Insulated garden buildings

Well insulated

Here in Britain, we can have long winters, which is why its crucial that you purchase a well insulated garden office or room.

Be comfortable

Some garden buildings may look great, but sometimes are not insulated making them simply too cold to use the during the winter

Buy quality

The reason so many people in Bristol hire us to build their garden office or room is simple we build quality garden rooms every time

Why its important to purchase an insulated garden building

Garden rooms vary significantly in terms of price, yet what’s important is that you obtain a building that’s well built, that’s insulated and is able to withstand the elements.

Here in Britain, we have so much wet weather that a garden room needs to be built to a high standard, or it’s entirely possible the building will incur leaks in a short period of time.

Therefore, what’s needed instead is a well built garden building, with a good solid roof, and also insulated so that the occupants can easily heat the room to the desired temperature.

Low cost summerhouses can sometimes have significant drafts, be difficult to heat, and also uninsulated which means you may not want to be in the building for any length of time during the winter.

Our customers who we build quality garden rooms for within the city of Bristol often want to use the building heavily, regardless of what’s the weather conditions are like outside.

Whether its snowing outside, a blizzard or there’s ice covering the lawn, our customer may still want to make a hot chocolate and go and work in their garden office, and because our buildings are well insulated they can be easily warmed with say a quality electric heater.

This is why they come to us, as here at Kingsley we build quality garden rooms at sensible prices.

From Clifton, to Aztec West through to Fishponds, our customers want a well built insulated garden room that is built to a very high standard of workmanship and that’s exactly what we can build for you.

Why its important to buy an insulated garden room in Bristol

Perhaps you want to use your garden room to play your set of drums after a long day at work?

Perhaps you work full time within the garden building, so are always busy writing e-mails, creating spreadsheets and typing up word documents.

Perhaps you want to use your garden room as a place to do yoga?

Whatever you want to use your garden room for in the wonderful city of Bristol, your going to want to be using the room at a temperature that you find comfortable.

However, with so many poorly made summerhouses made by various companies or made by the homeowner as a weekend DIY project, there can sometimes be no insulation in the building at all.

This means the buildings can sometimes have significant drafts that come through the walls, and can therefore be too cold for use, and possibly even damp. Which means that instead of using the building as much as you want, you might not be inclined to spend as much time in the building as you would like, because its simply too cold.

And that’s why some garden room companies here in the U.K advertise their garden rooms with pictures taken when the weather is good, the sun is beaming down, everything looks green and in bloom in the garden, and this makes people think I want to purchase that summerhouse, and then they click the “buy it now” button.

Yet then, in the middle of winter, when there trying to work in the building, and the cold drafts are flowing through the abundant gaps in the exterior walls, well, it can sometimes be a rather unpleasant place to spend time because its too cold.

This is why you should purchase quality,  this is why you may have heard about our company that instead builds luxury garden rooms all across The South West of England.

Here at Kingsley we build quality garden rooms in Bristol and beyond.

Our company therefore builds quality insulated garden offices and rooms.

  • Quality insulation

    When we build a Bristol garden office or room, we can offer you different insulation options that you can select. For example, in the walls you may want rockwool, to insulate the building. Alternatively, you may want panel insulation added underneath the plasterboard walls.

  • Underfloor heating

    You can make your garden building even more comfortable by having underfloor heating. We can install this for you at a very good price.

  • Electric heaters

    Our electricians can put electric heaters on the wall for you, and complete all of the electrical work for you. This means once the building has been built in Bristol, you can more your furniture such as bookcases, desk or sofa and start using the building straightaway. You wont therefore have to hire say your own electrician as we can do this work for you.

Garden buildings Bristol

We build a lot of garden buildings in Bristol, some are used as bars, for example a place to enjoy a glass of gin with friends, others are used as offices and home gyms. All of our garden buildings are built to a very high standard, we can say that with great confidence as we have joiners that build our buildings to a good standard.

We also build every Bristol Garden office and room using quality building materials, for example, our business owners go to great lengths to make sure that the wood we purchase is of good quality, that the bi-folds are built by quality manufacturers, and that the roof is very durable.

This is why when someone in the U.K is looking to have a “luxury garden room” built, they call us.

Insulated garden rooms and summerhouses

Whether you’re only going to use the garden room each morning for an hour to do yoga, or alternatively you may want to work in building very long hours each week, it so important that the Bristol garden room is comfortable for you.

For it to be comfortable it needs to be warm, and to help the building retain its heat we can offer you many different insulation options.

So, if you’re looking to purchase an “insulated garden room” then you should contact our sales team today.

We mostly build our garden buildings in Bristol, yet we also offer free quotes in the surrounding areas.

Electric heaters

We can also install electric heaters for you, so you can use the garden building right throughout the winter as well.

Some garden rooms, made by some other garden room companies may not be insulated, and therefore too cold to use during the winter months.

Yet our garden rooms can be well insulated, to help make the building much more energy efficient.

Our electricians can also install electric heaters as well for you.