We build high-quality summerhouses and garden rooms throughout the South West of England

Bath & Bristol

Our business constructs high-quality garden rooms throughout Bath and also in Bristol, England

Expert Carpenters

We employ expert carpenters who will build your garden room

We build luxury garden rooms in Bristol and in Bath

Luxury summerhouses and garden rooms

Here at Kingsley Garden Rooms we specialise in building high-quality summerhouses and garden rooms.

Our customers throughout the South West, have had their garden rooms built for a variety of different uses.

For example, some customers use the garden room as a place to work from, while some other customers use the space as a place to relax, and perhaps to do yoga? Or, to use the space as a home gym?

A garden room can therefore help you to get more use out of your garden

A lot of customers like to invest in a garden room, to use as a home office, so that they can work within their garden while looking over their garden.

We can also offer you many different options, for example some customers will opt for a small garden room, yet we can also build very large garden rooms, also that can span the entire length of your garden for example.

Many customers opt to have the garden room built so that it has high-quality aluminium bi-folding doors fitted combined with a high-quality rubber roof.

Another popular option is to have their summerhouse or garden room clad with quality red cedar hardwood.

We can therefore offer you many different options when you choose us to build your garden room.

High-quality garden rooms

We focus on building high-quality summerhouses throughout the South-West.

We place great emphasis on making sure that we build our garden rooms to a high standard, we achieve this by employing highly experienced carpenters.

  • Many options

    We can offer you many different options when you choose us to build your garden room.

  • Summerhouses

    We build summerhouses throughout the South-West of England

  • Experienced carpenters

    We employ highly experienced carpenters that can build your garden room

  • Competitive prices

    We offer competitive prices on all of our wooden buildings

Bristol Summerhouses/ timber garden rooms

If you are thinking of having a timber building constructed in your garden, then why not give us a ring?

Our carpenters can build a summerhouse of any size within your garden.

We have a large team that are able to build your summerhouse in a short space of time.

We also use high-quality timber to construct every garden room, for example, you may wish to opt for a high-quality hardwood such as red cedar.

We also listen carefully to our customers’ requirements when building a summerhouse, so that we meet your requirements.

For example, we can build a small wooden summerhouse, also we have built very large garden rooms that sometimes have separate bedrooms, this would make them ideal for when guests stay over.