Can you use a garden room as an office?


Date: 01/04/2024

Written by: Kingsley Hyden Jones


Bristol is an area with many entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and those who have ditched the 9-5 and the dreaded commute to work and opted for hybrid working. However, with that said, we all need a space to get work done.

So what is the solution?

Many people automatically think of calling a builder to get a loft conversion, yet when you hear the ballpark figures being discussed over the phone, you often need a sit-down, as the prices can be high.

This is where garden offices come into their own

Kinglsey Build is a well-known construction company in the South West of glorious England. We have built many a garden office, ranging from the “garden office pod” with a starting price of just 18k to your more luxurious options, which can have a bathroom and one of those fancy hand dryers made by Dyson.

Table of contents:

  • Can a garden building be used as a garden office?
  • What are the main benefits of hiring your construction company to build a garden office for us?
  • Are you looking for a business that builds garden offices in the city of Bristol? Look no further than Kingsley.


Bright, airy and warm inside, it is a great place to get your work done

Who’s worked in an office, and the working environment has been less than inspiring?


Well, most of us have all worked in stuffy high-rise offices, dimly lit under fluorescent lighting, the same you would use to illuminate an old 1970s concrete car park. It’s just a rubbish place to sit and get work done.

So, a garden office is your blank canvas, where you can design it around you. It has giant floor-to-ceiling doors, known as bi-folding doors.

You can have a thin rectangular window just above your desk, so you can work and look out over the garden, the flowers, and the birds swooping in to gobble down those digestive biscuits you have just crushed up for them.

So, a garden office is more than just a wooden building plonked in your garden; it’s your perfect opportunity to get creative and design it the way you want. Our highly skilled designers in Bristol can also create a set of 3D drawings so you can see what your garden office will look like before our team of builders builds it.


How much does a garden office pod cost to build?

Our garden office pods start from just 18k. This also includes a long-lasting rubber roof.

How much does a typical garden office cost to build?

Prices normally vary between 25k and 35k—more luxurious options, such as solar panels, cost more.


How much does a garden room complete with a toilet cost to build?

Prices start from 35k and increase depending on how you want the garden office built. These garden offices cost more because often there’s much more ground work that needs to be done.


How much does a garden office split in half with the other side a garden gym cost to build?

Large garden rooms cost between 30k and 50k to build. The price can also be higher if you want, for example, a bathroom added.


How much does it cost to add solar panels to the roof?

We would need to come and meet with you to discuss how large the roof area is going to be and how many solar panels the roof can accommodate, and then we can offer you a quote.

Can a garden room be used as an office?

It most certainly can be; most of our garden buildings are garden offices. We are often hired as the garden room company of choice because our buildings are robust, friendly, and warm in winter once the heating is on. Plus, we offer options such as solar panels on the roof.


Heating and insulation

So, companies will always offer log cabins, summerhouses, and garden rooms at rock-bottom prices. Yet sometimes, these buildings are used as much as a chocolate teapot in the wintertime; there’s likely to be some unhappy faces inside as the cold drafts of air blow in from every angle. That’s why you need to get on the phone with us instead; if you live in the brilliant city of Bristol and you want a garden office built, here’s why you should call us:

Warm and cosy

Our builders will hand-cut the insulation and place it on the floor, the roof, and the side walls. This way, the building will be nice and warm come winter. This is important because the vast majority of garden buildings in Bristol and also in the great, fantastic city of Bath, England, are built in the middle of, say, June, July, and August. Now, it’s nice and warm, birds are singing, and everyone’s enjoying Pimms on the lawn in a deckchair.

However, sadly, hundreds of thousands of people in the U.K. every year quickly learn in, say, December, when it’s mighty cold outside, that they have hired the wrong summerhouse company when they are cold inside the building. So, hire a company that builds ultra-warm, cosy, easy-to-heat-up garden offices; that’s our company.


Are you looking for a garden room office in Bristol?


Why not give us a call

We have an amiable and helpful sales team. They are waiting for your call, during which they can advise you on costs and answer any questions. If you wish, we can spend 30 minutes in your garden chatting and advising you, and often there, we can offer you a few cost options. That’s why we are from Fishponds, over the heights of Great Clifton, near the fantastic Clifton suspension bridge, so why not give us a call today?


Garden room companies that are in Bristol England

We are a garden room company that can build quality garden offices anywhere in the city of Bristol. Our garden offices start from just 18k.

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