Garden Buildings

Many Uses

Our garden buildings are used as places to work in, as spaces to relax within, and many are used as home gyms. Our high-quality garden rooms are therefore used for a wide variety of different uses.

Garden Buildings

When you appoint us to construct your new Bristol garden room we are able to offer many different options for you. The amount of choice is endless, from different roofs, window and flooring options when you hire us.


We simply build quality, this is why in Bristol, and also right across The South West, “Kingsley” is now a brand that’s known for building luxury garden rooms and offices.

Bristol Garden Buildings

What we love about our job is that we build many garden rooms in The South West of England, yet the spaces are used for such a huge range of different uses. Our summerhouses are therefore used as spaces to work from, in say Bristol, yet could also be used for something completely different, such as a gym.

What we really enjoy therefore is meeting our customers, discussing the different options we offer, and then building the client a perfect garden room for their requirements. For example, you might like Yoga, so therefore need a large room built for this, complete with large windows for a lot of natural light, alternatively, you may want a home bar built, complete with your own bar built by our joiners.

When you hire Kingsley there are so many options to choose from.

We build quality  

Whether it’s a garden room that’s going to be used to work in during the week, or you need a home gym built so you can use it every evening, every single one of garden rooms are built with quality in mind.

From the timber we purchase, through to the suppliers we use for our doors, we make sure that we build quality every single time.



  • Garden Rooms Bristol

    The vast majority of the garden rooms that we build are in the city of Bristol

  • South West England

    Our team builds luxury garden rooms all over The South West of England

  • Summerhouses

    We build wooden summerhouses, we build our garden buildings in Bath, Somerset and Bristol

  • Free Quotes

    We have full-time sales staff, which means we will aim to get a free quote back to you as soon as we can.

Why should we hire your garden room company in The South West?

Kingsley has a very strong reputation for building luxury and quality garden buildings.

We therefore only ever purchase items, such as the doors from suppliers that build very high-quality items.

We also never offer “flat-pack” buildings, instead, we bring the timber, windows, roofing to your garden, so everything is built to the design you want. This simply means rather than purchasing a timber summerhouse, that only comes in a few sizes, as its already built, we instead can build to any dimensions you want.

This means, you can have a garden room built to any size, plus have the walls internally fixed where you want. As the whole building is built to the exact design that you want, you can also specify how large the windows are to be, what type of doors you want, where the power points should be, what flooring, whether you want the room to have electric heaters, air conditioning and so many more options to pick from as well.

Garden Building Companies Bristol

The vast majority of the garden rooms that we construct are in the city of Bristol, we build garden offices, summerhouses, garden buildings.

The most common reason why we build garden rooms for our Bristol customers, is because they need a space to work in. Whether there starting a business, making the switch to working from home, or perhaps the employer has allowed “hybrid working” and just need a garden office to be the place of work for a few days a week, here at Kingsley we can help.

We make the whole process completely hassle free, this means, we can listen to the design you want, we can then create drawings, and once approved, we can start the build as soon as you would like.

If your garden in Bristol needs some landscaping work, for example the ground levelled, then we can help with this also.

We also offer free quotes, so why not call us?

Many happy customers

We have already built many summerhouses in The South West, we’ve built garden rooms that have had hot tubs fitted to the side, through to garden rooms used as home gyms.

We have a team of roofers, builders, electricians, carpenters, project managers, sales staff and also labourers who can all build your perfect garden room.

Whether your home is in Bristol, or you live in Bath or Somerset, our estimator can meet with you and start the process of getting a quote to you.

So, if you need a Bristol Garden Building built, then why call Kingsley today?