We build garden offices in Bristol and in Bath, England

Guest Accommodation

We have built garden rooms which can be used as accommodation for guests, or could be used as  rooms for holiday rentals.


Whether we are building a garden room for a residential customer, or for business use, our rooms are always built to a very high-standard.

South West

The South West of England is a very popular area for holidays and also for short weekend breaks; therefore, we are often asked to build garden buildings to be used as holiday lets.

Garden rooms for holiday rental or as guest accommodation

Some of our customers ask us to build garden buildings which are then used as holiday lets or to be used as guest accommodation.

We are therefore used to building large timber buildings, as well as building multiple buildings all at once.

For instance, subject to planning, we may well be asked by a customer to build upwards of ten garden rooms on a site, to be later rented out for holidays or for weekend breaks.

Often our company is asked to build many garden buildings to be used on a holiday site for example, simply because we have a large team that is capable of building many summerhouses.

For example, here at Kingsley we have many roofers, joiners, labourers, electricians and we also have many highly-skilled carpenters as part of our team, which means if you need a Bristol garden building built, or many buildings constructed on a site, then why not send us an e-mail, or ring our sales team today?

Design and Build

We can meet with you to discuss all of the options that we can offer, we offer a huge amount of options, ranging from different air-conditioning systems, through to which aluminium doors and windows you would like.

A lot of businesses and also domestic customers choose us because we build bespoke garden buildings, what this means is that as the customer, you can design the building from top to bottom.

There are many options, ranging from different types of roofs, through to how you want the finishing details completed, such as the painting and the decorating.

We can therefore talk you through all of the various options, then we can product 3D designs.

Once your happy with how the 3D designs look, these can be given to a project manager to start the build.

Right across The South West of England we have many happy customers, we are hired to build our garden buildings for so many residents and businesses, simply because we have a very strong reputation for building our garden rooms to a very high-standard.

If you hire us to build your new wooden summerhouse, or garden building, then you can be rest assured that we use top-quality building materials. All of the wood we use is carefully chosen at select timber yards, we also have highly-experienced joiners that work for us, which means that if you want a bar built inside your garden room we can do it, they can also built storage, and also other features such as hanging doors inside to make separate rooms.

Everyone of our Bristol garden rooms is therefore built to an exceptionally high standard, this is why “Kingsley” is the name trusted all over England to build quality garden rooms.

We are used to building large garden buildings, some have multiple rooms inside. Therefore, if you’re looking for a contractor to build a number of garden rooms in Bristol, or in Somerset, and also Bath, then why not give us a ring?

  • Multiple Garden Rooms

    We can build multiple garden rooms at once

  • Bristol, Somerset and Bath

    If you need a garden building built, or many constructed, and you live in The South West, then why not call us?

  • Established Business

    We have built many summerhouses right throughout The South West

  • Quality

    We pride ourselves on building very high-quality summerhouses

Guest Accommodation

A lot of residents here in Bristol, and in other areas such as Bath, contact us as they want to turn part of their garden into a place for family and friends to stay over.

We can build large garden rooms, we have built many in Bristol, the buildings can have multiple rooms, and therefore can offer a great place for guests to stay over.

Large Garden Buildings Bristol and Bath

In the city of Bristol, as well as also in Bath, we are frequently build large garden rooms. Our company has many skilled joiners and carpenters, which means that we build our garden buildings to a very high standard of workmanship.

We have built large garden buildings, which are used for a wide range of different uses, for example, some are used as home offices, gyms and sometimes as a place to simply watch the rugby while enjoying a pint of beer.

You might want separate rooms within the garden room, we can therefore use plasterboard walls to separate the different rooms. For example, you may want a main room, and say two side rooms.

Because every one of the garden buildings which we construct are bespoke, this means that we can build the building to any size you like, plus we can place the walls inside where you want.

This is as opposed to buying a flat pack summerhouse, where often there’s only a few sizes of different garden rooms to pick from, plus, the internal walls will sometimes already be fixed in place, in terms of where they can be positioned.

This is totally different to the garden rooms that we build, simply because every part is put together by us, to the dimensions that you want.

Therefore, if you want say a large timber building built, so that you can place a lot of gym equipment inside, while also having an extra room for storage, and also a separate rooms within the garden building, which can be used as a shower, we can build that for you, therefore the buildings that we construct are designed around you.

Free Quotes in The South West

We have full-time sales staff; we offer free quotations throughout The South West of England.

We build summerhouses, garden offices and also rooms and every building we build is bespoke.

We can take care of the whole process for you, we can meet with you, and discuss all of the available options, we can then send this to our designers.

Our designers can produce 3D Drawings for you, if approved we can then start the build.

Every garden room that we build in The South West, will have a manager, this is to ensure that we build our rooms to a very high standard.

Many homeowners, and also businesses hire us, because we have roofers, electricians and carpenters that build very high-quality bespoke garden rooms.

If you would like a free quote, then why not contact our sales team today?