We build garden offices in Bristol and in Bath, England

Home Office

Many homeowners within Bath and also in Bristol are investing in a quality garden room to use as a home office.


We only use high-quality timber when constructing our summerhouses and garden rooms.

Garden Room

We can build large and also small garden rooms throughout the entire South West.

Garden Room/ Office space

A common reason for investing in a garden room is to use the timber building as a home office.

That’s to say, as more and more people are working from home within Bristol, and also Bath, they are investing in a garden room that’s been built by Kingsley Garden Rooms.

Therefore, we can build a high-quality timber garden room for you to use as a home office.

We can also offer you many different design options to pick from, for example you may opt for a large set of bi-folding aluminium doors or perhaps a summerhouse that has a rubber roof?

We can also offer to clad the outside of your new summerhouse or garden room using a high-quality hardwood such as red cedar wood.

We will only ever use the highest quality timber- we also employ highly experienced carpenters which construct every one of our garden rooms.

Our business offers quotations within Bristol and also Bath. We also construct summerhouses and wooden garden rooms right throughout the entire South West of England.

Garden Rooms

We build high-end garden rooms, we can build your garden room using a range of different quality timber.


  • High-quality timber

    We will only ever use high-quality timber when constructing our garden rooms

  • Highly experienced carpenters

    We employ highly experienced carpenters

  • Garden Rooms

    We can offer you many different garden rooms to choose from

  • Wooden summerhouses

    If you would like a wooden summerhouse built in the South West, then why not give us a ring?

Summerhouses and Garden Rooms Bristol

If you are looking to have a timber summerhouse or a garden room built anywhere within Bristol or Bath then we can offer you a competitive price.

We build high-quality garden rooms

Therefore if you would like a high-quality garden room, which can be assembled by our carpenters within your garden in a short space of time, then why not give us a ring?

We have built many garden rooms throughout Bristol and also Bath.

Many different options

Many homeowners here in Bristol choose us to build their garden room or summerhouse simply because we can offer you so many different options.

For example, a lot of homeowners will opt for a large summerhouse that has aluminium bi-folding doors complete with a rubber roof.

Also, some other homeowners may choose us because we can offer to clad summerhouses using high-quality timber such as red cedar wood.

We can therefore offer you many different options, we also listen to how our customers want their summerhouse to be built and then our carpenters can build your perfect summerhouse for you.