out, and have a bar area built as well within your cinema room as well, so you could pause the film, say halfway through, and make a cocktail for you and your friends.

We build high-quality cinema rooms not just in the city of Bristol, but right across the South West of England as well. For example we have built a large number of cinema rooms in the Roman city of Bath, England.



  • Guaranteed to last

    There are thousands of U. K garden room companies, so you might be scratching your head and a little bit confused as to which company to choose? Well, we can make the decision process of which garden room company to choose, an absolute piece of cake for you, that’s because we offer super long guarantees on each of our garden buildings, and our guarantee period, is often much longer when compared to some other UK garden room companies.

  • Cinema rooms

    Right across the fantastic city of Bristol, many homeowners have already had cinema rooms built by us. A cinema room makes a great place to enjoy watching a film with your family, you could have authentic cinema chairs installed, a popcorn machine, and a quality projector installed as well, perhaps the projector made by Panasonic, and this can be used to project the film, such as the film toy story made by Pixar, onto the wall of your garden room, so you can have really immerse yourself within the film and really enjoy watching toy story.

  • Surround sound speakers

    There are some companies that produce absolutely fantastic quality sound systems, have you heard of the company called Bose sound systems? This company produces fantastic quality speakers, so why not have these fitted into the ceiling of your cinema room, so whether you are watching a Disney film, an action film, such as the transporter three, or perhaps you like watching horror films, the sound will sound absolutely superb because it made by Bose sound systems.

Our garden buildings starting from £18,000

When you go website such as Rightmove, which is a website which advertises properties for sale or to rent in Bristol, often within the multi-million pound houses, the house will have a cinema room within the house.

So, when we think of having a cinema room within a house, we think normally this is only for the rich and the famous.

Yet, we can build a quality cinema room in your garden, for just £18,000, and imagine how many hundreds of hours you and your friends and family, could spend watching films and watching sporting events within your cinema room.

Therefore, for just £18,000, our cinema rooms offer fantastic value for money.

So, you haven’t got to be a rock star to afford a cinema room, because we can build one anywhere within Bristol, and we can often build it in less then three weeks, and our starting prices are from just £18,000.

When you consider that every single garden building that we construct, is guaranteed to last, then you the customer, I getting absolutely fantastic value for money when you choose Kingsley to build your cinema room.

Music room

Let’s say you have a very demanding and stressful job, let’s say you are a solicitor, working the middle of Bristol city centre, let’s say you work for a company in Cabot Circus, Bristol.

When you finished work, you want to unwind, you may want to enjoy a nice meal, perhaps a nice glass of wine, and you want to listen to some music. Perhaps you like rock ‘n’ roll? Perhaps you like jazz music? Perhaps you like listening to country music?

Perhaps your favourite artist is Dolly Parton?

Or perhaps your favourite artist is Sinead O’Connor?

Perhaps you like to listen to Jay-Z?

Whatever you like to listen to, why not have a garden building built so it becomes not just your cinema room, but also a place where you can listen to music. You could have high-quality speakers fitted, a comfortable sofa, and perhaps a refrigerated cabinet as well, where you could store your favourite drinks, whether that be an energy drink such as having Red Bull energy drinks or perhaps chilled wine made on an organic vineyard in the middle of France.

Therefore the building could be used as your music room and enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage as well.