What is the structure made from?

Every garden building which we build is 100% bespoke, so no two buildings will ever be the same.

With that said, there are characteristics which these buildings do have in common, so the main building is supported by structural timbers, which has a breathable membrane applied to the outside.

Then we either add composite, softwood, hardwood, or steel cladding. Then there’s different roof options, depending on whether or not, you want to grow plants on the roof.

If you do want to grow plants on the roof, a sedum roof will need to be built.

If you want a flat roof, we will use rubber roofing.

What will the roof be made from?

This is one of the most important questions to consider when buying any garden building. Whether you’re going to use the room as a gin bar or place of work, you’re going to want to purchase a building that lasts for as long as possible.

However, without a quality roof, such as an EPDM roof, the building could develop leaks, causing the timber OSB board to rot, sag, sometimes resulting in the building being unsalvable due to water ingress.

The solution is therefore to have a building that has a well-supported, strong roof.

Then we would recommend a single piece of rubber or EPDM roofing is used, supplemented by a UPVC facia board and guttering and down pipes.

The most important thing is that the roof is well constructed, so built by highly experienced roofers.

This is why the vast majority of the buildings we build, we use a external roofing company.

The reason for this is, they are day in day out building flat roofs and pitched roofs, so we know the roofs they build for us, will be high quality.



How will the roof be built?

Contrary to what some people may believe, garden rooms can be built in totally different ways.

To bring costs down and make installations times fasts, some companies use “SIP’s”- basically panels which are already made and brought to the customer in a flat pack form.

The downside to this is, sometimes the customer only has a few choices in terms of dimension of the building.

Our construction company is different, every building is instead “bespoke”- built the way the customer wants the building to be built.

We do not use SIP’s instead our buildings are built with FSC approved timber, with a breathable membrane. Then we offer many exterior cladding options, from wood, through to composite.

Some customers also opt for powder coated steel sheets to be used on the back of the building. The main reason for this is, the steel sheets are very low maintenance.


How much maintenance does a garden room require?

This is a really important to consider when purchasing a new garden room, that’s because some buildings will require more maintenance than others.
Plus, its also important to consider this when designing the garden room, as its possible to make a very low maintenance building.
This would be ideal for those that have super busy jobs and therefore may not have the time to be coating the outside of the building with specialist wood oil every year.



Composite garden rooms

If you would like a very low maintenance, as well long-lasting building, we would highly recommend getting as much of the building made from quality composite as possible.

Please note how we can’t over emphasis the wording “quality composite cladding”- as some low-quality products we have seen buckle and bend during hot periods of weather.

We would recommend if you want a low maintenance garden building, to opt for composite decking, cladding as well UPVC facia boards.

If the building is also fitted with a strong, well built, rubber roof, the building can last a long period of time.


Natural wood

Garden buildings that are clad with either softwood or hardwood will require more maintenance.

With that said, our customers often want the grain and appearance of real wood, they are therefore prepared to maintain the garden room cladding as often as every year.

How much maintenance is required, will depend on the wood that’s used, some wood types will require sealing and oiling every year, where some other exterior cladding options will not.



Can we use our garden building all year around?

Yes, most definitely- there are some garden buildings, which are just for use in summer. The reason for this is, there is often just wooden cladding, and no internal insulation. However, our buildings, come with a large amount of insulation, plus, oil filled electric radiators are fitted as standard. You will therefore be nice warm inside our garden buildings, even on a cold winter’s day.

We can use, either sheep’s wools insulation or panel insulation, when building your garden building.



How long typically does it take to build a garden building?

Some companies, which build garden buildings can say very accurately how long it will take to build their garden rooms- that’s because there often a building, which has been partially built in a factory, then just needs assembling in the customer’s garden. Our buildings, are different there bespoke.

As our buildings are bespoke, the customer can specify how they want the building built, and some of our buildings can have sedum roofs, composite decking, hardwood cladding, bathrooms, kitchens, separate rooms, and air conditioning- therefore, because every one of our garden rooms is different, it’s hard, very hard in matter of fact to stick an exact timeframe on how long it takes us to build a garden room.

What we do, is at the time we are writing out our quotes, we can offer an estimate of how long we think it will take us to build your garden room. Most our garden buildings, are built in less than 4 weeks.



How long have you been building garden buildings?

We have now been building garden buildings for over 5 years, we’ve seen so many companies crop up and start offering garden rooms in that time. Yet the companies that last, prioritise quality and affordability- this is why, we can offer to build a very high-quality garden building, with a rubber roof, quality doors, fully plastered, quality cladding, foundations included plus electrics installed, with a starting price of just 18k.


Is it just Bristol you build garden rooms?

We also build garden offices and rooms in Bath England as well, and offer free quotes in Bath.


Which foundations do you use building the garden building?

We can use ground screws, which are essentially giant screws, which can be used as the foundation for your garden room.

We could also offer to build a concrete base also.


What’s the starting price to build one of your garden buildings?

Prices start from 18k, the average cost is between £25k and £35k.
The really large garden rooms, which have air conditioning, multiple rooms, plus a large bathroom, these can cost sometimes in excess of 50k.
We can come out and meet you to offer you a free quote.



Can I customise my garden offices?

Most definitely, everything from which exterior cladding you would like, whether you want softwood, hardwood or aluminium windows and doors, even whether you would like air conditioning, every garden building we construct is different. This is why we are one of the most popular garden room companies, because, we build your garden room, the way you it built.


Can you install all of electrics for us?

We can recommend a separate electrician which connects all of our garden rooms to the mains supply. We can include this cost in our quote, or alternatively, if you wish to hire your own electrician, then we can deduct this from the quote.


What is the finish of the walls?

Most of our garden rooms, we install plasterboard, then the room is completely skimmed with plaster. Then we can paint and decorate the room for an extra charge, we would recommend Farrow and Ball paint.


Do all your quotes include VAT?

Yes, we can come out and meet you, that’s anywhere within the two cities in which we operate- we build garden buildings in Bath, England and in Bristol.

Once we have been out to meet you, had a chat with you about the garden room you would like built, we will often need 3 days to calculate costs. We will then write back to you, with a full breakdown of the costs. All our prices include VAT.


Can you install solar panels on the roof our garden office?

Yes, we can, for an extra cost, we can install, air conditioning, solar panels, or a sedum roof.
With rising energy prices, many homeowners want to install solar panels onto the roof of their garden building. When we come out to offer you a free quote, anywhere in Bristol, we can advise whether your garden building will be in a good position in your garden, for solar panels to be fitted.